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  1. RocJag

    DayZRP 20.9.2

    No more dabbing on the haters
  2. Born on January 16, 1990, in Estes Park, Colorado. Scouts family were big international Trophy Hunters. Sometimes going as far as breaking laws to get a large prize for a large beast. When he got into his 30s, he read of a place called South Zagoria in fathers Journal. Apparently, his father would go hunt some of the endangered species in South Zagoria, and sell their hides on the black market. Intrigued by this. Scout decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and hunt some of the biggest and rarest animals there and sell them, just like his father did.
  3. Why am I levitating?
  4. Looks great! The roster made me laugh!
  5. @Jade I have not been able to upload due to some personal issues. I will upload the video as soon as I can find a place to stay. Very Sorry
  6. I do. I’ll upload it to YouTube ASAP
  7. The clip is of the situation of what happened. The video in its entity is my POV
  8. @Inferno The video I submitted was the clip of the events the occurred at the Radio tower. It was between the point that I crashed and the point that I died. I began my recording as soon as we got word that people were coming to possibly attack Olsha and ended as soon as I muted myself to which you hear in the video.
  9. POV: My mates and I find some weapons that we were going to give to the kids of Olsha. We set up a firing range and proceed to teach. A least 15-30 minutes pass and one of the Olsha people say that there are people in bucket hats following one of their people. We get into a defensive position around the town and wait. The bucket hat people never come. We see a man on a radio tower south of Olsha and go to talk to him. He was an ally. We wait on the hull for a while and start to move back and forth between the town and the tower. I eventually crash and rejoin. Others seem to crash more then myself. A man in a olive plate carrier and zebra rain jacket looks at me through some form of scope so I get suspicious. He says nothing. One of our men Roe calls out that multiple people are running up without armbands on and when they reach the top, one of the men initiate. I see Sam put his hands up and soon after, gunshots start firing so I fire as well. I hit someone a few times and get shot from 2 angles and die. Very sorry this is like late. Also, I’m confused on what you mean @Inferno
  10. I was at the Cabin along with everyone else that was getting info from Deacon. He said things like look for how many fingers and toes the Good Doctors patients have and that Pedro was one of his subjects. Then there were the events that happened at Black Mountain or whatever it’s called. I was informed by Deebs. She said she got text from Deacon about someone being there
  11. Early Life Jager Casanova was born on April 12, 1970. Valentines Day of that year. His father was a doctor and his mother a psychologist. His parents pushed him to pursue a career in his early years but he wanted to do something else. As he got into his high school years he started to think about what he wanted to do as a career. He seemed to be interested in the police field. Maybe work in Forensics or a Crime Scene Investigator. He never pictured himself being a cop or something along the lines. After high school, Jager went to college to major in Criminal Justice and minor in Forensics. By the time he turned 21, he passed all his classes. He got a job in the Police Department near his hometown and began work. After a few years, he started to see bounties going up for suspects. Curious, Jager went to go look at them. As he walked to the board he noticed to what he thought was an undercover cup. But something was different. Something was off about this man but it didn’t feel bad. “You a bounty hunter there amigo” the man said. ”No, I was just curious, that’s all.” He said with a smile “Ya know, you could be a bounty hunter if you take the course Casanova.” “I don’t think I have what it takes to do that, it doesn’t feel like me” Jager said. ”You’ll never know if you don’t try man. Here’s my number if you are interested.” The man writes his name and number on a picture piece of paper. Jager takes it and the man walks away. He thinks to himself for a moment. Maybe this is what he wanted to do. Bounty Hunting Jager called the man and asked for the training to which he passed phenomenally in after the two years. He learned how to use Firearms and some of the police codes. Because he was now a bounty hunter, he had access to some of the same equipment as the police and tracking equipment. This new information gave him a better understanding in the bounty hunting world. Days later he had captured his first ever bounty. He kept doing bounties. Every time he say a bounty, he was the first to grab it and eventually he started to work out of Nebraska into other states. He began training and tinkering with weapons of all sorts. He build a test course behind his house to sharpen his skill. He was well know in the bordering states and was offered a job from the FBI. Chernarus 2020 The FBI had a target in a place called South Zagoria. Just south of Russia. He was told by the FBI that there was a form of flu that was there and was advised to be careful.
  12. *Hex would put tape on the PPT button of his radio. The sound of waves can be heard crashing on the shore* ”It’s seems as if almost everyone has left Chernarus already. I hear distant gunshots everyone once in a while... but I stopped trying to follow them. By the time I would get to where the gunshots were, the person who shot them would be gone. No point, right?” *Hex would stare at the ocean, mesmerized by the waves* “Ive always wanted to surf, I thought it would be fun but then this shit when down a few years ago. It’s hard to do something like that when your always looking over your shoulder so you don’t get robbed or killed over guns, ammo, or food. Or even because the dude that has you at gun point craves to spill blood. I’ve seen that happen to way to many people. It was just until a few days ago that I started taking up gardening. Something I never thought I would do but man, it’s really relaxing.” *He would look around for a moment* “I feel like I have finally woken up from a nightmare. I feel as if I can call this place I found home. Every morning I walk outside my door and all I can see is the beach. It’s always been my dream to live at the beach. Maybe not at a time like this but I don’t think any infected will come down here. I’m positive of it. It’s amazing how far I’ve come with the friends that I have made. Rest In Peace, Kayden, Liam, and Alex” *The last thing you would hear is the ripping of tape before the radio goes silent*
  13. Team Name: Anubis Driver: @RocJag Diver 2: @SeveredNerve Driver 3: TB
  14. Thank you all! @Ducky @Duke @Marik
  15. Thank you @Hofer! I'm honored I've been carrying this group it seems
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