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  1. //Been gone quite awhile, apologies... The crinkle of every leaf and blade of grass underfoot as each of my boots make contact with the earth below seems deafening to me. I clench my teeth so tight with each step, the muscles on my head begin to ache and tremble. Edging closer to the barn near Gorka I notice the grass completely matted down near the double door in front. Matted down and dark brown. A stark contrast to the December-brown grass flanking the left and right side of the door. This matted down grass formed a trail towards a small house which had the faintest bit of smoke, rather vapor maybe, emitting from the chimney. I stopped in my tracks to listen more intently. The only words I could use to describe the ambient sounds meandering through the roads of this small town? Cruel. Tragic. Benign. Yet, there was a presence. Just plain eerie. I hadn't taken any pills yet today and I was already paying for it. Was it all in my head? Had to be... I didn't sleep at all and took pills throughout the night to force myself to sleep through the intermittent shivering, so there was no way I could be suffering withdrawal yet. Nonetheless, a layer of frost enveloped my neck and back as I strained to look, listen and attempt to feel what in the fuck was going on here that was making me so jumpy. It had to take me an hour to move no more than a couple hundred feet towards the red-roofed barn. The sun-bleached wooden walls missing boards here and there, a two by twelve chocking the door shut to a barn so foreboding a homeless man might think twice to enter. Clearly I'm homeless, clearly I was thinking twice. For reasons I cannot fathom and against all better judgement I slinked up towards the door. The trail (which I had hoped in the back of my mind was anything other than what I knew it was) wrapped around the barn leading towards the tiny green farmhouse was in fact to my horror... caked blood matted down on dead grass which had absorbed this liquid and along with the dirt created what looked like a path to hell, something one would expect to see in a movie, not at ones feet, not in front of ones eyes. I began to get ill in the way one gets ill while being injured in some horrific way. Peeking through a missing board on the left side of the barred front double barn door.....
  2. // I honestly didn't think this story was all that interesting next to the others Ive read, I'm glad some of you folks like the writing. A small compliment goes a long way to a person that rarely receives a pat on the back for anything. //Been real busy with work and family, what little time I've had for gaming, I've used for gaming as opposed to writing. //I promise, its going to ramp up, soon. The plumber will have to face his fears and overcome, or be defeated by them. Thank you so much
  3. Name: Rivet Braylan Age: 33 Height: 6'2" Weight: 205 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Plumber/Excavator Operator Demeanor: Honest to a fault, Gullible, Handy. Faults: Opiate Addict, Quiet, Anxious.
  4. Sorry if you're receiving compliments from someone who has not even played in the server yet and it comes across as being odd and out of left field. This post is just one of the first few I've given the time to read over the last few days that I've known about this mod/server. I found it very entertaining and wanted to compliment ya on it. I also read the first installment in your other post and really enjoyed it. Perhaps I find that most writing/stories I read are above-par because I'm not that well educated in writing, nor do I have a large vocabulary either. I'm a tradesman, and bear only a GED certificate.
  5. // Nice to meet you Gijs I must start by saying I cannot read more than the first post because I'm making up my story as I write it and I don't want to fall into plagiarism, nor do I want to use the absolutely skillful way in which you dance with words. But I just HAD to commend you on what I've read so far. I can only hope my writing is half as great as yours! Cheers & Kudos dude!
