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  1. @Mason26 Loved your character. Sorry I didn't talk much, but I do enjoy medic characters. Not sure what happened on our way to Stary Yar... @Realizepc I liked the semi-hostility RP, where you weren't necessarily going to do any harm but you were still firm and curt about your demands. Got me tensed up, wondering what you were going to do next since I trespassed. Good stuff all around.
  2. @Chaostica @Tony @Aberration @The Marshal I couldnt find the others like Gretchen and Daniel and the russian dude (think his name started with a K), but holy hell Got back into DayZRP after nearly a 1-1.5 year hiatus and my second day I had some of the most fun in my entire gaming experience, and I'm not exaggerating. I loved the intensity of being held at gunpoint, the threats, the live interactions, everything. Makes me wonder why I even left to begin with. I can't wait to get back on tomorrow and see what happens then. To summarize this day of RP? One word: WOW. Also, sorry if my voice got annoying after a while. Had great fun, thanks for it all!
  3. pray tell my man what are the right places give me a little bit of a hint
  4. no one unfortunately I come back, stayed online for 4 hours, started from tulga and went to staroye and then to novy sobor and then to grishino and then to the airfield and then to vybor and then to green mountain and then to zelenogorsk and then to green mountain Absolutely no RP or even a hint of player presence whatsoever. < :^ I