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  1. Had a wonderful Drunk!RP session last night with @WulfeGirl @CorbSlayer @Saintz @Taryn @TheTrueHawk @Otter and everyone else who was with us! It was a hilariously fun time!
  2. *Presses the PTT.* "Ah, shit. Why is it that trouble always seems to find us?" *John peers out the window, then turns and grabs his shotgun off the table.* "Alright, I guess I'll head there now. It'll take me a bit. I'm gonna stick to the road. I'd rather not go through the woods after what just happened. Stay safe you guys, I will see you soon. John, over and out." *He releases the PTT, and steps out the door.*
  3. *Pushes the PTT down. The barks and growls are fainter, fading out into the distance.* "That's it, I think they're gone. It only took three of their pack dying to get the idea to get out." *He pauses, Winston's words processing through his head. He sits down in a nearby chair and speaks out.* "Wait, why? I thought we were safe here? Taryn made a deal with the VDV and everything! Don't tell me those SOB's turned around on their deal!?"
  4. *John presses down the PTT, low barks and growls can be heard in the background.* "John here. Winston, Taryn, glad to hear that you guys are still kicking. I don't know what happened, but you don't have to tell me over the radio. Any idea of where we can regroup? I'm still at that camp we were staying in last week, but it sounds like we've cleared out for somewhere else. So where to? I've heard mention of Bor, Berezino, and even Chernogorsk. Just give me a location and I can start making my way there. It's going to take me some time though, I have some- Shit." *Shattering glass is heard, followed by the deafening boom of a shotgun and a loud yelp.* "Son of a bitch tried to jump through the window. Yeah, yeah, I-I ha- I have some unintended company that I do not think is planning on leaving any time soon. Damn it, that was my last shell. Look, just- just tell me where to go, and I will meet you guys there. Okay? Over." *He releases the PTT.*
  5. "Sounds like trouble found us again." *Presses the PTT.* "Winston? It's John. What happened? I thought we smoothed everything over with the VDV?" *Releases the PTT.*
  6. *John leans his head back against the wooden door, pressing the PTT down and speaking into the radio.* "Head out for a few days to get supplies, come back to a god damn ghost town." *A sigh is heard, followed by the creak and groan of wood as he sits in a chair.* "John calling in. Where is everyone?"
  7. I'm finally back. I'll probably be on later today. I have to do a bit of job searching first, but it's good to be back.

  8. I'm going to be of town for the next three or four days. I might be able to get on for a little bit tonight, but if not, I'll be back either late Sunday or Monday.

  9. Thank you @Raptor, @neckrorazul, @Taryn, @Saintz, @CorbSlayer, @WulfeGirl, and @Macbrine for one of the greatest RP sessions I have ever had, and an utter game changer for everyone involved. I'm so sorry, Rysen...
  10. "So you're Garrett, huh? Thought as much, you look like an asshole." Some Grade-A RP today, with @Raptor @Taryn and the rest. Unfortunately wasn't able to continue, as I got lost after I tried to return to Green Mountain (I also have work tomorrow, so there is that.). But even that turned into an awesome experience when I ran into the VDV crew, who wanted to send a message to the UN. And boy did I give my all for that one. Will be back later for even more fun, and the continuation of all these amazing stories. I just have to figure out where I am first...
  11. Had some great interactions with the people at Kab and the UN. Utter madness when I arrived, but it was super fun. Some good RP with @Taryn, who I met at Green Mountain. And @Fil Vandren, @TheThrawn, and @Jordan Rainey were a blast to RP with.
  12. John Kellman

