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  1. Sometimes it's nice to take a moment to reflect and contemplate. In that instance, I came to realize I had my fill. This community's certainly been something. Good luck. Happy RPing. Here's a Honey Mae Benton and @flybandito LT taking in a sight before turning in for the night. Take it easy, guys. Maybe one day we'll meet again.
  2. A few pages of the journal would seem to be empty.. Until there was a addition that would catch the eye- A bookmark? Homemade. A slip of cardboard- the former box of matches. From this point on, a new entry would be found. "If you ever stumble across this journal- then something has happened to me and Jon alike. My name is Honey Mae Benton, and for an update.. I now fully understand what this man has gone through, and I will do my best to console and comfort his soul. As long as I am alive, I will not let him fall into the darkness again. You hear me, LT? Never again. It's been days since I got him out of that horrible place.. But I could see that it was working. He's been changing, and smiling more and more. Ever since that night in the tents at Myshkino. He's been a changed man and I feel like it is for the better. For his sanity. I can see it in his eyes. He's been able to breathe in deep breaths and sigh sounds of absolute contentment. He seems happy. I hope that I can maintain that happiness for his sake. So for whoever comes across this journal- I hope that for our sake, we've just discarded it together and left the country. If not.. Pray. -Honey Mae Benton" At the bottom of the page, there would be wet marks that have long since dried. Tears. Indication of absolute worry, to say the least.
  3. Honey-Mae currently: Due to the simple fact she's just content building and getting work done.
  4. Honey-Mae was born and raised in Georgia, brought up in a line of restaurant owners and chefs alike. Wanting to keep to her family traditions, she went abroad to culinary schools all over the world, to learn everything and anything she could about the various types of cooking. With that expansion in education, came a love for travel. In her travels, she was in transport to head to Russia, with the full intent to pursue establishing and opening a restaurant of her own. In transport, the vehicle she was travelling in had broken down just inside of the city of Chernogorsk.. Leaving her effectively stranded just as the outbreak had begun. Among the chaos, she had gotten swept into a panic and ended up fleeing on foot, deeper into the country. From that point on, she's been carefully monitoring the transmissions until her radio died. Unable to see a viable way to safely leave, she's taken it upon herself to utilize the knowledge she's learned to survive and thrive. In her mind- "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade", indeed. So for the time being, she is doing what she only knows how to.
  5. Days have long since passed since arrival to the camp. A new journal would be found, 'fresh', yet somewhat worn down from constant gripping and use. A familiar red ink would be found inside. "Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. So much.. I didn't even think I would really bother but I feel like this needs to be shared now. So much has happened, jesus christ I can't even- Where do I even start??? Okay okay okay.. soo.. uh.. Let's see.. Left Haven.. Joined my new family.. Immediately, I was put to the test when some creepy bastard named Anthony tried to creep on Talli- Our young girl in camp. At first I was a little 'iffy', having spoken with him previously.. Then upon hearing who he was- that he killed around 30 women.. All women.. The lines would appear thicker. Written harder. Indicating rage.. That son of a bitch deserved everything he got. I only wish I could have went the extra mile to take an extra piece off him. Hope he loves his new smile. Fucker. Since then.. We've actually been rather lax on things. It.. Kind of has been a relief. It's been feeling more and more like a family as I was initially promised. Everyone has their roles. Everyone knows what to do. We've been trading a lot, too.. Good and bad, we've taken everything in stride. What took me by surprise was the amount of attention I've gotten. I never would have imagined. It was hilarious at first, but now I'm getting a little concerned.. But after the broadcast I caught on, I guess I can relax a little more. Emmanuel.. What an odd guy. Hahaha. I hope he finds his love like he's been wanting, and I hope for her sake- it's more than just a simple lay. Speaking of love. ..Julian Jacobs. ..A fellow American. Strong. Headstrong, too.. Smokes.. Wears american flags all the time.. Due to constant trouble, he's even got a eyepatch now.. But that smile.. He's been very charming. So much so that.. well.. ...I said yes. Unofficially, I am Mischa Jacobs now. The ring was made from the pin of a grenade. Carefully manipulated and resized with pliers to fit my finger. ..Just a little simple scrap of metal means so much to me now.. And I didn't even think.. I genuinely didn't think it would be possible to be in this state. Not after Quinton. But the way he just.. The way he spoke to me. So clear and full of intent, and his promise. I couldn't help myself. What was the point of trying to survive when you won't take the chance to find happiness, right? If.. If we end up hurt.. ..I don't know what I will do. I do not even want to think about it. I don't deserve this happiness. I don't. But I am going to savor it, and try to maintain it, for as long as I fucking can. If anyone ever tries to ruin it.. To hurt Julian.. To hurt My Family ... ..The whispers of what the Toymakers do will be a fantasy in comparison to what I would do to that poor soul.. Death will be a luxury. My voice will be the last thing you will ever hear. ...I have a lot of work to do. I have a large family to protect. -Mischa Jacobs The end of the journal entry would have little hearts drawn in around the name. As well as a little American Flag scribbled near the last name. For now, the new journal would be kept safe. Close to Mischa's heart. For now.
