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  1. yes I had wrong player model in the game.i didn't mean to punch her I have not been on in a long period of time at the time I was trying to figure out all the hotkeys. whats f1,f2 and if my mics and headphones are working on point. had lot of issues on my end or server not sure. yes I was unarmed no matter what I was doom for death by the group that's pretty fast to aim guns at a unarmed person. the Rp that was offered was a like a one way street pretty much answer are questions and do as we say or you will die. I mean thers a lot different ways of going about RP youll never know cause yall shoot people faster than you think.your first reaction was to use force. I would kinda except better better RP from all of you and your fearless leader given the fact of how long yall been doing this for.calm to for nfvl coming from the killers because your life was in danger.
  2. view from the church, off to the right not far from the church in the middle of the road
  3. Server and location:s1 Server time (UTC): 2019-08-05, 11:31 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Your in game name: John Clifford Names of allies involved: @alexnlena Name of suspect/s: don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): no Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I went to one of my stash spot saw that theirs tents out front front peeked inside then headed to my stash building soon as I got inside the room I was checking my backpack hear put your hands up was in my backpack a person jump in door way and shot me in the face before I could close my backpack.
  4. Server and location: S1 summercamp Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2019-08-05, 09:39 Your in game name: John Clifford Names of allies involved:@SABBIE Name of suspect/s: legion corp Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): a vechicle was found Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I found a car in chrenogorsk jump in and drove off to balota airfield stop turned around drove the wrong way north I ended up at summer camp to have a group in the camp tell me to put my hands up don't speak."it was dark"then I was tied up or handcuffed ask to go in the road,@SABBIE log on and was killed in the tent. where the guy is talking out loud talking about this camp going to burn to the ground so much for being friendly doctor camp.told me he gave me business card at this camp which isn't true.they didnt ask a lot of question,they took all my gear right away.told me I was lying about steal the car.they way they aggressive talk at me I was only able to give them short answers every time they talk at me.he told me that he going to ask me one more time if I stole the car.i said no. then I was shot in the face. I didn't rob the car from any person nor was their any type of events happen while I was driving. they didn't ask enough questions I felt like one trip to a powergaming death
  5. pov: I have had disconnect issue along with couldn't connect with server this happens a lot but sometimes more than other times.so ill forget which server iam on sometimes exit and rejoin.its hard to recall which base or where its at.. for the most part its been said 100% that if someones had a base I have raided it.i jumped on his head to get in used their tools to get him inside just like every other time.i consider a master at finding weakness in any bas. I raid on s1 and s2 when out playing robin hood in 14 hours of play we might have raided 14-18 bases back to back.i have been very busy so details can be crossed being confused I wish I would be been streaming but I had more issues with ghosters and meta gaming and so on. so I don't have video which is a bummer. also you can set planks to get extra jump heights. ill chit chat with the other guy to have him 100% refresh which base this was exactly.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/98626-s1-bad-rpgear-rp/?tab=comments#comment-1805358 Why the verdict is not fair:i didn't know the guy was afk. I have had a lot people just ignore you and act like they are going with your dialog at all I was talking at him before I pooped on him. plus I disconnected more than once in that area. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I did not know the guy afk at all. he was laying down on top of a news stand in the wolf pack base wearing a pumpkin.the guy was laying ther long time.also they people that stole from him aren't friends of mine I was their solo just RPing.since Chang was their I was trying to get along this person in-game knowing the type RP style he has just by being around is why I chose to poop on the guy in the first place.having the perspective that you can rape RP in game I assumed pooping on a player wasn't that bad of action.i also assumed Rping in just a childish manner it be a lot easyer to get along with mr chang of the wolf pack which anyone that has been around him would understand where im coming from on this style. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: lift my ban for the reason of im still in character development rather only play on this roleplaying server. What could you have done better?: this is my first rp sever so rather than getting the book tossed at my head everytime I make mistakes or viewed as wrong doing it be nice to understand how can be better
  7. pov: was on the outside of the base, heard they had contact had man then he was gone for long time. still out side the base the I hear them contact him "radio down" "hands up",, then in the forest man appears gun out aiming right at me and some other guy with me goes put your "hands up" and then killed both of us faster than my finger could make it to f5.
