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  1. Let us Begin [Mass Broadcast]

    *He presses down the PTT.* "While that does sound well and good, if you gentlemen could leave those of us with a less blood-thirsty mindset out of your little crusade, I would be very appreciative of that." *His stoic voice takes on a slightly exasperated tone.* "I left Severograd to get away from this little 'war'. Please keep it in Severograd, for conveniences sake." *He releases the PTT, going back to searching through a drawer for a more fashionable pair of pants to replace the ones he'd been 'gifted'.*
  2. Shout-out to @N-Tox for the RP today. That last-minute robbery was interesting. Just a word of warning: You have no idea what kind of person Calvin just crossed.
  3. *He glances back at Zelenogorsk, the city suddenly looking much darker. He breaks into a jog, then a run, flicking the radio off.*
  4. *He takes a reluctant look around the empty house, checking to make sure all the doors are locked before taking a seat at the kitchen table. He depresses the PTT, before sighing.* "I'm here." *He looks around once more.* "I thankfully didn't find Ms. Taryn's dismembered corpse... But I did find a backpack." *A shuffling can be heard as he sifts through his. A scraping of wood on wood as the chair moves.* "It has been emptied of the majority of its contents. Bandages, drinks and the like have been taken. Both of the straps are barely hanging on, and it is overall in a ragged state. There's a couple of small dark stains on the back. I'm not going to bother explaining what those are. " *He pulls two seemingly mundane things from the bag. A bird cheeps in the distance.* "The beanie has definitely seen better days, and I'm not sure what the glasses are for. Ms. Taryn doesn't wear or need them, from what I know." *He pauses again, his hand gripping the revolver in its holster as he stares out the window. A few seconds pass before he relaxes.* "...I also found a passport buried at the very bottom of the pack. It is most definitely her. Allegheny, Taryn. No doubt about it." *He tucks the passport away in his own pack and gets up from the table, leaving the other, more raggedy backpack on there.* "I've done my share of sleuthing. I'm not spending any more time in this city than I have to. Not looking forward to the walk back..." *He unlocks the front door and steps outside.* "Anyone else listening in is welcome to pick up from where I left off. I am not a Rambo. I am a businessman, and there's nothing else I can do but find more qualified individuals for this sort of situation." *The radio transmission ends with a screech of static as he releases the PTT and begins walking, never shaking the feeling that someone was watching. His grip doesn't leave his revolver.*
  5. Going out for dinner with my family tonight. Once I'm back, I'll be in for the night. No job over the weekends means that I can have as much dank RP as possible.

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      Time for some dank RP.

