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  1. Stupid. But I am glad Gijs brought this up, I see far too many threads saying how to properly initiate on someone, or how to engage in hostile activities, but I see no topics on general friendly Roleplay. On a sidenote: Frankie by any chance? Yes, I think Frankie Roleplays great when in the proper situation. On both the Mod and SA. It is fun to watch him like a soap opera.
  2. Since I have to make a post about being pruned, and am new to the RP thing, I do have a suggestion. I have been watching a lot of gameplay by a guy on YouTube and when he comes across someone he usually get cover, points his weapon, explains his situation such as "I have a gun pointed at your head kneel down and drop your weapon and then we can talk. If you comply I will not hurt you." usually the other player compies (although not always) and a small conversation ensues. Sometimes they cross load loot and sometimes he gives the player something that he has 2 of or gets info on bandits that are shooting fresh spawns and taking the bandits out. I guess its all about what both players are looking for in the game but if you decide that you want to be in control of the situation, that is a good way to start. No one likes to die after they are all kitted up.