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  1. Killed about 25 zombies at a small military base. Proceeded to drink from one of the 6 canteens I looted and puked my guts out until I died. Maybe bump the loot a little bit?
  2. Misha grew up in the former Soviet Union now Russia with a loving family, his mother worked as a care taker for mentally disabled adults and a father who worked in law enforcement. Misha was educated at a University in Moscow with degrees in politics and international relations. As with most law enforcement families the children typically feel a sense of duty or responsibility to follow in their parents footsteps, even though Misha's father attempted to steer him away from law enforcement Misha still wanted to take on the role of protection. Through connections made in an internship with numerous embassies Misha was given the opportunity to become a protection agent for various local Russian politicians. Shortly before the events that took place in northern Chernarus Misha was accompanying a group of Russian Federal Assembly members for meetings in Chernogorsk. When the events started to unfold and travel began to shutdown Misha found himself remaining in Chernogorsk with two other protection agents and an intern from St. Petersburg. During the weeks of rioting and eventual urban combat Misha remained with the group staying in an apartment on the outskirts of the city. Eventually due to internal fighting over a romance that formed between the two other agents and the intern Misha left to begin searching for any means possible to return to Yaroslal and his family.
  3. Thanks all! Much appreciated!
  4. Hello Everyone! Just finished my character profile and I wanted to check in before I jumped into the game! Looking forward to being a part of this exciting world and meeting all of the interesting characters i've read about! Cheers!
  5. Mikhel Linoge is a graduate student from the United States studying foreign policy at the University of Colorado. After receiving an opportunity for further funding from the UN, Mikhel volunteered to provide logistics and aid for a United Nations project that provides citizens in need with basic living and healthcare demands. The envoy of staff, students, and physicians arrived weeks prior to the beginning lockdowns of international transportation hubs, and until the events began to unfold in Chernarus the aid mission was successful in providing healthcare opportunities and basic amenities to numerous families surrounding Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. As the events unfolded throughout the region the UN volunteer group remained together until urban fighting and conflict lead to the separation of numerous members. Mikhel remained with a fellow student named Yusef and a physician from the UK named Jennifer within Chernogorsk until looting and violence forced them into the wilderness. The group eventually met with another envoy of survivors attempting to reach a rumored safe haven in Georgia before complete radio silence began. Nearing Sochi, the caravan of roughly 50 individuals was ambushed by an unknown militant group and ultimately lead to Mikhel venturing out into the wilderness on his own. Mikhel decided to return to Chernogorsk in hopes of reuniting with members of the UN group and the only familiar area he had come to know in his short time within the country. Mikhel grew up in the wilderness of Colorado with a father from Estonia and a mother from Maryland who both worked in academia (Both of whom are now deceased). Using his basic survival skills Mikhel is now wandering the woods and villages of Chernarus in hopes of finding some of his aid worker compatriots, but those hopes have dwindled as the weeks have gone by with little hope of finding familiar faces or locations.
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