  8. pov: event was going on with zombies and wolves in the town ran by the wolf pack. the guy was on top of a news stand building laying wearing a pumpkin on his head,i was trying to RP with him in the wolfpack base area then the guy was surround by a lot of people.this point my rp was over ran. mr chang started talking and stats anyone have rope tie him up. I had duct so I taped his hands. now I did not take a single item off this guy at all.someone threw his pumpkin head idont know who did it.since this unknown person at the time wasn't responding to any type of RP I pooped on him to further my Rp dialog with all the others that are responsive around. during this time I had connection lost to server more than I can count. I have had to stop streaming so much due to meta gamers and gearRPer so sorry I don't have video.
  9. POV: @Will and I saw a guy near tents took him hostage as soon as I ask him to drop his radio someone started shooting at me from the south. bullets are hit all near me so that this time I tell the hostage ask his friends to stand down. he claimed that he just met them so @Will and I order him to follow us into the tree line where I unarmed him for the moment and tied him up ask him his name which he gave me "max powell" I ask him random questions and curved in his leg DARKNESS as iam RPing the hostage I told him to sing and stay put for 60 seconds and don't look for us. I ran away to the west as fast as I could because ther was active guns all over the airfield.
  10. Server and location: sever1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):1:10ish 7-15-2019 Your in game name: John Clifford Names of allies involved:@Worldclass Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events:I was acting as country singer never ever was directly ask my name or any kind of RP toward from my killer. I was never ever question about anything. I was wearing costume and beard as well and my voices as red neck and never broke from the undercover role I had radio coms with group way before the conflict arised. I was in the camp for about day ingame singing songs and talking to all of them never once was I questioned or id. I whistled a song and my killer said who is singing that song and some guy said the countrysinger is.. so I tried to make an escape and he caught me 50 feet from the building jumping the fence told to put my hands up so I did right away then told me to drop everthing I had which I said I cant take off my clothes with my hands up so lowered them tossed my clothes and guitar and a joint. then told me to come back over the fence and go into the building they claim I was The Corporation and that's all he said and focus all the attend on @Worldclass .another guy that was in the room that I didn't recognize tried to kill some of them and failed. I had my hands up and one of the guns with a gun ask me to sing a song since I was a singer which I did then another guy came in the room said if sing any more I would be killed. which the men with gun started bickering that he had ask me to sing.:@Worldclass clearly stated that he never met me beforeand that I wasn't with The Corporation. my walk up and and shot me in the face with .45, no RP no questions of anykind
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97934-s1-kos-in-kamensk-or-near-it/?tab=comments#comment-1793898 Why the verdict is not fair: Soon as the shooting started it became a combat zone.So from hearing my radio my teammates claimed it was hot zone. i mean its not like the gun shots happen hours before the guy was approaching me straight towards me.ther was a lot of shooting going on.this was a group situation that ended up with intense combat with more than few people. the events prior that took place is why he was shot and wounded. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: the overall chain of events that took place in the town that the group claimed to have ownership of at the time, to me makes it complex being new to this dayzrp. which iam conflicted because I have mentors because of them my rp understanding and skills have gotten better like night/day differences but yet the overall group iam banned yet all of them are not.the only reason he was shot because of the combat situation that took place that became group. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: banned lift or reduced time. What could you have done better?:tried to follow my group
  12. would have been nice to see what you are talking about, as you can see from my VOD you can freeze frame it, I don't spot you anywhere. not saying your claims are false. nice shooting by the regardless.
