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  1. Divz

    Baiting S1, Diego

    I would like to point out @Mademoiselle, that before all this we had @Voodoo with us at ALL times, he NEVER went out of our sight, and was never more than a couple steps away from us. But still his friends knew where to find us, and knew everything about us even though we never heard him radio anyone. Obviously he also talked to Diego and his other friends, there is also a VOD where we can hear his friends talking to him ingame when he is with us, so they talked over the radio, but he never talked over the radio to him, but he still communicated with him. If you want the clip i can find it.
  2. Divz

    Baiting S1, Diego

    By "hide a bit more" i think you mean when one of us says "bare gjem dere litt" which translates to "just hide a bit" he was talking to us, that was Frank. Frank also asks who is behind the Hay. And "they have snipers" is Bavusj after they shot at us. The reason for the few exchanges in Norwegian in discord in the scenarios is because we debating if we want to iniate on him because we know he is baiting. We know about the new meta gaming rule and have always followed it in RP with other players, but in this specific situation there was so much breaking of rules by the other team that it were impossible for us to act out a good roleplay IC without discussing what our actions would be. In the full twitch VOD from the second piece of evidence there are also pretty strong evidence of meta-gaming from the other side, but i did not want to report for that because we honestly thought they were trying to create a better RP experience, which turned out not be the case. (The instant snipe from @RavenousRP )
  3. Divz

    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 17/06/19 20:30

    Billy Bob Divz here I fail to see how this is a valid report. As stated by one of your previous gamemasters: "The game is rated as mature and we recommend that community members be 18+ before joining." In this thread: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/92089-s1-rdm-grishino-2018-10-27-120/?tab=comments#comment-1706491 So if this was really so bad this person does not seem mature enough to play on this server according to your own gamemasters. He could also have said in chat OOC that this isnt okay, or that he doesnt feel like he wants any part of this RP, even though we never made him do anything, he shouldt even have heard us concidering we were in another room of the PD. Regardless if he told us we would have stopped instantly. And as Doctor S said we have not seen anywhere in the rules that this is not allowed. In our eyes this was not bad RP, this was not trolling, this was a part of the characters we portrayed. You can also hear us saying this in the video that it is a part of the characters and they have been doing it for a long time. EDIT: To add to my reply i would also like to qoute Roland the FOUNDER of DayzRP. Game is rated mature. Community members are recommended to be 18+ before joining. IC is IC, it's all role play. People who get offended OOC because of IC role play have a problem seperating the two, this usually manifests as increased sodium levels. Sure, one can get angry when subjected to rule breaks or bad role play, but if one is getting good role play, but still get angry or offended because of what kind of character someone is playing or which derogatory words they use, that's not healthy. taken from page 6 of this forum post: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/92095-rules-regarding-racism-sexism-homophobia-etc/page/6/
  4. Divz

    S1 KOS & 2 x Attempted KOS Severograd 17/06/2019

    OK so what happened: We have been involved in RP with a couple people all day, this RP has been explained in two other reports i made due to different rule breakers" ( https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97763-baiting-s1-diego/ ) ( https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/97762-marvin-winslow-gunrunnee02/ ) A lot of our POV is explained here. This ends as us being hunted by a lot of different groups of people, two of our friends die during this encounter so me and my friend is on the defensive sight. We are getting shot at from all angels possible so we know there is a lot of people. Probably 20 ish minutes pass and my friend and I try to get a better position up the hill. This is when we see three people in the streets, we check their clothing before we shoot, and at least one of them happen to be wearing clothes that looked like one of the people we had identified from earlier. We shoot and kill one of them, and i hit a shot on one of the others, we continue to scout from the hill and we see one person moving up towards us, and another moving towards the base of the people that we were in a fight with. At this point we retreat a bit more up the hill and the server restarts. I dont reconnect after server restart because i start writing reports for the other people. They should never have died assuming the werent a part of the group that shot at us, which is hard for us to know. But concidering they are saying they walked into Severograd EVEN though they say they heard shots, shows that they dont value their life. Which is a break of RP according to rules. This wasnt one shot, this was a war of several mags going off for a rather long time.
  5. Divz