  6. //I'm trying I need to learn how to tell my story with pics to better entertain you folks, until then, here goes the rest of the very first story i have ever written in my life. (Honestly) Chapter 5 After one hell of a freezing cold night of near sleeplessness, I dragged myself to my feet the moment I heard the first chirp of a bird. A layer of frost enveloped my partner and I. Rilly yawned and gazed off in the distance. This dog, who knew me only as the funny-talking guy next door, was going to be with me to the bitter end. Whatever that end may be, it didn't phase him. If only I had the fortitude of this dog. He is almost human in nature, he formed expressions when I talked, at least to me thats the way it seemed. If I were to classify him as to what he is to me, I'm not embarrassed to say he is like a BIG brother. Strange, no? A lot happens during the time I'm not writing, meaning the things that go through my mind whilst walking, sitting, eating or shitting. I imagined being with Rilly while I was younger, what would he have told me during the years I was bullied in High School. How he would have propped me up during those times, like he does now with nothing more than an expression? This morning for instance, we're going through the food faster than I expected, its only two days into the trip and we're down to six bottles of water, 1/2 bag of jerky and a few cans of food. I begin to lay out Rilly's morning share leaving myself a few extra pieces of jerky in the bag. I'm looking down at the bag with big brother to my right. My eyes glance that way as I catch him looking at me in the same way, sort of "side-looking" me. I turn to face him as he does to me. He looks down at his cut, looks back up at me, then back down at his jerky. Finally he looks back at me with his eyes somewhat shut and just stares... "Shit dude, here man, I'm sorry." As i hand him over his fair share. At first I thought I was making all this up in my head, like I'm role-playing him as my big brother when I realize that this is in fact how this situation truly played out to him as well, since right after I gave him his share he began to eat. He would not eat until it was fair. After breakfast I counted my pills, I hadn't slept much last night, ended up taking more than I should have, but I'm in pain, its justified right? 98. 22 pills in two days at 11 pills a day leaves me 8 days of pills? I'm supposed to take 4 a day! Well, new objective: Find painkillers. Checking the map I'm not too far from Gorka. From there I'm just a hop, skip and a jump from Berezino right? There is a hospital there if I remember correctly and its somewhat on the way to krasnostav. I'm regretting the decision to go on foot to Krasnostav, but this isn't DayZ overwatch... Just because I need some painkillers does not mean I can risk my life driving a loud-ass vehicle around the countryside scavenging random inhabitants for goods. No, I have to be smart about this. The Chedaki have obviously taken control of this area of the country, I've seen no hide nor hair of any Chernarussian military or police for that matter, not to mention people! It takes us two days to make it to Gorka. It may seem like a long time, between my knees and my lungs I can't move very fast at all. I remove my so-called 'crutch' from my pocket and ponder taking yet another pill or two, while also considering I need to be as quiet as possible since I'm getting closer to town when I blurt out, "Shut up Rilly!" I say this rather loudly when he looks up at me in what I perceive as disgust. "My legs are done dude. I have to make sure I have them or I won't be able to continue." He glances up at me with his head still facing forwards while we continue walking straight. "What?!" I respond to his glare. We edge closer to town. About 250 feet from a small barn we sit and wait atop a small hill on the South-East side of town, scanning the area. I stash my pack under a bush. "Rilly. Lie down. Stay." He abides and I sneak up to the first barn.
  7. Chapter 4 After a careful and painful walk to the North-West of Novy, Rilly at my right side just slightly ahead of me. I noticed he did not alert to anything the entire trip. I had hoped it was because he noticed no immediate danger. We walked quickly, yet carefully, cover to cover until we set up camp near an old deer stand in the South-East corner of the old fields around 1 a.m. I was afraid to light a fire for the night, it was an unusually warm December by any Norhterly countries standards, but still cold enough to yearn for the warmth of a fire... or a woman. Tonight (and many more nights I would not soon find out) I would have to settle for Rilly, my new confidant. During my ransacking of the house I thought nothing of sleep. A blanket or bedroll would be first on my scavanging list in the morning. I popped open a can of tuna without having to use my can-opener since the tuna can had a "pop-top" on it. I split that and a bottle of water with Rilly. After drinking my half,I used a my mult-tool to cut the bottle in half so Rilly could have a drink. Just four fluid oz. of water for each of us. I promised us both a whole bottle a-piece in the morning. We settled in for the night tucked up against a tree that was flanked by mulberry bushes and sycamore sprouts. It would be enough cover for the night. If I had to guess I think it may have dropped to around 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. I lay there looking at the stars through the branches of pine needles, thinking about home. Morning came with a bit of a fright. The fearsome