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  1. Scarlett Ann . Im from a city outside of NYC . I was going to Rutgers University studying to be a Doctor. I had just turned 21 years old the day I was takin out of my uber and brought over to Berezino. I was taken by the mafia of Europe to be a cocktail waitress for high risk poker. I was never told why it was me that they had chosen but honestly , I actually started to like it . Weirdly enough you would think that someone would of said something being that I know for a fact my face was shown everywhere because I was taking out of know where. Those mafia guys thou they really do know what they are doing for the simple fact that no one said nothing. I was followed all day everyday besides when I was in my room by Adrian. He was the nicest of the guys who I have met here. Im guessing they stuck him with me for the simple fact I fought so so so so hard to get away so many times. Also exactly why they are all very mean to me , but what did they expect ya know? So Adrian was like my side kick. He brought me to and from the hotel were these poker games took place. I couldn't even tell you where these were because the windows were black I couldn't see out. I did this for about a year , Adrian really helped me out with a lot being that I worked from 2200 till 0800 every night. These games lasted so long but I learned a lot from these men and the game of poker. But one day I woke up and knew something wasn't right because I heard screaming , and usually they do not hold business issues in the house that I stayed in but I mean they are the mafia , not my business. I went and took a shower just to get out and see Adrian in my room screaming that I need to get dressed and bring clothes something has happened and we need to leave. First thought was that my family has found me and they are coming to get me , but I was VERY wrong. I rushed down the stairs to the basement were the garage with the limo was. I get in and everyone is screaming in the language I was still trying to understand. The floored the limo out of the garage as soon as it was open enough to fit the car out , then BAM. A military looking truck slammed in to us and everything went black. When I woke up I was in the middle of the road and there was zombies everywhere. Adrian ,my dear Adrian was gone and so was everyone in the limo. As I looked around a realized there were people running around everywhere. That's when I realized that something really bad has happened. The day we all knew was gunna happen , an outbreak.
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