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  1. Server and location: S1 (Polana Construction site) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-06, UTC 17:45 Your in game name :Wan Morellas Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: So individual i ran into. i was waling around our complex checking the walls. mind you the location is totally walled in and its impossible to break in accept from the front yet this person showed up out of nowhere. the walls are completely closed in. The individual is wearing black and white and Say "Hey Mate how ya doing there" I asking him how he got in he says he just woke up here. He is armed with a machine gun of some kind possible an AK. He suddenly shouts for me to put my hands up which i already have a weapon in my hands I fire back at him in self defense and then he kills me. New locks on all gates so no way for him to be able to get in.* This person is obvisouly Ghosting and needs to be caught please check into the matter.
  2. Before the Outbreak Wan Lived with his family in a comfortable apartment in New York. His life was that of the Typical american in July of 2017. he was decently well off, made his local runs to the coffee shop. He loved his wife Amelia and his Daughter Vanessa. They were the light of his life and he let them know everyday. When the infection hit New York in early August of 2017, many people did not even know what it was. The news had been blasting information about the troubles in Chernarus for weeks. The reality did not really set in until one night coming home from work, he arrived to an empty home and His wife and daughter no where to be found. He called the local authorities who seemed to be overwhelmed with the local crisis of the infection which now was spreading in full effect across Brooklyn and Long Island New York. hanging up he picked up the phone to dial his parents and his wife parents. At that moment the power cut out and all electrical signal across Manhattan stopped as it was bathed in a gloomy darkness. Wan Mind was racing, he was in shock but he also was in survivor mode. He quickly scooped up a gun and a few things around the house,including his grand father knife and headed out the door. As he took to the streets the chaos bled into his ears as he hurriedly made his escape. After wandering the chaotic streets for Hours, he ran a crossed some people who were headed for the Manhattan evacuation center just a few miles away that the US air force had set up for residence of Manhattan. After making his way to the center Wan Was evacuated with a dozen other people out of Manhattan to New Jersey where a safe zone had been setup. a quarantined neighborhood in Ledgewood a Five mile region of a neighborhood had been sectioned off to the world providing a refuge. Wan has spent the last the last two and a half years living here, until yesterday! As Wan woke up yesterday he receives news from his friend Markus the infected have broken into the camp. The voice of the dead and the living screaming can be heard outside of his home he has lived in these past years. Markus drags Wan by the arm and they rush out the door with little no supplies. Wan still has his grand fathers knife but that is about it as his friend who is a pilot jumps into the Red cross chopper. They lift off as the infected spread down the street of the once safe compound. Markus tells Wan. I have a cousin who lives over seas we can go there. Wan give Markus a strange look. How and where? Planes have not flown for years. Markus informs Wan he has a Aunt who use to live in Chernarus in the Olsha the country side and perhaps they can go there then figure out what to do next. Markus flies Nico to Morris Town New Jersey Airport where they find a private jet in one of the hangers in reasonably good condition with fuel. They take the long flight for sixteen hours Markus tells Wan they are approaching the coast. As they look down there is nothing in the sight of civilization below. They circle Krasnostav Airfield and land. As Wan and Markus As they head to Olsha, Wan is hit with the silence around him. Markus goes to check a building on the out skirts of Olsha. Wan hears the screams of his friend as he is rushed by a small herd of undead that are trapped in the yard of the house. Wan can do nothing for his friend, instead he runs trying to clear the area Nico is now on his own.
  3. Hey there everyone new to the community And I just wanted to say Hello
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