snarl and growl from Rilly had me to my feet before both eyes were open. It was just after 6 a.m. In the distance I could hear engines, diesel from what I could tell, two or three of them and one gasoline engine which wasn't running so well. After pinpointing the direction of the noise with my ears I removed the binocs and had a look. Two tanks and one little green suv resembling a jeep with a tanish brown top. The tanks looked like Soviet made T-34's, I only know this because my Father and I modeled military machines extensively for quite some time. There were nearly 20 infantry set up in a perimeter around the suv with the two tanks flanking either side of it. My cohort and I (I call Rilly my cohort since his presence is rather dominating) were on the South-Western edge of Altar Mound looking West towards Lake Prud. (If my map reading skills were any good that is.) Chedaki. I watched them for a good while as they moved slowly towards Kabanino. I had great positioning on the side of Altar looking Westward. Something was wrong with the suv. One hand on my binocs, the other easing the tension in Rilly's shoulders and patting down the hair standing on end on his back, we waited until they were out of sight before we moved. We continued heading North-West towards our goal of Krasnostav. I cant help but admit that not only was I hoping to find Milosh there, but also the waitress from my first day in the country. I can't remember her name, but Ill never forget what she looked like. Around my height but a bit shorter, maybe 5' 8". Healthy and in shape, not skinny slightly thick legged. Brown hair, thin green eyes, round country-girl face, not a super-model but a girl next door kinda pretty, like Mary-Ann from Giligan's Island. Throughout our North-Westerly trek I thought of her. If Rilly could talk I imagined him making fun of me like Milosh would. "Ahh, joo focking lahv-seek jake-aahss!! Dee cahntry eez een shambules and joo theenk ahf veemon??"... I have no idea why I gave this dog a Russian accent in my mind but it worked well to pass the time. I think I did that because Rilly reminded me of Milosh. Milosh was 5' 6" stout and built like a brick-shit house. Black hair brown eyes. This guy didnt have a 5 o'clock shadow, he had a half-past-ten shadow. I'm 6' 2" by comparison, lanky brown hair blue eyes with a real 5 o'clock shadow. Milosh was a beast of a man. Oddly enough you wouldn't think it to listen to him over coms playing a game. Hell of a sense of humor, very inviting middle-of the range pitch in his voice, slightly on the deep side with a high-pitched machine-gun type of laugh. The kind of laugh that made other people laugh just by hearing it. Before I knew it, I had made it over Altar Mound to its North-East side to my next check point which was another deer stand. I found it extremely odd that I had not come across any townsfolk of any kind. I don't know how to convey the emotion that flooded my mind. I wasn't alone since I had Rilly, sure he didn't talk to me, didn't have any thumbs and happened to be a male which I had no reservations whatsoever of bedding down with. I still felt alone. TBC
  8. Lol, Thats pretty funny dude, I (Nick from Chicago) started out as a sewer&water laborer when I was 18, did that until 25, been a service plumber ever since. BUT... The company I work for is a small one. We honestly pride ourselves in NOT fucking people over. No shit. We try VERY hard not to be pushy salesman and only do the work that is needed/suggested. We will NOT suggest digging your sewer up if its possible to rod it out and clean out the roots. We work for several warranty companies that keep us very busy, therefore we're not "thirsty" for unnecessary work. That being said, read on and find out how Rivet mirrors my personality and the role I'm going to attempt to play him as.
  9. Thanks guys, I have not yet filled out my application to join, kinda stumped at how to explain NLR and KOS. Theres alot of "gray area" for both rules. Im so scared of screwing up the application by failing to properly explain those rules. I want to play on this server SOOO bad. I tried City-Life, nowhere near enough RP/reality for me, too much random talk and voice in side-chat. I researching the hell out of the rules so I dont fuck up my app. I know what KoS. means, i think I got that part down. But NLR is pretty difficult to implement and it confuses me. I am a 33 y/o plumber IRL, so Im not stupid, but there are a few scenarios where the NLR would be hard to follow in a Rp sort of way. I cannot WAIT to play in the server though, Im so excited!!!
  10. [I am unsure of the date regarding the outbreak, therefore the dates used are fictional.] E-MAIL August 1st, 2009 Hey Guys, I've just arrived at Milosh's house in Novy Sobor, the flight was horrible, by the time I got to my last lay-over I was completely spent. Milosh picked me up around 7 a.m. He has a pretty sweet truck like Dads only his is blue!!! I couldn't believe it! Its stick though so of course he had to make fun of me once I told him I never drove stick. We stopped at a restaurant in a little town called Krasnostav where he treated me and insisted I try the Goulash.... Surprisingly it was pretty good (unlike its appearance). The waitress seemed to be listening to us talk about when I would start work with him because she smiled and said she liked my accent when Milosh paid the check. I didn't know if the waitress was being nice and flirting with me because I'm American, or if she was just being polite until we got back in the truck. Milosh was laughing and