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  1. Yes it is. For me i can go to the military bases and found 10 aks while if il loot houses i barelly find a mosin shotgun or other guns. Tools is the same, 30 sheeds check and maybe only in 1 sheed you find an axe, the metal wire i found only 1 in 1 week so yeah.... Clothes is pretty ok but mostly dreses and normal clothes.
  2. Jakov Milosav is one of a kind men who does messy jobs. Born in the capital city of Serbia - Belgrade. First he joined Serbian Special Forces as a Serbian Sergeant Major after some years in the Serbian Special Forces, due to poor discipline he was fired. Then he joined Serbian Police, he made a request to be moved in a small country town near Belgrad. He was making the law there since he was accepting bribe. Since Serbia was under Western occupation he needed a change, their law was not his law. He become a voluntier in service of Russian government and in that service of Russia he participed in manny wars: Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine , Syria at last but not least referendum in Chernarus. The outbreak came and he is still trying to find the remaining Serbian voluntiers in Chernarus.
  3. Bogdan Miller, born and raised in Romania untill 12 years, moved with his adopted parents in Texas. I turned 25, I've always wanted to travel, and find my own place in the world. Although of course being young i decided to join military. As weeks passed, things did pretty well, first misions, didnt lose any friends and so on. After a while bombs happening in different spots, diseases forming, people dying, and seeing all of this really wanted me to go home. I try contacting my parents about leaving the country with my dads plane, they agreed. People were acting messed up. We protected each other, and so did my parents. Weeks passed, and no one could leave their areas. Eventually it was time to go we got a breach to the dads plane in a field, we got in a fight with those creatures, mom got hurt and got infected and died, and that really bothered me. Dad and me we got in the plane and run, didnt look back we couldnt do nothing to help her. We received a radio transmision on the plane radio that there were rumors of a safe place in Rusia, Chernarus . A settlement free of the disease. There we go, flying in the sky for hours, and hours, on the way I kept talking to my dad, he was the only person which i now that is alive now. He had the same goals as me, to survive. Smart guy, I kinda wished he was more crazzy . We're near Black Seea, we're getting closer and closer, but suddenly the plane was going crazy, the engine was broken, we panicked, my dad did anything he could do to take control of the plane and indeed we crashed. It was a hard crash, my dad got seriously injured in the crash and his wound got infected and made a pact with him to kill him so i will not get in danger after he is gonna to transform and he is not gonna suffer from the injuries and be a walker. I did it and now the hope for survive and adrenaline were purging out in my blood. Days passes out and found a map I said to myself that i need to find people and help them. Now its time for action, let the game begin.
  4. Nice suggestion after youre involved in 2 reports with leaving items to despawn. After doing a dick move to 2 compounds in 2 days yesterday to Mogilevka and today to Cherno. You wanted the storage stuff and left all the items onto the ground to despawn, and a good example will be at Cherno where they had other tents near and most probably a lot of space insinde to put the items from the tents which do you took.
  5. *Miller listens to the broadcast sorrowly, sighs and pushes the PPT button * " Michael, this is Miller speaking over here, we are all praying for your arrival, may the Lord watch over your pure soul, brother James will bring you the herbal medicines soon. As we speak before, the transport arrived at the destination with some extra. The cavalery is on the way and prepared, we are waiting for you." *Miller released the PTT*
  6. That wire was there becouse it was a gate, you can see the codelock onto it. Items from crates despawn in 3 days lets say almost 4 days?
  7. Server and location: S1 - Mogilevka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24-27/7/2019 (dont know the exact time) Your in game name: Bogdan Miller Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: Unknown. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://imgur.com/SFu2X2k https://imgur.com/aPVB45n https://imgur.com/mxHHUfV Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend @CptPeach had a secret stash with 7 crates in it which was imposible to get in, but apparently some one got in got rid of all the crates and completly destroyed the inner wall while the one outside is still locked and you cant crawl in we tried to do it, so I assume some one ghosted in stole some stuff.
  8. If its posible the devs can make like a 50/50 that the car is gonna spawn in working condition or broken. Becouse realistic, some cars would work fine in a situation like this, maybe gonna need gass or charged battery and some broken, mixing wheels etc. And at the curent time the cars in the game are really bugged they accelerate themselves, lagging, cannot enter to drive them if you park close so something, etc.
