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  1. Not really used to filling out reports/contributing POVs.

    I kind of hope I don't have to get used to it.

    1. Eagle


      Nothing to worry about just write what happens and that's it.

    2. ExoticRP


      Don't worry dude a report is nbd if you didn't do anything wrong.

  2. Jman14102

    S1: Powergaming in Gorka - 06/20/2018 Approx. 0430

    Jman14102 POV: Leo and I are hanging around the front of the town talking when we hear gunshots and see someone in a blue raincoat (Louie) coming down the hill. He and I go to try and meet him and figure things out. Leo gets to him first and gets sworn at by Louie. They then start to shout at teach other as they approach the bus. Gil stops me and tells me that the man in the raincoat is Louie, so I back off. Shortly afterwards, the initiation is dropped and it goes exactly as Kain described. I was on the other side of the bus when it happened, so I didn't see Leo get held up, but I did see Vaska get gunned down. They then dragged Leo off into the nearby house. We then try to help Vaska, I rush off to get an e-pen and come back only to be stopped by Louie. I start to protest only for Gil to quiet me down, which is right where Kain's video begins. Louie then unloads his gun into Vaska's body. Afterwards, they take Leo out of the house, toy around with him a bit, then take him to the bus stop. I walk in range long enough to hear Leo say "Fucking shoot me! Shoot me!". They then shoot him. There's not much I can add here that hasn't already been said by others. I don't have any video evidence of the situation. If you need me to clarify on things, just tell me.
  3. Have you been trained in the ways of Count Dooku? Regardless, welcome to the community! I hope you have lots of fun here!
  4. Jman14102

    0.63 Experimental: Share your stories!

    Holy shit.
  5. Hello! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

  6. Jman14102

    DayZRP Infection Lore: What is currently known

    So no cure has been found yet. If one were to make a cure, how would it work exactly? Something that would "de-activate" the virus, essentially? Or something else?
  7. In a couple of weeks time I will have been an active part of this community for a whole year.

    I am so happy to be here.

  8. Jman14102

    Kameníci || Closed Recruitment

    The fear and anxiety you've given this server has been great. Executions, kidnapping, taking pot shots at Lopatino, it's been memorable. Congratulations on the approval and Slava Chernarus!
  9. What just happened?

    I leave for an hour and Anarchy archives?


  10. Mowing the lawn in the Summer is the woooooooooooorst.

  11. Jman14102

    The Moretti Famiglia [IC Recruitment]

    Sad to see you all go. The server is going to be a different place without you all! O7
  12. There goes the Morettis...

    1. Dvlinhb
    2. Jman14102


      Ian and Everest are laughing their asses off right now, though.

    3. Dvlinhb


      Very true. They've probably busted out some of that 20 year and had a few drinks in celebration.

  13. I know I've said this before, but I've had an absolute blast playing as Douglas over the past couple of weeks. So many interesting things have happened, and I've roleplayed with so many amazing people, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

  14. Douglas. The guy you met on the airfield.