said... well, you know how he gets so I'll paraphrase: I think you might have been able to make many babies with her. We got to Milosh's house around noon, the ride here was absolutely breathtaking compared to the South side of Chicago you guys, I've enclosed some pics so you can see what I mean. Of course Ill always love Chicago's skyline, but the country-side over here is more than worth mentioning. Milosh set me up in his spare bedroom. His house needs alot of work but its not as bad as my first house, lol. (That means "laugh out loud" , ma) We plan on spending the first few weeks relaxing before getting to work on the house, since I'm going to start work with him right away, you know us of course.... first thing we did was set up my PC and start playing DayZ. We are such dorks! We have both our rigs set up in the living room on either side of his fireplace and were shooting noobs within one hour of being here. (Noobs are people who aren't too good at DayZ, ma) Real good news though, Milosh said that since before I left the States for Chernarus, the Reisland factory where he works lost two more plumbers and and plumber foreman so three slots are open as of today!!! Two of the guys were fired for failing random drug tests. Milosh doesn't know why the foreman was fired, nobody at the plant knows. All he knows is I'm a shoe-in for the job as long as I do well at the interview two days from now. With my work history I'm not worried really, just anxious. Anyway, Love you guys!!! And Wish Me LUCK!!!!! E-MAIL August 3rd, 2009 I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to grab a spot as a plumber but after telling Mr. Reisland about Dad and I working together doing underground sewer & water and how Pop taught me how to run excavators he immediately jumps up and says "You run machine!?" Apparently he also needs an excavator operator for the northern plant in Berezino! How about that huh you guys?! Came here to be a plumber and wound up running machines like Dad?! I can't believe it!!! To make things even cooler, Milosh knows the boss real well and asked if he could move over to an underground crew so we would be able to work together!! We're going to start digging a fire main loop for Berezino next week!! Man I'm so happy!! Will write back soon, Love Riv E-MAIL August 8th, 2009 Thanks for the birthday present you guys! The movies you sent are awesome! I haven't seen these movies since we watched them back when I was in high School. You guys really know how make me feel like a kid again, even if I am 29 now. So we were out in the Berezino lumber yards, Milosh and I, loading up shoring for our trenches when we heard what sounded like a plane going down, when we looked up towards the North we seen a faint flash as it was getting close to evening followed by a small explosion. We figured it must have been a small plane crash. It seemed like it was pretty far North from us and we didn't think much of it. We have some pretty cool guys on our crew, Mikhael, Nigel and Bryson. Nigel suggested we all go out for drinks after work since it was my birthday. We had ALOT of fun, I won't go into details though, lmao! (Tell Mom what lmao means will ya Dad?) Hand-written letters, Received Nov23rd, 2011 August 9th 2009 Mom, Dad... I'm scared, turns out that explosion we heard yesterday might have something to do with a local conflict in the area involving some chedaki terrorists trying to start a coup of the local government! We're going to stick it out and see what happens. Whats even weirder is that explosion North of the lumber yard had nothing to do with this Chedaki group or the uprising.... but nothing has been mentioned in the News about it at all... I mean like... NOTHING was metioned. Theres a small airport up there so you'd think we would have heard something about it, but all the action has been happening in and around a town called Zelenogorsk. You thought censorship was bad in the States.... you should see it here. August 10th, 2009 So all work has been cancelled, the internet is down, power is in and out.. Doesn't look like we'll be receiving our checks, granted I didn't have much coming but at this point anything would help. There are some local groups coming together within the towns talking about taking sides... I'm going wherever Milosh is going, plain and simple. Thankfully he was in the Chernarussian Military. Thanks for talking to Milosh before I came out here Dad, made me good when he said "I told your Dad I would keep you safe Riv, we talked on the phone while you were flying out here." Whats worse? We went out drinking in Krasnostav where I ran into the waitress I told you about, remember? Turns out she did like me Ketlannah iis her name... Now all this shit had to happen.. I know it sounds selfish, I came here trying to get my life in order, the economy was starting to boom here, NOW a CIVIL CONFLICT???!!! ============================================================================== The rest as follows are but only pieces of notes written by a man Named Rivet Braylan....... Chapter 1 Sometime in December of 09' I decided to start writing this to keep myself sane. I lost my friend Milosh, its killing me... Only a year ago I was in Chicago playing games online with the guy, telling him I cant get work, had to move back home with my folks, lost my lady.... He had just broken up with his wife of three years and ther idea was to move me to Novy in with him so we could work and build an awesome bachelor pad to bring girls to. Two 30 somethings having the time of their lives bangin girls drinkin, buildin