  13. POV:after getting water from local pump area and I heard mass amounts of ammo being reloaded in the near by darkness I radio report the noise and informed mark of what I thought I heard. Now just having a situation with acquaintances named "Jack" that led to him fleeing in a car that wasn't his but we were able to track it down from tire marks to small shed not far from the area.assuming "Jack" has turned into a security high-risk at this point in time, since we lost contact with him after he was ask to leave the area and head south. We all were in a high state of alertness.we also had another car in town that was crashed into a tree or big bush. that's when we saw a person standing next to the car. me assuming it was jack I had my shotgun drawn up towards him. once the person speak out to all of us I lowered my shotgun.my self I introduce my self as john that the man replied fast that john sounds like fake name with attuite. then I repeated iam john whats your name? he replied Vic.then mark ask him what he was doing? he clamly said "raping and pillaging in the North" which at this point that statement grabs all of are ears and i step away from the talks given the fact that the man smelled like something nasty. I pulled mark to the side and ask right away if this connected to Jack at to hear what he thinks.Mark reassures me it going to be ok and heads back close to Vic. Vic was a very bold and seem to get loud very loud quick. I was "in and out" of the area of talks. I could hear on the radio just voices almost talking over each other but I was concerned about are safety as my training kicks in to recon the area not to far away. when I get back from peaking around. it was at this point a member of the group gives orders to hands up stoptouch the radio vic look to be non complement. then shoots break out from somewhere I felt blood hit the right side of my face I bolt to the left towards cover of darkness and hit the ground fast near high grass area, I could hear the my radio so I placed my palm over the speaker part to mask the sound, soon as I felt the radio calmed down I reported my area where abouts I thought I was from the car area. then a had a unknown persons with a beam of light rapidly approach. I reported on radio that I had peron approaching me, since I wasn't on the move and wearing all black. watching the beam of light coming towards me soon as I felt it was danger close. I shot the whitelight being in a combat situation my training kick in and move away knowning my muzzle blast gave away the current spot since it was dark. ran for my life I could hear bullets flying past the grass near me soon as I shot the beam of light.while I ran away after making the shot I could see in my peripheral the beam of light faded in the grass. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97934-s1-kos-in-kamensk-or-near-it/#comment-1793898 as I relocated in the cover of darkness I took cover in a bus stop looking like a shed near the road. I had adrenaline peaking at this point so I can hear 2-3 people talking. I calmly report 2-3 people voices near by my location. day break begins 5 minutes as the sun starts to raise up I felt a something from behind.....I woke up at some point naked bleeding from my right bicep. to add my backpack was going thru the wall at the bus stop shed and during day break I had sight out I didn't see nothing doesn't mean anything but like in the vod. I felt like I was shot thru the wall maybe because of my packback. I wasn't moving around to give away my spot. I felt like( 2.2 Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics).regardless I had fun iam new to RP and streaming but I enjoy that aspect.
  14. so I checked VOD on my end sounds not recording certain points this is a issue from being new to streaming and recording. POV: here are events that took place before https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97935-s1-invalid-execution-no-time-to-comply-62319-900/?tab=comments#comment-1793872 it was dark during thes events during the time of combat. I radioed to the group I had radio coms with,mark,will,sid. relayed that I was laying down in grass close. then a had a unknown persons with a beam of light rapidly approach. I reported on radio that I had peron approaching me, since I wasn't on the move and wearing all black. watching the beam of light coming towards me soon as I felt it was danger close. I shot the whitelight being in a combat situation my training kick in and move away knowning my muzzle blast gave away the current spot since it was dark. ran for my life I could hear bullets flying past the grass near me soon as I shot the beam of light.while I ran away after making the shot I could see in my peripheral the beam of light faded in the grass.
  15. As a Military Analyst for the CIA, John Clifford provide US policymakers with analysis of foreign military forces, their structure, capabilities, doctrine and tactics. John Clifford called upon to provide briefings and written analysis to senior military leaders. John Clifford worked closely with other Agency analysts and Intelligence Community members to produce timely and accurate all-source analysis. John Clifford was in Germany and went to the world cup and got on the wrong train after reading a Recoil mag I pick up at shop, when buying beer and smokes checking out a nice style of escape and invade and section of reading about new pants from 5.11 tact with cargo pockets and ended up in Chernarus. When the chaos started "I was drunk" everyone deported the train. I am confused hungry and seems like the world has gone upside. I have found my self search for my next meal. well it seems like that's all I do is search for food and trying stay warm.
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