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  1. The Cannonball League Episode 1: The Praetorian Guard
  2. *An exhausted Buddy grabs his radio inhales and presses the PTT* After a day of realigning my chakaras the shop will be back open tomorrow. Pre-rolled joints now come at a premium. Fear not, i'll be hosting free classes on how to smoke out of apples and pears if you're just buying the flower. As well as complementary horoscope readings with every purchase! *A rhythmic tapping on a metal shelf can be heard as Buddy breaks into tune* Together we stand, peace is our plan, with a joint in hand, we stick it to the man, Stayin' Sober not a fan, Novy Sobor's our land! *Buddy releases the PTT*
  3. *The hippie grasps his radio close to mouth, clears his throat and presses the PTT* Heeey maan... This is Buddy Jones, owner of Not Very Sober Novy Sobor Dispensary. The shop might be on haiku for awhile maan.. We have the flower power, we just can't generate the paper we need to keep the doors open. *The hippie takes moment to take a puff of his joint while still holding down the PTT* Sorry to our investors, I'll make it back too you in some way, just please don't behead me maaan. *A faint sobbing can be heard as the hippie releases the PTT*
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