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  1. Big no on boats (for now) Big yes on Squad Last time boats were in, they were a bit…. buggy. They would shift around after restarts and eventually falling on the shore. Then there would be no way of getting the boats back to open water without the risk of the big dead As for Squad, I really enjoyed the content that the mod provided from the Armor to Guns. I’d like to see it added once again
  2. Merlin is very cool I fell out of Merlin once The only concern I have is that it will crash nearby players like the bus does. Besides that I give it a +1
  3. RocJag

    Add Dogs

    I’d like to be the Lone Wanderer with Dogmeat by my side, wondering the wasteland. Also, 1.12 added dog and cat food, It’d be nice to have to search through houses to feed your lovely companion Plus +1
  4. Played with this mod on multiple different servers. Mod works fine and it is a pretty badass vehicle. +1 for Style +1 For vote
  5. Oh, didn’t see that @kalyri Close the thread
  6. Ok, Hear me out… Before Namalsk and Winter Chernarus, the helicopter spawns were on 2 of each because of the amount of groups and people that were around at the time. Once Namalsk was released, the spawns were decreased or even removed, one of the two. So, due to the amount of groups and players that are currently on the server (and no more Namalsk) I believe that the the heli spawns should be increased to allow players more access.
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  8. During the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of time to edit. When I was editing “Shut Up” I had realized that there was an easier way to have subtitles track players. I then gave each person in the video a different colored boarder around the text
  9. Soon after, I made my second video. I had changed the font and added a small black border to the subtitles. A lot of people were in this video when Jiggy got Gassed
  10. I decided to make a thread showcasing my journey through Premiere Pro. The more clips I’ve been making the better I’ve gotten at editing. If someone wants a small edit clip (subtitles n’ shit) of them on DayZRP, message me with the clip and a meme or 2. Green screen preferred Anyway, here’s the first clip I’ve ever made on the server

    1. Oy


      This is art

  12. Interesting events going on lately

  13. "Hey Ivan, can I talk to you for a sec?"

    1. TipZee


      "He busy come back later!"

  14. I love the radio show dude. It’s great to listen to ya in game and get to hear some of the news the goes around (whether it’s true or not) it’s still enjoyable. Only thing I can add is take song requests even if you have to play Surfing Bird 15 times. Something that be worth suggesting is a possible one way radio (if that’s even possible) to keep people from talking over the music
  15. I think having events on weekends would fit for almost everyone. Most people have off work weekends so I feel there could be more lore events going on. Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t have lore events durning weekdays as well. My thought is this... I think main lore should be done on weekends as more people are on and therefore more people can join. Maybe small lore events like “Assassinate @Pepsi”would be fun during the week (<3 Pepsi)
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