  6. HumbleMortician


    I like the mechanic, honestly. Keeps you on your toes to be dressed adequately at all times, or get to making fires to warm up, or keep heat packs handy. It's more 'immersive' in that sense that you have to keep in mind your body temp when you're getting soaking wet out in the wilderness vs being in town. Adapt and overcome!
  7. Found in the fireplace of the house up the hill, just North of Kozlovka, would be a burnt journal. Familiar writings found in the previous pages, among which the charred scraps of a drawing. Only one passage can be found towards the bottom of one of the singed pages. "I am with my family now. Family is all that matters. -X" It is not likely that there will be future messages from this woman.. But time will tell.
  8. Journal entry, Day ??? "Mischa here.. I lost my tape recorder.. But! On the bright side, I found a nice, neat new little journal. It's not in bad shape, either! Unfortunately all I have to work with is a little red pen I found a little while ago.. But better than nothing. So let's see, to catch up on things.. where did I even leave off.. jeez.. We relocated again. Haven and I. It was.. A surprise, to say the least. I didn't think they'd listen to me after the talk I had with Vladimir..? Was that his name? Vlad. I've been laying low ever since. My rib's been hurting like a bitch so I did what I thought was only smart- and stayed bedridden for a few days to let it heal. Long story short if I didn't mention it before- Zombie horde found me, I got fucked up, broke a rib and woke up outside of Chernogorsk. It was scary as fuck. I still don't know how the fuck I ended up all the way down there, and I will continue to be creeped out at the thought that someone found me unconscious and dragged me all the way down there for some sick joke. ..In other news, though.. JJ and Robin were doing well, last radio transmission I received from them. That makes me happy. Those girls have been nothing but a godsend and just.. I hope they're alright.. There's been a little relief in all this awful madness though! Quinton's been.. Really, really kind to me. Not gonna lie, I think I might even be in love. He drew a picture for me. Of me! The first thing he's drawn since this whole thing even began.. We also got to talking about our history. How we came to be, before this outbreak.. Why we're even here, what we want to do, our goals.. A lot of things seem to line up just right. We want to help people. We want to make a community. We want to bring back a manner of peace the way we had it before. Without worry of being shot, kidnapped, eaten by cannibals.. None of that. We just have to be very, very careful about how we go about it anymore. For fear of this journal being found, I can't even say where I moved to. But eventually, there will be a remote location set up. Where we can call out for any friendly survivors that need a place to go. Then we can take them back and let them in and make a home again. At least, that's the ideal image in mind.. ..Sunny keeps calling me. Wanting me to come back. Telling me that my family needs me. I miss LT.. Ol' Turkey.. He's like my Dad, you know? The Toymakers, at least, from what I have observed in my time with them, have really not done any of the things the rumors have been circulating.. If anything, I actually kind of pity them. Rumors have been constantly catching the ears of other groups, and constantly, they come and take what they wanted. I was present during one of these things.. Where I met Vlad. He didn't even recognize me, and it alarmed me when he showed up later back up in Turovo with JJ and Robin, of all people! That man showed up and acted like god almighty himself when he stood in front of Neil.. Poor Neil.. He had only been made a toy a day prior.. He stood his ground, though. He didn't leave. Vlad seemed so puzzled, as to why toys don't want to leave.. He didn't seem to "get it" then. Nor do I think he will now. They're.. A dysfunctional family. I think, anyways. They've helped each other. I've seen it. Neil was with them for a few days prior to, just smiling and enjoying company! Why