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  1. Hey Chris, Liam here. Sure, i am always open for events or german gangs/claims etc. Actually my mates (2-4) and I play only from time to time, so real persistant stories are quiet hard for us to realize. I changed my name ingame. New one: Jens Friebe
  2. I was there 15 Minutes ago. We were about 10 people there. It really was fun and I apologize for the trouble my heavy ingame-drinking made the other players. ;-) Greetings from "Liam Elway"
  3. Thanks for your replies. I tried to use ACRE on my DayZ-SA, but it seems, it does only support ARMA 2 and mods. Am I correct or just to dump to install it on DayZ-SA?
  4. First of all I am new in this forum. So please excuse me, if I didn't search enough for this topic, but i couldn't find it till now. I like to roleplay with a group of about a dozen people in the past and we quiet had a lot of fun till now. But something, that bothers me more and more is the extremly bad audio-quality of the DayZ-voice chat. So in ARMA 2 and the DayZ-mod we used Mumble as alternative. But it's positional audio doesn't work in the DayZ standalone till now. So my question is: Are there any alternative to DayZ-voicechat with better quality and of course positional audio as well? In the normal DayZ-forum it doesn't seems to be a topic. So I thought, you as roleplayers are annoyed by the bad voip as well and found a solution already.