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  1. I joined the forums and was hoping to join the server a few months back though right when I was about to become active and was hopefully whitelisted, my computer decided to blow up on me (By blow up I mean there was a bad storm while I was at work and an unfortunate leak in my roof killed my computer.) I was wondering if I would be able to rejoin the forums and community given that I was gone for about 3 months unintentionally.
  2. Also, I remember submitting my Application for whitelisting before my disapearing. I was wondering how I find out if I've been accepted or not?
  3. Yeah, sorry about that, I had a lot of RL stuff that took precedent over my gaming around the same time that I signed up.
  4. I'm a bit new to the forums, and I was just wanting to confirm how long a new member has before they delete or suspend your account if you don't post. Good Hunting.
  5. So... I guess I should first say hello. Ive been a bit leery about joining DayZRP for a few months now, though finally decided to take the leap as for I don't believe i'll have to deal with Bambi campers here. I'll first start off with getting 1 very important and sometimes demeaning subject out of the way... I am a Female, age 25. I sound like a 13 year old over the net / phone and get a lot of grief because of it before people get to know me. I play video games and have a deep love of text based as well as tabletop (DnD) Role Play. Ive only ever Role Played in voice with my friends around a table so I'm not completely but only somewhat new to this sort of thing. I also must admit that I'm not the greatest Survivor and am only good at killing Zeds at range. I tend to freak out a bit when they get right on me and start spraying bullets at them. I am however quite good at head-shots from short to long ranges with a weapon that otherwise wouldn't be used for sniping. I tend to get most of my Zed kills via head-shots and favor STANAG SD type weapons, specifically the Holo and CCO type rifles. I'm not the best scavenger during the day given that zeds can see forevar in the daylight, though if I manage to get my hands on a pair of NVG's and a sizable backpack, then i'll take on Cherno at night any day. Given my love for racing games such as Need For Speed and driving in general (I deliver pizzas for a living) I would have no issue being some groups wheel man, or wheel woman in my case. I am also quite good at flying choppers though have only just recently began experimenting with unassisted landings, I usually have to use auto hover for them, oh, and never, EVAR give me the keys to a little bird... because it will be dead before I make altitude. I think I have a little bird curse or something. Anyway, I hope I will meet and get to know the lot of you in due time as well as make friends and enemies (inRP) alike. See you in the apocalypse. Good hunting.
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