    S1 KOS & 2 x Attempted KOS Severograd 17/06/2019

    Im not really up for a text discussion, ive told my part of the story, if any admin needs more, please hit me up and i will gladly hop in discord and talk.
  6. Divz

    S1 KOS & 2 x Attempted KOS Severograd 17/06/2019

    Not all the people involved are shown in that 2 minute and 30 seconds clip. Ive already said it was a big misunderstanding, and thats our bad. But the whole situation was a mess because the people we were involved with had multiple groups scattered around Severograd trying to kill us.
  7. Divz

    Baiting S1, Diego

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): - 17.06.2019 - 22:40 ish Your in game name: - Billy Bob Divz Names of allies involved: - Frank Loke - Dr Tom Dandy - Marius Lovgren Name of suspect/s: All we heard him call himself was "Diego", but Dr Tom Dandy (in game name) killed him, so it should be on log Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video of him clearly baiting us into starting a situation, he clearly says "I will tell everyone on the server you guys are a gang of rapists then" And proceeds to say so on the radio. Detailed description of the events: We met this guy in Severograd which started accusing us of being cannibals and rapists because his "friend" said we were. The friend who had said this had been with us a long time, but we never heard him say anything on a radio, so this has been communicated outside of the game. He proceeded to say it on the radio, he said what we were wearing and said we were rapists. Of course this started a bit of a situation, and once we acted on it we got sniped just a couple seconds later. Video evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx6QQx6ESO8&feature=youtu.be After looking through the VOD of one of the other peoples stream i found this where they are clearly planning to get us killed, aka baiting us. They have no plans to RP the situation to a solution. From what i gathered from the VOD the guy in the ghillie is called "Zach", he is also the one who sniped us before he could have known anything was going on. And the girl streaming it is "Vanessa Malthe". Clip: https://youtu.be/bjhE78gZpmk
  8. Divz

    S1 KOS & 2 x Attempted KOS Severograd 17/06/2019

    Also to add to what @Savage, one of you wore clothes that was just about the same as one of the people we actually saw. This caused us to believe you were apart of their group, really sorry about this. Big mistake from our part Heres also a link to show that we were truly in a hostile situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx6QQx6ESO8&feature=youtu.be Unfortunatly i have no video of this event.
  9. Divz

    S1 BadRP NVFL

    Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): - Date: 17.06.2019 - Time: 22:30 ish Your in game name: - Billy Bob Divz Names of allies involved: - Frank Loke - Dr Tom Dandy - Marius Lovgren Name of suspect/s: - Marvin Winslow (GunRunnee02) Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video showing Marvin saying "Im Marvin you dipshits" and proceeding to punching us. Detailed description of the events: Earlier this day we captured Marvin and tried to get him to show us other peoples bases. We were 4 people holding him at gunpoint. When night hits he decides to run for his life into to forest, at this point my friend shoots him in the leg several times and he keeps running. About 30 minutes later we bump into another guy wearing the exact same equipment as Marvin had. He claims he found the equipment on a body a bit up a hill, and he was about to show us, this is where the recording starts. We see someone else, and decide to walk back and talk to him instead. At some point during this convo Marvin decides to say "Its me Marvin Dipshits" and starts punching us. So we kill him. video can be found at this link:
  10. Born in Norway and moved to Chernarus at a young age. Here he met his wife and got two sons who died to the outbreak. He was a teacher before the outbreak. Divz is a character revolved around being friendly, trying to make friends and team up on gathering supplies and survive. I will try to be friends with everyone i meet, but if the situation requires me to be "the bad guy" i will act on it and do what i necessary. Before the outbreak i was a teacher in Chernarus. The events after the outbreak made Divz into the person he is today, but he always tries to see the best in people before he acts. He will try to befriend you and gain your trust, he will also prove trustworthy. but if you wrong him, he wont be afraid to return the favor. (as long as it doesnt break NLR) Divz lost his wife and sons to the outbreak, this still haunts him at night, and can be noticed in his behavior. Fear does not strike Divz easily, therefor he is a handy man to know and have on your team. Divz is a well built man, he is 190 cm high and often went to the gym before the outbreak. Divz was also in the scout as a young boy, in which he has a few skills he stills remember that has helped him in his survival so far.
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