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  1. Awesome! I saw those rooms and wondered what their role was. Cheers Slute help is much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Guys! Yeah I was just meaning to speak to others, and If there was a base channel people not talking to any clan in particular could use for survivor comms. I was going to use the lobby in TS but there was lots of out of character discussion and was hesitant to go into a clans public comms channel talking crap.
  3. // Hey Guys, I'm new here just got my whitelist a few days ago. Ive been running around for days and havent found a single soul, but I have just found a handheld radio. So can I now start broadcasting over the channels in TS? I just dont wanna break character and yes I used the search but got many funky results but no answers so thanks in advance guys & girls! Malcolm
  4. Actually, none of the above, I was waiting for my flight back to Australia out of Balota Airfield after finishing my hitch out on an oil rig offshore of Kamenka. While I was waiting for my flight a workmate walked into the Sports Bar at the airfield, where I was enjoying a drink. He told me that his wife's car had broken down just outside of Cherno, so she would be late picking him up, so he came for a drink with me to pass the time. Many Drinks later I can only guess my workmate's wife arrived and I passed out in the bottom of the booth we were sharing at the bar. It was the next morning when I woke up under the table that I knew the sinking feeling of yet again missing my flight home due to the booze, but what I didn't realise until I poked my head up from under the cheap laminate of the table was that the apocalypse was upon me...
  5. Thanks guys I have a pretty good back story so fingers crossed!
  6. Howzit going fellas / ladies? I'm new here and just waiting for my whitelist. Hopefully I get it as the KoS on other servers is getting painfully old real quick. Hopefully seeya in the server soon! Malcolm