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  1. Gabby Miller was born June 1, 2004 in Detroit Michigan she is a very outspoken little girl that can be mouthy and has an attitude problem at times. When she is scared she tends to be shy and hides. Gabby's mom died 12 years ago leaving her Father to care for her. A year following her mothers death, her Father couldn't take care of her and decided to send her with her Aunt Faith. Gabby's Aunt seemed so pleasant and cared for her growing up. She was always well behaved and helped around the house after her homework. Faith raised her like she was her own child. Gabby was so happy to have a Mother again. Gabby's Father was so proud of the girl she had become. At 14 Gabby's Aunt began to change. She was always going out and leaving her alone. She would come home drunk and would yell at her if she didnt do something right. Gabby tried calling her Father for help but all he said was there was nothing she can do. She felt abandoned and alone and had no one to turn too. One night Gabby's Aunt came home with a guy who was really mean. She ran in her room scared she didn't trust him and didnt like the way he was looking at her. As she was curled up in her bed she could hear whispers. She tryed to hear but slowly drifted to sleep. A few weeks later Faith told Gabby they where moving to Chernarus with her Boyfriend Jason. They needed to leave fast due to the infected spreading. Once in Chernarus Gabby was locked in a room and only allowed out to eat food and water. One night she heard her Aunt yelling about the infected and Gabby holding them back so they had a plan. Little did Gabby know this would be her last night with them. Gabby went to sleep that night and when she woke up their was a man their who started to take care of her.
  2. My POV: I was standing on the watch tower to make sure no one got in when Kenny and Willow showed up. I explained to them that we were alone while the others where out so they decided to stay and help. We were talking and next thing you know you see Kenny fall off the watch tower. Willow and I ran to take cover and try to see who was shooting. I couldn't see anything so I just kept watch while talking. Next thing you know I was shot and went down.
  3. Leigh Reed was born Feb 14th 1992 in the small town of Factoryville PA. Her Father Billy owned a Farm with Horses, cows, chickens and pig. Every morning she would wake up and help her Father tend to the farm, then go wash up and help her Mother, Dorothy with breakfast. Everythingwas going great in Leigh's life. She loved helping her Parents, going to school, and playing with friends. Life was going great for Leigh and she felt blessed everyday. At 10 years old, Leigh was excited about her first day of school. She jumped out of bed to go help her Father on the farm. She started to head downstairs when she heard her Father talking to someone in the kitchen. She couldn't make out what they were talking about so she continued to the kitchen. As she turned into the kitchen, a man grabbed her from behind and sat her on the couch next to her Mother. As she sat there scared hugging her Mother, they heard Leigh's Father scream in pain then it went silent. Minutes later another man, in black, came out, grabbed Leigh's Mother and brought her to the kitchen. Leigh started running to her Mother scared but was picked and brought upstairs to her room. As she sat on her bed crying, she heard her Mother scream and plead for her life. A few minutes passed and Leigh no longer heard anything. Leigh cried as she wondered what was happening. She suddenly heard someone walking up the stairs. She was hoping to see her Mother. As the door opened, the man in Black stepped in looking at her. Leigh couldnt help but start screaming. The man in black walked over to the bed and smacked her. Leigh looked up at the man with her eyes wide and asked " Where is my Mother and Father?" The man in black turned to her and smirked. At that moment she knew her parents were dead. Sitting there scared Leigh wondered what was going to happen to her. The man in Black whispered in the other guy's ear then walked out of the room. The other man walked over to Leigh picked her up and carried her down the stairs and outside to a blue car. The man in black opened the trunk and the other man threw her in and shut it. After what seemed like hours, the car stopped. The man in black opened the trunk and let her out. He told her she was on her own and left her there. She curled up under a tree crying for her Parents and slowly drifted off. The next day a Lady named Faith found her and took her in. Every since that day, Leigh has never been the same. She is afraid to love anyone in fear they might leave her. Will Leigh every find away to open her heart and love again ? Leigh (23) decided to go out for a walk one morning. As she walked in the woods she saw a lady standing there. She asked the lady if she was okay, as she was covered in blood. The lady turned around and Leigh saw the eyes where white and a chunk of her arm missing. As she got closer the lady turned and charged at her. Not knowing what to do she turned and run scared. As she was running she heard gun shots. Leigh stopped as she saw am older man in Black. Her eyes opened wide in fear. The guy told her if she wanted to live to go with him. She followed not knowing what was going on. He lead her to his car and they drove to the airport. The Man in Black told her to get on the plane they would take care of her and make sure she was safe. She followed his orders and entered the plane. As she took her seat she wondered if the man in Black remembered her. She sat back and drifted to sleep. Leigh woke up as the plane landed and wondered where she was. She left her seat and entered the door she heard more shots. She ducked in fear she might get shoot. Finally, they heard a voice say to exit the plane everything was safe. When she stepped out of the plane she saw dead bodies laying everywhere. Leigh looked up and saw the Army directing everyone where to go. They lead them to a bus and it drove off. The bus stopped at a base. As they where going to exit the bus they heard growling outside the bus and the drive told everyone to get down. They heard more shots and then the driver told them to exit the bus quickly. 2 days later they learned about the infected. That night as everyone was sleeping, they heard yelling and gun shots. Everyone started running in every direction. Leigh run outside and saw the infected had got inside. She saw a gun, picked it up and started shooting as she run. She found a empty house and hid there for the night. The next morning she woke up and looked out the window. What she saw shocked her. As she looked around all she saw was empty house with windows broken and some falling down. At that moment she knew she needed to do what ever it took to survive. She left the house to look for food, water, anything she could find. Leigh walked for hours lost, every sign she saw she couldn't understand. She is now on her own trying to survive.
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