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    1. Psycho


      Idk what kind of mood this is...

    2. Jman14102



  2. School teacher assistant. I help out where help is needed, mostly. I'm in a volunteer position right now, but hope to turn it into a paying job soon!
  3. Too many to name. Gravity Falls, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, and Breaking Bad are all shows I have enjoyed the absolute hell out of. ... Also, My Little Pony. Fuck you, it's a good show.
  4. When you want to play but you have to be a responsible adult and do adult shit.

    Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

    1. Psycho


      Yep, although being responsible feels great when you truly come to appreciate it. Responsibility is a form of strength unlike any other.


    @Dvlinhb - "Pinky".

    1. Empress Julia

      Empress Julia


  6. Dog names

  7. The pollen in the air is slowly killing me.

    This is the worst.

    1. Dvlinhb


      Hey man, GP5s are only like 12-15 dollars nowadays. No excuse for suffocation. SMH.

  8. I just had the worst thing happen to me.

    A big-ass roach crawled on my bedroom wall, and I hit it with a shoe, and it fell down, and it GOT AWAY. I can't do shit now because I need to track this motherfucker down before he comes back for revenge.

    1. Jman14102


      Mission Accomplished: Roach destroyed. When it comes to them there is no such thing as too much bug spray.

  9. Servers acting up for anyone else?

    1. Buddy


      They're not acting, they're ROLE PLAYING!!!

  10. John Kellman: "I'm Only Human". Ian Keith: "I've Got The World On A String".
  11. Hey, I just want everyone here to know that I love you all so much. We may be on the verge of World War Three, so I just wanted to say this. This community is one of the most fun ones I have ever been in, and I have made so many great friends here.

    So, if we are potentially engulfed in nuclear hellfire in the future, just know that I love you all a whole lot.

    1. Saints


      What happened?


    2. Jman14102


      Missile strikes on Syria.

    3. Dvlinhb


      @Jman14102 if WWIII is almost here, just please go and get like- idk- a beer or something? Like you gotta be loosened up when you get evaporated by nuclear fire. That is if Fallout has taught me anything...

    4. Lady In Blue

      Lady In Blue

      I had a strange nightmare last night that WWIII had happened. 

      But, I'm sure everything will be fine. 

      Oh, I'm thinking of perming my Quinn. I know many people want to end her. @Dvlinhb @Jman14102 If you boys are interested.

  12. Welcome to the community! You've already met quite a few of the staff, it seems. Remember the rule, and don't be afraid to ask questions if you're not sure of something! Hope to run into you in-game!
  13. DayZRP Graveyard [Perma'd Characters]

    Name: John Kellman. When: September 10th, 2017. Where: Barn on the northern edge of Nagornoe. How: Forced to commit suicide by the Riptide Collective. I have a journal I started months ago for him, I need to finish that.
  14. If they do add them, a group could setup a bear pit like in Game Of Thrones. That would be neat.
  15. The Walking Dead Viewing Figures

    I fucking hate Season 8. The only reason I'm still watching is to see what happens. I've been watching since season two and I need to know how this ends. I was still mildly interested for the first half of the season, then they killed off You-Know-Who for no damn reason and I completely checked out.