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  1. My name is Teddy Cambell from a small city in Southern California grieving my dead brother. He was only 26 and just wanted to travel and joining the ARMY was he best shot at it. Chris always wrote back home to tell me about his travels. we didn't talk much after our parents died in a office fire at their building 2 years ago. Felt like yesterday when I heard the news about our parents Chris wrote that he was receiving odd orders to infiltrate a small town suspected of dealing illegal weapons to a small terrorist group outside of a small town named Elektrozavodsk. Chris's helicopter was shot down from a rogue missle at a location close to the town is what they suspect. I was torn when I heard the news. His captain told me to get on a plane to come pick up his body as soon as I could. On a plane to pick up his body is when it all happened, the outbreak. My goal is to meet survivors and pick up where life left off and avenge my fallen brother. Possibly kill the man who shot down his helicopter, even if he is human or zombie.
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