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  1. thinking on coming back... 

  2. Thanks I try my best to. It was fun running into you amd I'm sure we will run into each other again my character always wonders off alone.
  3. Rosie Burak Rosie grew up with a stable family and had many friends. She succeeded in school and back at home. She had many friends and always made time to help those who wanted or needed help. She loved to go exploring around her home town and loved venturing out with her father and mother going on walks, hunting animals and fishing. Her father taught her to hunt and how to use a rifle and pistol. Even at the age of 14 she knew how to use a hunting rifle and pistol fully. Now she can protect herself against wolves and bears. She use to go out hunting on her own when she grew comfort
  4. Sophie Jones Born 12/5/1990 Born in the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Sophie growing up and is from the Rhonda Valley's in south wales. She had a ok up bringing she done great in school and her parents was always supportive of her. with her studies and of her idea's. In her college years she wanted to take law and study it to be a lawyer but soon to realise that will fall through when she meets her soon to be partner. Sophie loved going out with mates and had a thing about outlaw bikers. She was a caring person and was sweet but had a bad side to her and sometimes got int
  5. Will be taking a small break as my health isnt good. Hope to see y'all when im better.

    1. Roman


      Hope you feel better soon, take care.

    2. Kattsura


      feel better cheer up GIF

  6. Born in America, Madison grew up a normal life up until the age of 5, when a freak multiple car accident ended up with both of her parents being killed. Taken in by local authority that responded to the call, the state would attempt to contact her next closest of relatives, but either they were unfit to care for her for fincancial reasons, mental reasons, or just didn't want to take care of her. Due to this, she was put into the system and sent to an orphanage to one day find her forever home. 11 years later, her forever home still has not come. At first, she was devestated and had troubl
  7. Been having alot of fun and alot of laughs since being back cant wait for more fun.

  8. My POV I was in Olsha just hanging around talking having some laughs. I'm not sure what happened before I showed up as some people where leaving. So we were talking I watched 2 have a friendly fight. After that we stood around the well talking when we heard a shot and I saw him go down. We hide and tried to find the person who did it but decided maybe we should leave just in case.
  9. Guess who is coming back

    1. Malthis



      Slim Shady?

    2. HayLeigh


      Haha no not even close.. Thanks for the laugh tho..

  10. Good luck guys. I always love the RP when I hit the Pub. Never a dull moment. Looking forward to more fun.
  11. Originally born in the Chernarus in Kirovograd of Russian decent, Alexis has not lived an easy life as of lately. Although, she never really has from the beginning either. Alexis lived with her mother and father and lived a normal life for the most part. Sure, her father could drink too much at times, but it rarely ever got out of hand. However, Alexis's mother passed due to a car accident when Alexis was young. Over time, her father drank more trying to sink his feelings and depression away under a sea of vodka and whiskey, all whilst becoming more and more aggressive towards her.
  12. Im excited for the lore wipe. I Thank you for all the hard work you put into everything.
  13. What exciting is happening today ???

  14. We always have fun tho and we make a great team
  15. What to do today in RP hmmm ???

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