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  1. I don't see anything romantic in this, maybe cultural differences, we are all different I guess
  2. You cant really force people to use certain weapons in game, even if it's the rarest wepons of them all. btw now I know what happened to my stashes and tents, I havent played for more then a week and all of my things are gone, I thought I was robbed
  3. Bosna I Hercegovina, Sarajevo Yeah it's a nice place am going to go there this summer and I can show you some pics via PM Yh that would be great also any suggestions of places to go would be good because I won't have much time because I'm going to be interailing What kind of places are you interested in?
  4. No, I don't really understand the point, you want people not to store rare weapons at all?
  5. Limeni

    My desktop vs My laptop

    No, your desktop should work much faster with Arma, it has a very good setup. Also, why would you use -maxMem=16384 if you have 8GB of RAM?
  6. Definitely lower the spawn rate of military guns, especially the scoped weapons, civi weapons can stay the same
  7. I was wondering why are the stashes so small... +1 like the idea
  8. all of them except sten, it's just ugly
  9. Limeni

    Apology for my stupidity

    I wanna see that thread
  10. No. Just no. You cant have rights over dead bodies just cause you killed them, that's silly. And how am I suppose to know there is an active firefight going on? How am I suppose to know person died from a gunshot and that there is a trigger happy PvP clan member looking over the body? Maybe the person died from blood loss? And I wanna loot dead bodies
  11. I like the idea of farming, it's very good. Also drugs that you can make from plants on your farm would be even better, drugs that actually affect you in some way, it would be good for RP and the actual gameplay
  12. I agree on the reports and baiting, somehow I got the feeling there is a lot of OCC hate - revenge baiting. People intentionally provoke people and all that because of some OCC hate going on or something like that. Maybe I just got it wrong but I dunno, it seems that way.
  13. All those special forces backgrounds Is my character the only one that didn't have military background? Anyway, Im babbling, welcome!
  14. Limeni

    Whitelist Application sent back

    I like the idea!