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  1. As i already pointed out i was ontop one of those guarding towers shooting zombies when i saw two guys approaching me. one of these guys was @alexro. since he didnt look like a threat i approached him and we had smalltalk. We didnt speak very long. Anyways after i met @alexro and the other unnamed dude i started walking away from the tents because i didnt need anymore loot. I neither saw @DenKserw or @JackThyGreat approaching. As to the encounter i do not know what happened since i was already in the forest to the east of the tents. I only heard shots coming from the the tents and accelerated my movment away from the NWAF. @Randy By the way i was not the guy who was robbed together with @alexro so you might need to check the coordinats to get his name so he also can post his POV in here.
  2. Hello. I was that german police officer you met at the tents. i was already finished looting everything i wanted so i planned not to stick around. But just to your information, This happened on Server 1.
  3. Before the Outbreak: Friedrich Hermann was a police officer in Germany from 1983 to 2009. Friedrich did not have a wife nor did he have children. He was living a succesful life for east german standards but was also highly successfull after the Wall went down. Because of his valuable experience the German goverment decided not to draft him in the military, to support the joint war efforts in the Cherarus proxywar between NATO and Russia. Instead he was sent there to help train new Police officers after the civil war had ended and left behind a ravaged Chernarus. He was stationed in South Zagoria to help out the very low amount of officers that still remained. Since he was a officer in East Germany, he was a expert in restructuring leadership and knowing the flow of orders in a Soviet/Post-Soviet Country. In Gorka however he met the love of his life Julia Belyakova, which he wanted to marry in 2018. The Outbreak: Friedrich was staioned at the Gorka police station when he heard about the Russians bombing the northern Military installations. Anxious, he told his wife to drive to the nearby Airstrip in Krasnostav, so that she could fly with their small cessna into another country if the situation grows more dire. He told her to just wait at their plane, until he arrives. However, Friedrich was still a police officer, which meant that he had to help evacute the citizens from the northern citys away from the warzone. On the way to Severograd he kept getting new cases and situations he had to check out. The cases all sounded kinda the same... A violent person trashing everything in their way to get to other people. Together with Dmitry, they decided to check Gvozdno, and work their way down. But as soon as they entered the small town preceeding Severograd they noticed that thing were not quite right. Raving mad people were hammering against locked doors. The shrieking victims behind the doors were desperate for someone to help them out. Even repeated shouts to step down and surrender for interrogation did nothing to change their manic behaviour. But as soon as these maniacs heard Friedrichs and Dmitrys shouting, they turned to them instead. Even after Friedrich and Dmitry started shooting they would not stop. The problem was, that more of them were coming, attracted by the shots. Friedrich barely made it into the car and had to watch as Dmitry was ripped to pieces. Friedrichs Radio was "glowing hot" from the incoming messages, all sounding the worse and worse. Friedich decided, than now was the time to leave this cursed country. So he drove up to Krasnostav, only to see, that the Situation there was the exact same as in Gvodzno. As he was looking to the sky, he could see his cessna crashing into the woods near Krasnostav. he knew Julia was in it. Numb from Pain he decided he would just drive back to Gorka. Dmitry always told him how remote and cozy his house in the black forest was. Maybe itll shelter him until this storm is over.... After the Outbreak: Friedrich Story begins at the coast of South Zagoria. Bandits raided his homestead in the Black Forest and transportet him to the Coast, so he would either starve or succumb to Zombies. Little did they know that Friedrich will come to haunt them.
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