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  1. @Conor I realize I made this report with the full intention of following through with it. We were able to talk it through in Discord, and I would like to close this report. I think we can chalk it up to mistakes on both sides, and I definitely take blame for my part in the encounter. There is nothing satisfying RP-wise in seeing people reprimanded for what was an honest mistake, so if it's okay I would like to close this report completely. Nevermind, I was told in Discord that they DO NOT want to drop the issue. So I would like to continue the report. Sorry for the confusion, I was just as confused as you may be trying to follow this whole thing.
  2. Regarding the Mixer VOD, unfortunately I am an amateur streamer and did not have the setting selected where it saves my past VODs. This was my first Mixer stream and I am embarrassed that I didn't save the VOD which is crucial to my report here. I feel like this compromises my report, and again, I am embarrassed. I would hope that somebody else has a recording of what happened. If not, then I accept the report for what it is; A report without video evidence.
  3. Unfortunately that is not my problem, he is the only one who contacted me. That's how I was able to message him on Discord in the first place.
  4. There is no need to speculate, since there are records of all text chat on Discord. I was not satisfied with your initial response/reaction when you first contacted me on Discord. THEN, I decided that I would rather deal with this in character/RP it out. I can post the full Discord chat logs if you like. I didn't get a response after contacting you the second time, hence me going through with the forum report.
  5. I never said I was "good". I said I would be going through with the report, and that there was nothing else to discuss.
  6. All of the response are accurate, except for @Blakstads report where he says that I "called them gay". I never called anybody gay. I asked if they were gay, then I asked if they liked women, since they took offense to me calling them "players". I never said the word 'fag', nor did I ever say anything derogatory towards homosexuals. I have no problem with my character being searched for drugs or accosted for being a potential drug dealer. The only reason I filed this report is because my character was killed without any proper initiation. I was sent a message through the website where @Crocodile Man apologized for accidentally killing my character. I tried to resolve this issue through Discord, but I did not get a response. Again, I have no personal issues with anybody involved in this report. I would rather resolve this issue through RP, not through forum reports. Unfortunately, it has gotten to this point.
  7. That is my character, Rufus is a drug addict.
  8. When I was tied up, did any of your group find any drugs on my character?
  9. Server: S1 Approximate time/location: 10:30 PST Green Mountain In game name: Rufus Freeman Name of allies involved: none Name of suspects: No idea, Green armbands with a star. Friendly/enemy vehicles involved: None Additional evidence: Mixer stream as soon as it's finished with. Detailed description of events: I showed up to Green Mountain solo looking for water/food/antibiotics as my character was both dehydrated and sick. I was approached by 7-8 players with green armbands with a yellow star in the center of the armband. The players with the armband held me up and asked who I was with, which was nobody so I said "nobody". I then referred to the players as literally "players", which they took offense to so they proceed to butt me with their guns. My character was already damaged health-wise, so the melee attacks immediately killed my character. This is not what I consider "good RP", and definitely doesn't fall in line with what I have experienced on this server thus far. I have even been robbed by groups that have brought forward better RP than this group that basically held me up and killed me, even if it wasn't intentional. At the very least, I would like this incident to be looked into. I will be able to provide video evidence as soon as my stream is finished, since Mixer doesn't seem to allow viewing of the VOD until the actual stream is finished. Thanks.
  10. Hey thank you very much for the shout out, I missed this when it was posted. Here's to more good sessions in the future dude
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