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  1. 0.0 is mew mewssing something? the walkie talkies in game work?
  2. until I reach there with these bandits more than likely chasing me
  3. God I know! I was just running through and then I hear a revolver, 45. and a bolt action rifle firing at me all at once, I can still feel my heart pounding in my throat....
  4. I say all hands on SA deck when its finished/near finished, I'm sure it'll be more properly optimized for everyone once it grows a bit more, however though I don't really seem to have any problems with it frame rate wise X3 I'm on a laptop.
  5. well I'm a not gun nut so I was just taking a guess! my god....its full of stars...
  6. Finally they fixed that ruined items can't be used anymore, was wondering when they were going to do that. It started to get awkward drinking and eating ruined food. EDIT: The SKS looks really nice. Does anyone know what kind of ammunition it takes ? 7.62 maube?
  7. I think it would be kinda nice to have a lore wipe since I don't know what the current one is ... but maube it doesn't have to be a complete wipe? perhaps some clans could have traveled from places like Namalsk to Chernarus for various reasons their clan lords decide upon... could be something along the line as Chernarus was the promised land, the one cut off from civilization that was believed to be the only place in the world that the infection hadn't spread or something along those lines?
  8. Ha thanks.. I guess that means I need to change my schedule!
  9. Just curious if any role players are going to be on the stand alone server tonight or if I need to get my hours turned back around X3
  10. zambeh_kitteh

    DayZRP SA Meeting Point

    *yawns, waking up from her deep slumber* is anyone *yawn* at the meeting point yet?
  11. *sits in her secret location near the meeting point filing her nails as she waits.*
  12. zambeh_kitteh

    DayZRP SA Meeting Point

    *arrives at meeting location* *finds no one* *is sad*
  13. it works just like IRL blood types, here is a wiki link for you! I'd explain but I'm running in game! http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Blood
  14. zambeh_kitteh

    DayZRP SA Meeting Point

    mew is running there now.. EDIT... Will arrive in several hours... running from guba...