would he be a toy if he didn't want to be? Why would LT willingly walk into their group and become a toy if it was such an awful thing to be? ..People confuse me.. Subject change.. I got to meet up with Ol' Turkey for a few days. We set up a little campsite and just.. Caught up on everything. Shared some Tac Bacon, drank a beer together. He shared some really delicious pastries that he brought with him! It was great!! Best day a girl could've ever asked for. It was even better when we wound down with just relaxing against each other. Then we got to talking. In a weird way, LT adopted me. Just like I adopted him. He's literally the dad I never got to have.. We both cried. Hahaha.. I was an ugly mess after that.. But it was the best thing I could've ever asked for.. Between that and giving Quinton kisses, anyways! Anyways.. I'm going to keep that drawing Quinton did of me, nice and safe in my journal. So it won't get too wrinkled anymore. On the bright side, I feel a whole lot better after writing everything down now. Since this journal is pretty empty, I can also add a bunch of little doodles, too! I'm excited for that! Maybe I can doodle a few of the pictures I've been tempted to do since wandering around. A few scenic things. You know? -Mischa Neatly placed inside the journal, a folded piece of paper with a drawing within.
  9. A lone cassette tape could be found discarded on a table, in a random house, for some poor sap to find and hope that it might be music. Upon finally finding a recorder and a battery, playback would follow as ensued..
  10. I don't mean to be obnoxious but. I was not directly impacted in the exchange, but I can provide more evidence. My character is Mischa Stanton. I was with the group when we made our way to the warehouse. On the way up, we stopped at a firehouse where we found initially a Red car. We left it there, and established in the warehouse. While my group was building, I went back to retrieve the car in question and found both cars there. This is when I arrived with the white car. Soon after I departed and went back for the other on foot. While I did, that's when I heard the gunfire. When I returned later, the car was gone, as was most of our gear. No signs of anything else otherwise.
  11. Originally, good will and duty brought Mischa to Chernarus upon the first signs of the outbreak. The initial intent to lend a helping hand where and when she can, bringing with her extra food and water, supplies in the form of a independent group acting as an Emergency Response Team. Similar to OSHA, yet not nearly as fully funded. The team would barely have a chance to set up before strife took over and chaos broke loose, resulting in a initially innocent and noble gesture turned absolute horror. In the midst of the chaos, Mischa's mind snapped and with it all sensibilities. She locked herself in a storage container with food, water and little else while the outbreak ensued all around. When the first scavengers arrived to pick clean the remains, they would find a woman curled up in a corner of the container, eyes wide and a face pale as snow. Attempts were made to establish contact, but she did not say a word. Frustration and mercy persisted however, and the scavengers left her alone with only a bottle of water, a can of peaches, and a gun with one bullet. When time passed, a shambling zombie found her and a shot rang out. Mischa eventually stepped into the light, took a slow look around, let out a heavy sigh and said "Oh dear. What a mess! Time to get to work!" , with the most chipper, happy tune. To this day she sets out to make the best of any and all situations, with a creepily cheerful demeanor. Those who have interacted with her often say she's like a ray of sunshine in a bleak storm, but remain weary with how sugary-sweet her personality remains. "Something ain't right with her. It's like there's nothing at all that can phase her. Nothing! ..Fear the poor man that manages to make her snap, that one." From time to time, some say they can hear sounds of happy humming, and soft sobbing while she works.
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