    From his birth in 1989 all the way to graduation, John had a fairly normal life. He took up an internship at his local news station and slowly worked his way up from there until he was doing local reports and correspondence in neighboring counties. In 2008, he was offered a job at CNN and moved to New York City, though he still kept in constant contact with his family, especially his sister.. He didn't have the heart to tell them that his current job at CNN was mainly fetching coffee for the main newscasters. In 2010, he was finally recognized for his potential (maybe it had something to do with all the letters he sent, but who knows?), and was promoted to a correspondence position. John went on to do numerous reports on the situations in Afghanistan, the 2009 incident in Chernarus, the Ebola Scare, as well as other such reports. In 2017, John and his news team (Moblie News Team 7), went into Chernarus once more with US Forces to do a report about the recent rising tensions between Russia and Chernarus and incidents involving a supposed illness. Then all hell broke loose. "We're live with John Kellman and Mobile News Team 7's coverage of the escalating situation in Chernarus. John I've been hearing reports of Russian forces increasing their bombing runs in areas. Can you tell me anything about this?" "Thanks Becky. Uh, yes, The Russian military and CDF have multiplied their efforts to support ground forces. From what I've been able to gather, it's in order to contain the infection." "Why would they be doing that?" "I've been asking that question all morning, Jim. And I have yet to receive an answer. Everyone here is remaining tight-lipped about this. Just before we started rolling, actually, I-I asked an officer if there was an information he could release for the public, and he simply told me the situation was under control. The Army has mainly stayed grouped up here at Chernogorsk, one of the biggest cities. Other than that I don't know." "Shouldn't the Army be mobilizing to assist CDF forces on the ground?" "The marines got sent to support another one of the cities, but the Army has stayed here. It doesn't look like they're trying to mobilize, Becky, it looks more like they're digging in for an attack.-" *Several gunshots are suddenly heard in the background. John jerks his head to the left looking off-screen. A group of about ten soldiers, both Russian and American, can be seen running past in the back ground. Several shouts and calls in alarm can be heard. John speaks, but it seems to be directed more to his crew than to the newscasters.* "Did you hear that?" John? John, what's going on? John?" "One moment Becky. Uh... Huh. Uhhh... Hold on, hold on, hold on." *He shouts to a soldier running past.* "Hey, what's going? What's happening?" "An attempted breach of the line. Don't worry about it." *John turns back to the camera.* "Becky it appears that a situation is forming on the defensive perimeter on the line. I'm going to-." *Several more shots are heard.* "I'm going to look into this an get right back to you. Hold on." *The video feed ends.* John and his crew were in Chernogorsk the day the line fell apart to the infected. "We're live at Chernarus. John?" *The background is standing inside of the lobby of the building he was in front of during the first broadcast. He is noticeably more nervous.* "Becky, the situation has escalated greatly since we last spoke. Numerous infected individuals have attempted to breach the defensive boundary surrounding Chernogorsk. They do not appear to be listening to commands or warnings, it is almost like they are in a frenzy." *The whoosh of a jet is heard, and a few seconds later an explosion. Gunshots are heard much more frequently now. single shots and bursts coming seconds apart.* "It appears air forces have become involved now as well, uhhh, we may need to consider moving. What?" *He looks off-screen,* "Apologies Jim, Becky, we're being told we need to turn the cameras off." He barely escaped with his life. "John?" *The distant gunshots are much closer now. A CDF soldier and police officer can be seen firing at something off-screen.* "No. no. I think we're good for now. Just get ready to move." "John?" "Becky, the situation in Chernogorsk has reached dangerous levels. The defensive line surrounding the city has broken and infected people are working their way through the city at an alarming rate. We're just about to head for the shore and try to get a boat. None of the aircraft is risking landing here. It is bad here, Becky." *A horrid, ragged scream is heard. The camera pans and zooms in on the soldier and police officer. Their firing grows more frantic. The officer pauses to reload just as two people in civilian clothes, one a man, the other a woman, tackle the soldier to the ground and start ripping into him, screaming madly. The officer points his gun at the infected, before looking to where they came from. The policeman breaks into a run and disappears around the corner of a building.* "Jesus Christ! Go, go, run! Run! Becky, Jim, the Chernarus situation is not contained! I say again, the Chernarus infection is not contained! Oh Jesus God there is more of them! Go! Run!" That was the last broadcast he made. John managed to bribe himself onto a small boat that took them out to a freight ship. They tried to gather themselves there, but just as they thought they were home free, a massive storm forced their ship back onto shore. The crew abandoned them, and over the next few weeks, John and his team dwindled one by one until only he was left. Now, John Kellman is less worried about his next big story, and more worried about surviving and getting out of Chernarus with is life. More importantly, he wants to get out and make sure his family is okay and still alive.
  13. Had a great roleplay with a raid on a castle near Stary. Got wrecked, but it was a blast nonetheless. Casey, Luna, if you're reading this we gotta meet up again sometime.