an awesome pad. That was the plan anyway. These fucking chedaki assholes... they came bustin into Stary and Novy knockin down doors, raping, pillaging... we didn't know it was coming the day it did... Milosh's house has a crawl space and as we heard the tanks rumbling up the road Milosh held the trap door for me to jump in, as I stood, with my feet in the dirt and the wooden planks of the floor at my waist, Milosh grabs a book off the shelf next to the grandfather clock that was passed down in his family for four generations, he sets the book on top of the clock and I hear a ""click"" over the growls of the tanks which were so close we could hear the hydraulics of the turrets as they pivoted. A secret door opens up on the side of the clock where Milosh grabs a pistol from. He looks at me.. Tells me I promised your Father... and cracks me in the temple with the butt of the pistol, I black out. JUST ADDED as of 1/31/14 I wake up sometime later, the trap door above me closed, a few beams of faint light protrude through various seams and cracks in the floor and crawl-space walls to my left. One of the rays of light eventually panned across my eye and awakens me. I notice a layer of dust blanketing myself and everything around me courtesy of the faint light. I take a small breath and know that I'm about to cough, I attempt to catch it and cough twice under my breath. Wiping away the dust as silently as possible from my face and clothing, I press my face as close to the floor boards adjacent to the trap door entry to see something, anything. Nothing. I lay there for what seems like forever but I'm anxious... What the fuck? MILOSH!? Nowhere around me is he visible, my eyes well adjusted to the darkness of the crawl. Looking around I see nothing resembling a body, No Milosh. 2 feet past the trap door I see a rickety bookcase with various canned foods on it, and another shelf with around forty to fifty bottles of water, Milosh had been in the military, he never talked much about his private life other than the basics: Wife, family, job and gaming. Was he a survivalist? A doomsday prepper? Doubtful really, the stash of foodstuffs wasn't exemplary by any means from what I could see. I try to push open the trap door above me but it wouldn't budge. In the far corner of the crawl to my right I could see light shown through an outline in the shape of a square. I crawl over. A two by four is wedged against the small door on a forty-five degree angle, the other end firmly placed against a concrete block three feet back from the door. I listen. Silence. Quietly I pry the stud away from the door leaving the back side against the block I lean it against the left side of the door next to the latch. The access door makes no noise as I open it. I raise my arm over my eyes fully expecting to be blinded by daylight. Thankfully this wasn't what happened as it seemed to be evening and I could see perfectly fine. Scanning my surroundings the first thing I notice... I can see the church... this wouldn't be abnormal except Johan's house, Milosh's neighbor, was gone aside from a huge pile of rubble surrounding the remains of the foundation. The chimney remained, refrigerator laying on its side. I put both hands on the outside ground in front of me and look down as I attempt to pull myself out of my cave. "Rilley" a small board with that name on it lay in front of me. Johans chocolate lab, rottweiler mix. Sadness engulfed my heart. It must be known that I have sorrow for people when bad things happen to them. But for some reason... when animals are faced with circumstances beyond their control, I tend to look at the situation through the animals eyes. And whether or not animals are devoid of cognitive thought I put myself in their place thinking as a human, why? Why did this happen? Where are my people? That lone solitary board with the name "Rilly" on it.... my eyes began to water along with a sharp pain in my sinuses. I could only imagine what that poor dog would be thinking at the time when the world was falling apart around him. Chapter 2 Milosh's house stood, for the most part intact from what I could see. I pulled the rest of my body from the crawl space and further assessed my surroundings. The church still stood, battered though standing, it was loaded with bullet holes, doors on the ground in front of the entrance, the right door jam itself leaning on an angle towards the other side. The grocery store looked as though a tank drove through the storage area. Random papers and garbage, furniture and glass lay everywhere. I press my back against the house and creep towards the front door of Milosh's house and peek around the corner. No sign of life. I slide around the corner and strafe towards the front door looking through the windows along the way. Its slightly open, pausing to listen, nothing heard, I reach my right hand out and press the middle of the door slightly it opens a few inches before it stops, something lay behind the door blocking its path to open. I back away to re-check the window to the right of the door. The couch had been pushed towrds the door. After getting inside I look over to where the entrance of the trap door is and find it covered with a floor rug with the kitchen table set up on top of it. The book, old, black and title-less used to open the secret compartment on the clock, back in its place on the shelf, compartment closed. I find a small shred of paper sticking out from under the book on the shelf. "A river runs through it." written on the shred. Sliding the book from between two others, written in