  6. The Journal Of John Kellman

    Entry Six. Another can of peaches for breakfast. I'm really starting to like these things. Had it atop the tower, watching the trees sway. It's almost peaceful here. Went back to the UN camp, got introduced to two other members of Taryn's group, Winston and Oliver. Both of them are barely out of their teens. I already met Sam, but I got to know her and Rysen a little better as well. Other than that, not much else happened. I figure I can stay around them for a little while. You need friends out here. Entry Seven. I fucking hate this country. It's been two(?) days since my last entry, and let me explain to you why. It started with Taryn and Sam and I heading out from Green Mountain and meeting with Rysen and Oliver for a scavenging run. It went perfectly well, plenty of talking and joking. Almost felt like things were back to normal. But, unfortunately, nice things like this can't last. A call for them came over the radio, something about their camp being found. We rush over there to find the VDV and Garrett. The VDV are some special branch of the Russain military that came in to try and get things under control, apparently. They're relationship with the UN and the civilian population is rather... rough around the edges, to say the least. Anyway, the VDV were there and so was Garrett. He got in contact with the VDV so that they could "escort" Taryn and the rest of her group to the UN camps, where it would be "safer". Taryn made it abundantly clear what she thought of that. So did Rysen, when, during the long walk back to the UN zone, he ran up and punched Garrett in the back of the head. I mostly stayed quiet during this whole thing since it seemed to be something concerning the group, and I'm just an outsider. With that being said, I did try and talk to Taryn after we got to the camps... And that's when I really got to know Garrett. Let me first start by saying that I have an extremely low tolerance for assholes. I cannot stand them. Garrett is the personification of arrogance. You do the math. Granted, I could have been a bit more tactful in my approach, but I'm a bit bull-headed when it comes to these sorts of things. After our pleasant shouting match got broken up by the UN, I hung around the camp and mostly kept to myself. That is until Rysen asked me to help him and the others get Taryn away from Garrett. Considering I burned my bridge with that man before I even began to cross it, and considering everything Rysen, Winston, and the rest have told me about him, I rightfully agreed. We planned to take her out to the church on the edge of town and hold her up in disguise. I wasn't comfortable at all with that, but I did agree to run ahead and meet them at Green Mountain. You'd think the giant-ass radio tower, which could be seen for miles around, would be fucking easy to find, even when it was dark out. And you'd be wrong. Because, boy, did I get fucking lost. After twenty minutes of tumbling around in the dark like a dumbass, I ran into someone who was willing to help me. Except that someone happened to be a member of MS13, and they were looking for somebody to rough up in order to send a message to the UN. In actuality, I think it was just an excuse to rob my sorry ass, but I digress. I thankfully managed to talk them down from breaking anything or cutting anything off, but they did give me a couple of cuts and punches to the face, which fucking hurt. So bad in fact, that I thought my nose was broken. I must have passed out, because one moment I was wandering through some lowly hills, and the next I was on my back staring up at a clear sky. After hauling myself to my feet and finding out where I was (No easy task, might I add), I managed to stumble back into the United Nations camp. Someone there was willing to look over my cuts and clean them up. Not deep enough for scars, so there's that at least. I'm going to have a couple nasty bruises, and though I originally thought my nose had been broken, it was just really, really bruised as well. Managed to find the others as well. Got a sit-rep from Rysen and Winston about how things went after I explained to them why I was a no-show. Taryn was none too pleased about what they had done, and she had basically told them to leave her alone. I haven't seen Garrett around either, which is a good thing. Probably a good idea for us to steer clear of each other for the time being. Taryn's not around either, though I'm sure she's out and about somewhere. It's been a long couple of days, and a long couple of entries. I am going to have another can of peaches, drink some water, brush my teeth, and go to bed for the time being. I'll see how things turn out tomorrow. Entry Eight. Taryn's hurt.
  7. Solntsevskaya Bratva

    You guys have been talking about this group for a while now, so it's nice to see this become an official group. Your RP was already on point, so I'm looking forward to what's to come!
  8. When you want to get in for some dank RP but you know you have to go to bed soon so you can get up early for work...


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      Muhahaha . I can't go to work for another 7 months ... Hell yea ! 

      Actually it is quite boring to be honest .

  9. I get the feeling it's going to be a fun-filled RP day tomorrow...

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      Lady In Blue

      Along with DDOS.

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      Fuck... That too probably.

  10. *He presses down the PTT, hesitating for a moment as he runs calculations, variables, outcomes, and potential losses or gains from this new situation through his head. He then speaks, his voice as stoic as always, but there is a slight, noticeable tone of unease under it.* "Well. This situation has certainly become much more... problematic." *The PTT is released.*
  11. See you when you get back. Stay safe.
  12. Severograd Victory [OPEN COMS.]

    *He hears the cheering and talking over the radio as he presses down the PTT, taking a seat against a wall.* "I apologize if I come off as rude, but be careful not to break your arm patting yourself on the back. If you do, you wont be able to raise your gun and fire when the Mujahideen inevitably come for revenge." *A rustling sound can be heard as he adjusts his seating position.* "Still, don't let me or any other sane-minded individuals stop you. You are more than welcome to continue having these back-and-forth fights until Severograd is nothing more than a pile of rubble. I've said it once before, and I will say it again: I've washed my hands of that bad investment of a city, and I encourage others to do the same." *He releases the PTT.*
  13. "Mr. Beck, your first mistake was thinking that anyone in Severograd was sane to begin with." Some great RP with @Mr. Blue and the one-and-only @Roach today. Plenty of others as well, but you two were the ones I interacted with the most today.
  14. Oh my God the servers died again...

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      They have ??? Oh...

  15. *He presses down the PTT and begins to speak, maintaining the same, even tone as he always does.* "Ah, Ms. Quinn. Still alive, I see. How fortunate. Your apology is reluctantly accepted. Though I must ask why you thought it a good idea to mention my name to your hostage takers." *A brief burst of static bleeds through, but stops just as he starts speaking again.* "No matter. To those of you prattling on about fighting the good fight, you're welcome to do that. But I believe the city of Severograd is a lost cause that has seen enough bloodshed for the time being. Still, don't let me or any others talk you down, I'm merely stating my opinion on the matter." *He releases the PTT.*