  9. Would be nice that S2 will be closed till S1 reaches a 70+ people. For example S2 to stay on till S1 drops under 50 people.
  10. As I said i left the trash items items on the ground becouse i was running out of time after moving some of good ones which you probably will use. We are on a RP server i did those actions based on a IC revenge gathered information, you wanted me to check the forum and see who raided me then raid them? Of course not. "We dont know where you live" Monday you guys hold up one of our recruits and start asking him question which group he belongs where is the base and when he said that he live in Gorka one of u said that he is with the Market group which at that time in Gorka were 4 groups living. About the other base which is close to you I dediced that you are probably the ones who did it AND like 5 days ago we had a car there and next day that exact car was inside your base. About the "griefing" I did the exact thing what the raiders did to me.
  11. Bogdan Miller POV: I decided to raid this base in this way becouse i have 3 IC reasons: 1. Yesterday one guy from my group got hold up by them and maked a tatoo with theyr group name and trying to make him a spy and give information from our group. 2. They are the ones which from IC gathered information they raided our base in Gorka yesterday night, where they destroyed a fence too, and left items on the ground which were more expensive compare to the items which I left on the ground in their base, I even moved some of them but left the trash ones on the ground. You can check the tent becouse i cleary put some items in it and inside a wooden crate (i remember putting a lot of ammo, magazines and 2 carrs wheel and other). About the tent i stole from them i just stole it to recover some stolen gear from our base which IC i asume they were the ones who did it. 3. Me and one of my friends have a small base nearby them and got raided and we asume it was them too. (About that kinda thinking if we should do a report to becouse they ghosted in and no fence or gate broken or locks, but from 12 crates which they were inside they are only 4 left) So yeah, I did it for IC revenge and teach them a lesson.
  12. Bogdan Miller POV: I was in the compound with the guys having a litlle talk, then one of us was 4 guys coming down the hill and one of them had his gun out and he was holding it the whole time RP-ing even when one of their tell him to put the gun in his back becouse we did the same after talking a litlle. (So it was a point of aiming our gun at u guys coming down with a gun out). After some talking the kid somehow invented that one of our people is pedofile or something. We start arguing to how to trust a kid which probably inveted all of that and come all the way down there to probably kill us just by some words from a litlle boy. After that @RavenousRP start shouting to put our hands in the air, of course we dont and shoots start. About the girl who got shoot why to involve kids in this type of RP and start arguing becouse he got shoot. We started shooting through walls and try to shoot some corners like they did. In a situation like that you dont have the reaction to look if that person have his hands in the air becouse you probably see only his head after the wall. Somehow they boosted in and killed us.
  13. POV: (Bogdan Miller) So after one day i made my way all the way from Pavlovo to Mogilevka, comed here to help them and ask for help to repair one more car becouse i found one but i needed parts. @Slippery Sloodad asked for help to go and revenge Ethan because from what i hear he was banished from Chernarus. I didnt know what actually happend about with that mine only after this thing happend. So i agree to go with him becouse i wanted some more intense RP in a while and he needed help. One of them start shooting at @Slippery Sloodadand killed him. I start pushing to the hole in the wall and while i was doing that @Colman Hayes killed a guy in the other side which i was on. I pushed inside i saw a guy coming in my direction with a gun in his hands he pointed at me and I start shooting and eventualy killed him. After i killed that guy i hear another person inside the house but i didnt go to check it only after some minutes with @Mikey Devil we saw a closed door i opened it from the other side and there was someone insinde who shoot first and missed and got killed by Mikey after that (He could easily surender becouse he was the only one left and maybe the other guys was not going to kill him, I was not willing to kill him if he was surendering) We checked the camp and we make sure that it was empty. Now about the tents we picked them up and put them insinde the blue building. I took a backpack from the ground i think or from someones body and fill it up with some food medical suplies and ammo, becouse cleary they were dead who is gonna need them I didnt risk my life for nothing do. The car tent was traded in exchange for our military tent so i dont know if someone while i was coming to the camp took the car tent from the summer camp that fast and manage to get that fast at the camp before i got there, becouse when i leaved the summer camp the car tent was still there. P.S. If something else come in my mind i will come with more or an edit.
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