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  1. Camping? It's more like when i leave my packaging polluted hideout i'm passing the sheriffs bureau, knock on if there's someone inside, and then move up through the backyard to take a peek on the churchplace if there's someone looking trustworthy. All i want to get are news from europe...
  2. I've seen a group of 4-5 people today but the situation was too suspicious for me... especially with a girl in underwear beneath them! Heard some automatic fire too afterwards. I once met the half naked girl-dude with her disguised voice before, she'd been quite officious so i helplessly tried to keep her on distance. Then, just as i got rid of her and entered the streets i got shot. Still wonder if she's working together with a bandit, luring unkempt survivors like me into their disaster.
  3. Oh my, Guba under russian occupation...That's really the place where things actually happen. Glad to hear that more people are on their way!
  4. For my part i'm back in Guba for the next week.
  5. Hey Pete, i actually had an 'incident' near Guba. I dont think it was a trap (Mr. Jibbles might know) but merely my own fault not getting the hands up early enough. At the moment i'm living my new life at the recently announced Kamenka region, but am considering the roadtrip back to Guba.
  6. I just started playing DayZ standalone, haven't played the mod, and am "populating" the standalone server by now. Oh it's so exciting playing this game for the first time, although sometimes there isn't actually anything special happening for hours there's still a permanent thrill to it! Hope to meet someone in game, but although that's not quite the intent of roleplaying i can tell you ahead that i might absolutely shy away and haul ass! Fearfully me!
  7. How do you decide if it's a bandit? And who participates to the town, is there an active town community yet?
  8. One roleplayer visited the notorious harbour this evening, heard rumors about other survivors and packed an extra can of beans and spare ammunition to trade...i think he may hang around that area for a while.