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  1. @Mason26 Loved your character. Sorry I didn't talk much, but I do enjoy medic characters. Not sure what happened on our way to Stary Yar... @Realizepc I liked the semi-hostility RP, where you weren't necessarily going to do any harm but you were still firm and curt about your demands. Got me tensed up, wondering what you were going to do next since I trespassed. Good stuff all around.
  2. @Chaostica @Tony @Aberration @The Marshal I couldnt find the others like Gretchen and Daniel and the russian dude (think his name started with a K), but holy hell Got back into DayZRP after nearly a 1-1.5 year hiatus and my second day I had some of the most fun in my entire gaming experience, and I'm not exaggerating. I loved the intensity of being held at gunpoint, the threats, the live interactions, everything. Makes me wonder why I even left to begin with. I can't wait to get back on tomorrow and see what happens then. To summarize this day of RP? One word: WOW. Also, sorry if my voice got annoying after a while. Had great fun, thanks for it all!
  3. pray tell my man what are the right places give me a little bit of a hint
  4. no one unfortunately I come back, stayed online for 4 hours, started from tulga and went to staroye and then to novy sobor and then to grishino and then to the airfield and then to vybor and then to green mountain and then to zelenogorsk and then to green mountain Absolutely no RP or even a hint of player presence whatsoever. < :^ I
  5. So, I'm recently returning after a year and three month hiatus, and since then there have been a multitude of changes both with the game and with the forums. So, uh, first of all, there's a password now? Was I somehow unregistered after my long break? And if so, how do I regain my membership status again?
  6. Hey, I played Cassius Ford like . . . a year and a few months ago, but quit due to an incident that sort of just made me a bit peeved. Anyway, I'm back. So, what's changed since then?
  7. Excuse this random message, but I'm not used to doing things like thus -- reports, that is. Am I allowed to make a request to be teleported back to my death location, Green Mountain, or no?
  8. Server and location: S2 - Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10:18 EST Daytime or Night-time: Night-time Your in game name: Cassius Ford Names of allies involved: Charlie Skinner, didn't catch the other names. Name/Skin of suspect/s: Eleanor. Forgot the last name. Estate or something like that. Suspects weapon/s: Some AK or some other automatic machine gun. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately none. Detailed description of the events: So, basically I log in to Green Mountain on the top of the radio tower and I hear some people below so I decide to go down. Turns out some woman(Eleanor) is challenging everyone to a fight or something or the other, using guns. The RP between the request of the gun fight and her being rowdy was somewhat just the same: her being rowdy. I understand that's RP and everything, but as she continued to provoke us into a gun fight out in the woods, a doctor/medic(i dont know his name) walked up to her with his revolver in hand and pointed it at her, continuously telling her to stop with her rash and raucous behavior. Then, I interject and say "You know, since she's so aggressive and all, we /could/ just restrain her. I mean, there's four of us and one of her and I have handcuffs, so..." Then she raised her weapon and killed me right after I finished speaking. I really DON'T see how a suggestion, not even considered one of robbing or killing, gives the player the right to just kill me. In my eyes, what I said wasn't an actual initiation.
  9. Ford

    DayZRP Movie Night?

    So people are actually in-game, we just surround a pretend screen that is actually a wall or something? We'd get robbed or KoSd
  10. Ford

    [DISCUSSION] Foreign Groups in Chernarus and their lore credibility

    What the heck is with people labeling us at super soldiers. It implies we power-game, which we don't. It's sort of condescending, to be honest. Anyway, your last paragraph about the fallacy of a racially homogeneous group is just strange. It's realistic and human to stick with people who you are familiar with. If anything, it makes more sense for a certain group of Irish, Mexican, African, Asian, etc people to stick together rather than a rainbow group. Can "rainbow groups" exist? Well, yeah, that's a given. But there are actually a lot more Russians/Americans/British than there are Latino/Asian/Irish/German people, which makes more sense. Americans makes a bit of sense, so does Russian, and I suppose British makes sense because "same continent" and all that jazz. Also, "I doubt that you would limit your choice of allies to those that speak in a similar accent to you." Understandable, but I would think that people would actually stick with what they're used to. Xe Mercs are comprised of Americans, British, and Chernorussians(however it's spelled). I think you should realize that the only actual groups that made no sense were the Irish groups, Somalian Death Squad, the Cartel's, and the Imperial Dragon. Don't get me wrong, they were a ton of fun, but... a bit out of place. Especially the Doragonzu/Imperial Dragons.
  11. Ford

    [DISCUSSION] Foreign Groups in Chernarus and their lore credibility

    This is a low blow. I expected for there to be much more freedom with groups, and archiving a group just because "they're a rag-tag group of super soldiers" is sort of a weak excuse to kill it. Think logically here. Humans want to survive. We want to gain power in order to protect ourselves and our people, as we exhibit sympathy. Just because some people are mercenaries doesn't mean they don't fit in this island back-water background. What do mercenaries want? Money, wealth, power. This is all leading to survival. HOW they don't fit doesn't make any sense, but business has to occur some way or another. Allow groups more freedom. Some people enjoy companionship roleplay, and groups are a good way for that to happen. I would say to only delete groups who are inactive for a long period of time, or are comprised of less than 4-5 members.
  12. The various rooms with a variety of people. They're labeled Room 1 to Room 12 or something.
  13. I'm not a very clever man.
  14. How much money do you need to donate in order to gain a golden name tag, and how much for a blue name tag? Also, while I'm at it, what is the purpose of the 'Rooms 1-some number' in TeamSpeak?