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  1. I was in Novy Sobor when I was being held up by a group of 7 to 8 people known as "Jayschlaw" or something like that. They were fully geared and held us up, me and my buddy JoshP. My character was black as I noticed and then they were calling me derogatory terms like "ni**er and a dirty n*gro" I would like them banned for the racial hate comments. Thank you, Zackkoho
  2. Bailey 'Kam' Kamranov was a young high school student before the outbreak. Born without knowledge of who his father , since shortly after his birth him and his mother moved back to Russia, he did not know anyone from his father's side of the family. One day while Bailey was at home attending to his sick mother, there was a knock at the front door. He cautiously went to the front door and looked through the tiny eye hole. He could see it was a man but one he had never recognized before. Bailey cautiously opened the door to the man that called himself Bailey's 'Uncle'. After talking for some time, Bailey slowly started to trust his 'Uncle'. One day the uncle stopped at the house and told Bailey he could have someone watch his sick mother only if Bailey came with him. Bailey foolishly believed him and got in the mans car. That would be the last time Bailey saw his mother. Bailey woke up in a tight space. He could not see or hear anything but the shifting of metal. Light slowly started to peer through the holes in where he was trapped. A door flew open and Bailey could see his 'Uncle'. Just as Bailey was getting up he heard gunfire. His 'Uncle', leaking blood through his chest, fell to the floor. Bailey ran out of the truck and could see nothing but waste. A destroyed city. Gunfire rang in the air and Bailey ran out of the area. Bailey got to a house, which was already filled with another family, he had asked them where they were and they said Chernogorsk, Chernarus. After time passed and while Bailey was with the family, he departed and traveled in the Chernarus wasteland. Bailey continued to roam the wasteland in search of a way to make it back home to his mother. He keeps on searching, even to this day...
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