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  1. Herro people! Looking forward to getting started, Thank you for the opportunity.
  2. James Luth, left with his Dad(Jim) and best friend(Tod) 2 years ago on a hunting trip to Chernarus. Journal July 17th 2017:"Just got into town, It's quiet here. The townsfolk are a bit odd, I don't think they like visitors. Oh well This should be a great hunt! Journal July 30th 2017: "When we returned the town was empty, the airport was destroyed and there was blood everywhere. Destroyed homes, Blood, and splintered wood was all that remained. Searching the town we discovered that something had killed the villagers, the caribou, dogs, chickens, cats, you name it. Nothing was left alive in the town. We tracked the trails of blood and gore to the town visitor center. Cautiously we entered the premise with our rifles drawn. A mass of corpses and Rot were piled in the center of the building. Jim called out if anyone was still alive... Suddenly the mound shifted and grew, He told us to get back and pushed myself and Tod out the door as we backed up. We stepped back from the building about 15 feet when a large dark shape leaped from the doorway. It was massive Red, White, Brown, Black. The colors blurred before my eyes as it collapsed onto my Dad. For a moment I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This creature should not be alive! Its skull was exposed to the open air! Half of its chest was filled with maggots, or missing! Then I heard the sickening cries as the beast tore into my father His gun Went off and Ripped through the creatures body as if there was nothing inside. His gun shot again, and again, and again, all while being mauled relentlessly. We were traumatized What could we do What was this thing! I was powerless....... *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* The creatures head shattered and blackened blood poured from its exposed skull. Dead. We pushed the carcass off my Dad, he was barely breathing. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a compass, He handed it to me and said. "This compass has guided me through the good times and the bad. I never would have had the opportunity to take you two hunting as much as I had without this. Take it. Let it guide you." He passed away moments later. We buried him just outside town. Journal June 19th 2019: "Its been almost 2 years since I last wrote in this journal. My birthday is coming up in 3 days! Wish there was someone to celebrate with... Its been lonely since I lost contact with Tod. I'm glad Dad taught me how to hunt, I'd have died a long time ago without this info. That fucking bear. Cows, deer, chickens They all seem to be immune The infected chase them occasionally but they don't pay much attention. But why... Why did the bear have to be infected. I haven't seen another one... Oh well. Heading into town soon I'm getting tired of hiding in the woods. Maybe I can find some other survivors.
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