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""If at first you don't succeed; try, try again. Never give up.""

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  1. On my way to my convention. Excitement abounding! I'll be back in-game in a few days from now. See you all then!

    happy stephen colbert GIF

  2. Jman14102

    Purple forest

    Money shot right there.
  3. Hey, I'm doing that writing thing again! ?

  4. *This journal can be found on Artyom in-game, and the information can be used in-character as a result if taken from him or found.* *The journal is a thick, remarkably well-kept leather-cover book. The weathering of costant use has worn at the edges, with natural wear and tear on its surface, but nothing severe, and for the most part effort seems to have been take to keep it safe and clean. Flipping it open reveals crisp, clean, white pages, with the first one reading "Property of Artyom Glukhovsky". The Lines We Cross. The Lines We Make. At what point do we cross the line?
  5. Jman14102


    It is so, so good to see you again, @Taryn! Hope to run into you soon enough!
  6. Going to be out of town for the next few days. I'm heading out to a convention in Baltimore that goes from Thursday through Sunday. I head out of town on Wednesday, but the next couple of days need to be spent getting ready.

    I think I need a bit of a break to recharge, anyway. It's been an exhausting few weeks for a whole lot of us roleplayers. ?

    See you all back in-game in a week!

  7. *The PTT is pressed down, the sound of shuffling heard briefly before a heavily accented voice comes through the static. Birds can be heard chirping in the background.* "Neomlouvej se. You have nothing to be sorry about. Only thing any of us should be sorry about is situation surrounding you leading to this. That people can be hurt simply by being around you is very sad." *The smile can be heard in his voice.* "But I am not sad. I am happy. I am happy you have place to go. I am happy you have place to heal. Though we were not able to say parting words in person, we can do so now
  8. It is about time we got a sequel.


    1. Dvlinhb


      I didn't know how much I wanted all of this until I saw it. This is amazing, and I need it now.

  9. I'll find a use for these police pants somehow. ? Happy birthday to DayZRP. This disaster zone of raving lunatics has been a fun time to hand out with. The ups and downs have been rough, but considering the friends I've made in my time here and th experiences I've had, I would say it is all worth it in the end.
  10. A fucking roach just fell on my head while I was lying in bed.

    Goodbye sleep for the rest of the night.

    1. SofiaWG



      >[Speech, 33%] Jman's already done for. You'd better run before those Roaches come for you.

    2. Jman14102
  11. The last bit of content I'll be posting about Anthony for a good long, long, long while. Quite literally the closing of his chapter, and I'll be glad to put this character behind me.


  12. *Entry Nine would appear to be the final entry in the journal. The rest of the pages are blank and soaked red at the bottom with dried blood. The pen is clipped to the cover of the journal. As you go to close it, however, there is a dry crackling sound, and a page that had been glued to the back of Entry Nine by dried blood breaks free, resting down in its binding alongside the other pages. The writing is scrawled, lazy and tired with bloody fingerprints smudging the top.* Entry Ten: Guess I got what I deserved. Thought I had her, dragged her all the way to Belaya Polana, all th
  13. *Through the static and voices of the others, another familiar voice pokes out. Dull and monotonous, but so very familiar.* "We- pre-occupi- with... other matte- right now. Wond-ful to hear y-r voice ag-n, Mr. Terr-o. W- stop- back by a few m-ths back, b-t f-nd it to n-t be an... opp-tune time f- us. Giv- my reg-ds to T-ny More-i's corpse." *Just as quickly as the voice comes, it just as quickly goes, fading away into the static.*
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