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  1. I can assure you what was said was not with malicious intent in any way, shape or form. What quote are you referring to and perhaps I can decipher? I do apologize on behalf of every member involved if this has upset you. We do not think of you in a negative light in any way and I am not sure if the tone in voice does not convey that. If anything, if we can not figure out who it was, I will take full responsibility. Jokes or not this was taken seriously under review and I will do all that I can to remedy the situation if needed.
  2. I know I will be called in so I will post my POV of the endless 7 day attacks later tonight by editing this comment.
  3. I love the babysitting photo you took lmao! Such good RP
  4. I've decided to drop/close the report. I'm not upset about it to begin with and it just seems kind of silly to keep it up at this point since it is hard to provide proof so I will be dropping this entirely.
  5. Server and location: Server 1 Eden Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/7/2019 11pm Est or so. so 03:00 possibly Your in game name: John Coleman Names of allies involved: Mafia & Black Roses (In the VOD a list of all those in the Discord at that time should appear at 2:11:24 (This is when the initiating starts) Name of suspect/s: Muslims/Russians Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No vehicles used, 1 car was inside base. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Attached is my VOD of the stream as well as a list of those who were watching my stream at the time of the incident. Detailed description of the events: So first the Black Roses and The Mafia joined together at Toys stronghold to execute an attack on the Muslim/Russian base. Around a certain point we start to see an influx of viewers to which I try my best to avoid pointing out too much POV detail on the terrain in case there were stream snipers (which there were unfortunately) So right before we initiate the attack, I crash and try to log back in right away. Which I do. We already have people held up and on the ground. Some are not complying too well while there are others who tried to fight back. We have the entire base on lock down and we already have people spotted up on rocks and others coming in with fake armbands possibly from what I was hearing during the commotion since more and more people ended up there somehow using a separate color that was unidentifiable to any group since they were yellow (just from my knowledge alone, I may be wrong about a group using yellow armbands) Anyways, The only reason I know we were stream sniped for sure was the one who ended up killing me and another individual ran up on the exact tent I was in and blasted me right away, no hesitation and without missing a beat. It felt too unnatural and too well executed. Plus I only have maybe 2 people watching at a time then I blew up to 14-18 people as we attacked the base. Everything that happened is pretty much laid out in the VOD. Am I upset with the stream snipe? Not really no but it is my duty to report it regardless. Yeah its only a game, games are made to have fun and it was a BLAST! I do hate how others want to break metagaming rules and disrupt REALLY intense and interesting RP for the sake of revenge or straight up ruining another's time and RP because things didn't go their way. The story line I am apart of and this RP moment was awesome and I wouldn't change my experience with it, other than the stream snipers of course.
  6. Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/bryzord Timezone: EST What type of roleplay do you focus on?: Survivor/Neutral, Character Development How often do you stream: Every other week, 6pm to Midnight or whenever I can honestly. Been streaming for 9+ days straight Logo or picture you would like to be on your banner: (I will add this in later)
  7. I tried to look for one but I did not find anything.
  8. I mean I knew the dangers but lets face it, if it happens it happens, KoS'd and the other person gets banned, sure it "may" open it up for metagaming but the map is large enough so we don't honestly have to worry about it to begin with. People want to see what DayzRP is about and what it has to offer. GTArp is dying because their whitelisting system has been stagnant for months on end, they refuse to touch it. By a marketing standpoint, DayzRP will be the top contender so it would be foolish not to jump in and get others interested in DayzRP. As a community we have to collect on that if we want more people to join us.
  9. So I am starting this thread so we have a main point of where we can find other streamers or groups of streamers and perhaps get some storylines going between our viewer communities and such. Personally, I am looking for others that stream to get a group going and sort of craft our live story. In Game character name is John Coleman
  10. Hello Lads! My name is Bryan but my online alias is BRYZORD. I have the character that goes by the name of "John Coleman." I am a YouTuber and starting to build myself up as a Streamer through Twitch. I make a lot of comedy videos and concept trailer work. Right now I am in the process of building my own production company and we are set to film our first real concept trailer this late Fall to early Winter. I have a LOT of RP and voice acting experience throughout the years through Gmod alone whether it be from owning and running a server, running the Gamemasters and crafting storylines for the playerbases and events as well as characters, to just making my own characters and memorable moments with everyone else. Right now I am trying to find other streamers or a group of streamers to RP with while I broadcast since the community around DayzRP from what I have seen is honestly incredible and I want to be a part of that and really just enjoy myself as I make others laugh and enjoy the game as well. Glad to be apart of the awesome community, i'll be looking forward to seeing you all out there in this ever changing world.
  11. John Coleman Age: 26 Occupation: Ex-Military John Coleman recently went through his contract that he had with the military. Back then he was not part of the special forces or anything of that nature. He was a basic recruit that went into the main military force. He picked up the basic skills on how to survive in the wilderness and how to use different military style and graded equipment. John was not in any way a special "snowflake." The reason John went into the military was due to his heritage, to follow his bloodline but to also make what money he could to send back to his family at home. He came home using his own boat to get back to the mainland. Coming back to the outbreak with his family missing entirely. His WHOLE REASON to coming back to Chernarus was his family. Without them, he feels as if he has nothing. With nothing but what he could scrounge up and the clothes on his back, he sets out to find anyone who has survived this outbreak and perhaps any of his family members. John is not a hostile individual by nature. Using his knowledge of rhetoric and persuasion, he looks to the high-road when it comes to conflict while preparing a Plan-B if things do not turn out in his favor. John is a very cautious individual so trust is not easily gained. John does not mind running alone when it comes to survival, however, after awhile any human mind will crave human interaction. It is basic in nature. The need to make bonds between another individual is there in every person we come across. John knows this and must overcome his cautious nature if he truly wishes to survive not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. John is now wondering the wilderness, looking for a community to join. Until then, he wanders the wilderness, gathering supplies and assisting those who need it most when he comes across them in his journey.
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