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  1. Volke, i'm trying to find people who want to settle as far as possible from places where people seem to gether, but thank you.
  2. Doing my best to find IG, still will be very greatfull to recieve an invitation in PM.
  3. After some wondering, and some PM's i didn't get reply for, i'm still looking for the group described above. Friendliest rover and wonderer Alex.
  4. Because of the great amount of very obvious reasons which are listed on forum, i decided to stay in a wilderness for as long as i could, having mininmum of occasional contacts with other people. My goal is to find a small community of such people, who may be settled in the most distant and least attractive places, surviving with agriculture, fishing and hunting, making as few contacts as pissible. So if there is such a community, i would be very much happy to know how and where to find you. (in PM of course) Thanks for your attention.
  5. Me and my friends were attacked by the bandits today. We managed to kill one of them, and defend ourselves without casualties. And what's more important, now we know their names.
  6. I know. And the voice was kinda familiar. I guess there are still those bustards, who are pretending to be Roleplayers, and than BANG. But now, with the sniper. New tactics. "i mean no harm" than - shot. Anyways, i couldn't avoid that place, cause i was watching it for days in order to catch those, who may still come here for safety, and help them at any costs.
  7. Been shot by a sniper a couple of seconds ago, while trying to speak to a guy, whoose ingame speach was completly lagging and freezing. He was dressed in hoodie, cowboy hat and glasses. didn't see his sniper though. Still cant be sure, what he was trying to say.
  8. I've been visiting the place for the past 2-3 days, but haven't seen anyone. Abandoned? Telandris
  9. Maybe the guy, who shot ya was one of those two from Svetloyarsk i was tellin' bout earlier? Pretending to be friendly and informed about the safehaven. Anyways, it's so sad i was on my way to the Safehaven when that happened, somewhere near the Krasnostav.
  10. Yep, i was still there, trying to listen to them, and i heard the shots. You've been shot from m4. The irony is that i went there, to search for you. And those guys pretended friendly, they talkeed about the safehaven, and that's how it ended. Whatever place or stuff we are talking about here will be used by the rats.
  11. I don't know who were those guys, but they DID know about the safehaven, and they pretended to be good. now i don't trust anyone on this forum exept couple of people.
  12. Just went to the Svetloyarsk. As always i had strong FPS drops there. spoted a couple of guys acting being friendly. one dressed in complete black tactical with black mosin black berret and shades. Second was dressed green with m4. they pretended to be friendly and i think they knew about the safehaven. After we all went to the church i was shot while being in strong lag. Be careful. EDIT Berko, i was searching for you there. while i was dead i heard some more shots. maybe it was you? dman it.
  13. I'm in safehaven right now, if someone interested. Telandris
  14. For me it all happened like in one second, shouts, shots, i was turning round to make sure that Berko and Morgan were behinde me, so i started firing, flanking the guy. Ran to the gas station and back, to see Berko dealing some devastating damag to the guy in a berret. Telandris
  15. Yep, it was a great time, hope we will be able to build a community around this place, or some other place sometime. (Telandris)