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  1. Oh, sorry, yeah. It's adding those to the properties. But it works a little differently with Steam games. And here's how you add Launch Codes to your Steam games. 1. Bring up your Steam main panel. (I don't know what else to call it.) 2. Go into the Library tab. 3. Find the DayZ game in the list to the left. 4. Right click on the game and select Properties at the bottom. 5. On the bottom half of the General tab for the window that pops up, click on Set Launch Options. Then you just paste those Codes in, making sure you have the right numbers for the last two, the ones I posted were my RAM and Core count.
  2. I generally play these games with settings set to remove the stuff that doesn't really help. Like, Shadows Disabled, Clouds on low, only because turning them off makes the world super bright. Uh.. Make sure that you also have your Rendering Resolution set to your actual screens resolution, helps improve performance. I also use these launch codes since it's practically the same engine from Arma 2 and bits of 3 in it: -nosplash -noPause -world=empty -maxMem=6144 -cpuCount=4 Nosplash and Nopause take out the silly, superlong startup time and that interactive overlay I haven't actually seen. World=Empty will reduce the time it takes to actually load into a server, reducing some of the lag there. Memory is your RAM, setting it higher than what you can choose from ingame to improve performance. CPUcount is just how many cores are in your processor and these last two improved my, and my friends, frames and performance by at least twenty percent. I'd also suggest dropping Objects detail down to take some of the lag out of the bigger cities. Hope this helps.
  3. Hallo! I found this site after watching one of Frankies videos and spotting someone mentioning that he should join DayZRP in one of the sidechats and decided to check it out. Before now I just had the Standalone game, but purchased Arma2 and all its stuff to play the Mod since it's currently further along than the actual Standalone. It's great to see that there's somewhere that decided to implement a RP setting for it, and think it's a great idea. Looking forward to getting whitelisted!