magic marker on the back wall of the shelf behind where the black book stood... Kras No Stav Go. I place the book on top of the clock, ""click"" the compartment door swings down lightly tapping against the side of the clock revealing another pistol equipped with a silencer. Picking it up, I notice a knob behind it attached to the bottom of the compartment. The gun now tucked behind my backside between my belt and body, I pull the knob which slides open the bottom of the compartment, ten magazines lay inside. From the looks of things, I can't stay here. I doubt the airports are in use. Why the hell is the town empty? What the hell happened to all the people? Did the Chedaki take them hostage? For some reason Milosh wants me to go to Krasnostav. I hope he made it out of here, I hope he's alive. Chapter 3 After thoroughly searching the house, here is my inventory: My clothes consist of: -Feet, 1 pair Redwing boots, 14" high, water-proof, gore-tex. -Legs, x 2 knee-braces, Long-john thermals, Levi-straus 34"x 34" boot-cut, Carhart overalls (Black) -Body, Tank top, grey T-shirt, fleece North face shirt, Carhart jacket (Black). -Hands, Black top, white bottom finger-less gloves, solar watch/compass. -Head, Chicago White Sox baseball cap (backwards). Various pockets include: -1 pack antibiotics x7. -1 walkman/radio with headphones. -1 Keychain light. -1 pack bubble-gum, 2 pcs. -1 pack Marlboro Red with bic lighter. -One backpack, very similar to the czech backpack in the ARMA game I played, it was Miloshs'. In the pack I have: -Length of rope, approx. 30'. -Can opener. -One bottle of Everclear alcohol. -12 8oz. bottles of water. -2 cans tuna. -1 can o' spam. -3 packages of beef jerky. -5 assorted vegetable cans, corn, carrots and peas. -1 MRE. -Binoculars,(one cracked lens) -Multi-tool. -1 crowbar, tied to the side of pack. -1 hatchet, tied to other side. -1 bottle ibuproferen. -1 My prescription of 30mg roxycodone x120. -5 packs Marlboro Red Box 100's. -2 bic lighters. -1/2 box long matches. -1 Map Chernarus. -4 pairs boxers. -4 pairs socks (tube). -3 tank tops. -4 T-shirts. -1 pair of jeans. -1 pair of sweatpants. -1 skull-cap. -1 pack x8 AA batteries. I know I won't be able to move fast with all this stuff, but I'd rather be prepared for anything. I'm lucky I was staying with someone in the military who had things around the house worth grabbing. I didn't really know what to take with me. Being a tradesman I'm pretty handy with tools and judging by what happened to Novy I think I'd rather stay in wooded areas on my way to Krasnostav. I turn on my walkman/radio only to find static. One station has a broadcast but I can't understand the language. Its around 8 p.m. the skies were clear no less than 20 minutes ago, but overcast has set in and I can no longer see the stars. I hope it doesn't start raining but if it does I'll have to make a raincoat out of a garbage bag. Leaving the safety of the house I head North-west with the pace of a brisk walk. I'm a smoker so I begin to tire pretty fast, sadly I make it to the church before my knee starts to bother me. I've had three major injuries to my left knee over the years. Two surgeries. The reason for the pain-pills and my addiction. 118 pills to go now as I pop two for the road. As I pulled the bottle out of my pocket I hear a scratching sound. By now I'm just inside the church doors, the sound coming from the back side of the church. I peek around both ways out of the church door while sliding around the left side of the building, all the while the scratching noise still present. Walking around the side with my left shoulder against the wall, I'm not watching where I'm stepping when a loud "CRACK" emits from below my feet, the scratching noise stops, as do I. I stand there, slightly crouched, quietly pull the pistol from my back-side and point it towards the end of the church wall. It must be known that no time in my life have I ever fired a gun. I'm smart enough to know that the safety is off, I played paint ball back home. By now my adrenaline is flowing, a slight sweat begins to form above my brow. My patience wearing thin I'm torn between steeping forward and firing around the corner without hesitation, or waiting for what is about to come around the corner. I start to hear rather faint footsteps although they sound as though they are moving away from me, my eyes glance down at my feet after learning an important lesson in foot placement only moments earlier, step over the other end of the branch, I'm now at the corner of the church wall. The pistol pointed down, I put myself in a position so that my left shoulder still touches the wall while my right eye peers around the corner... Nothing. I continue down the back side of the church when the steps are now heard from behind, I start to shake, I stop, motionless. Louder and closer the noise behind me of grass being pressed down underfoot is behind me, I whip around! To my utter happiness... Rilly. "You little son-of-a-bitch!!!!!" I take a knee and he runs up to me, I wrap my arms around him as he licks my face while snorting through his nose, his entire back-end wagging back and forth along with his tail, the unconditional love from my buddy next door warms my heart with such happiness I'm brought to tears. "What on Earth are you doing little bastard, trying to give me a heart-attack?" He sits on his haunches, looks at me while cocking his head to the right, one ear up, one ear down. Johan was a dog-trainer by trade so if Rilly was to be my companion, in now way shape or form could I have asked for a better one.