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  1. @Omnimax you had Ridley almost in tears thus why she (I) couldn't tell you her story. Great RP-ing with You and Alex. If you see Ridley again she may disclose her story with you.
  2. Ridley was a shy, timid “creature”. She didn’t mind being an only child, because of her dog, Scout. They would go on outdoors adventures for hours. Her mother thought her too quiet calling her “mouse”. Ridley was born in the United States to her father, Dr. Steven Coons and her Russian mother, Deirdre. She was sent off to boarding school which she resented. This made her love the outdoors more. How she loved the summers. One of Ridley's favorite events would to visited her mother's parents who lived in Chernarus. Her grandmother would teach reluctant Ridley how to make Russian dishes, and her grandfather taught her about the farm. Though she hated hunting, the killing, the blood, but knew to respect her grandparents and not say a disagreeable word. She loved her time with her grandfather. Ridley continued her love for nature and learned things on her own as she grew in stature to which she finally graduated college with a liberal arts degree. After a serious breakup with her college boyfriend, her mother help set up a job for Ridley in Chernarus, far from him. Ridley ventured over to Chernarus and even with her simple Russian, Ridley was employed at a kid's camp to teach the children about nature, hiking, outdoor cooking and basic survival. Little did she know she would be relying on those skill daily. After the breakout, where all the children were lost, Ridley barely survived as she hid herself away. Once she gained her strength back, she snapped herself out of the hurt of loss, and collected her gear to set out. Were her grandparents alive or did they to meet their demise? She feared what she would find but she had to find out!
  3. "The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope." - Sarah Connor Thanks for the opportunity to play with ya-all! Yes, yes, I'm a girl who loves gaming! Don't look at me like that! I get by with my skills. Now, has anyone seen my FNX? I know I put it somewhere...
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