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  1. Igor Kraztof was born in Russia and immigrated to the US when he was five years old at the age of 17 he joined the US. Army and decided to serve his country and that landed him over seas many adventures later he found him self and cherno.
  2. Howdy everyone, its been a long time... a very long time. Honestly I don't recognize a lot of faces and I doubt many will remember mine but im considering coming back as I miss the good old days and the roleplay that came from this great server, problem being im in the US army now and im not able to put a lot of time into gaming any more as im stationed in South Korea. I hope everything is in as good of a state as it was when I left and if I do come around I hope to see you in game. Sincerely the one and only council vanquisher. (#5yeardayzrpvet)
  3. Something Something GONDOR CALLS FOR AID... good luck seeya out there...
  4. Hello Igor Kraztof here, Ill start this situation a min before the shots at mike. We were roaming around while talking about an airdrop at alter after walking around looking for someone to interact with at the AF we spotted a man in a brown jacket and police hat I crack a joke about robbing him and then a few mins later mike receives some shots from this man and the man runs off. Coms start to get cluttered and I spot a man of this description behind the fire station I call it out and around that time mike is the killed by the man. (now known as lewis) After killing mike he makes a break for the back of the hanger where I put a shot next to him and he ducks behind a building. We look around for a while until skippy calls he is in the second hanger, I make a run for it see him their call him out then after putting a shot into his back he turns and kills me. I do have video but I will not be able to upload it for some time (a day or two).
  5. In all honesty this can just be dropped the big man him self said it just seems like a salt report and I am having to much trouble getting the video up.
  6. How's that video coming along? Working on it but my internet has all but died off.
  7. Server and location: Desolation, Klen mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/8/16 7pm est Your in game name: Igor Kraztof Names of allies involved: ChDKZ Name of suspect/s: NAPA Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Ural's enemy friendly huey Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Uploading soon Detailed description of the events: My self and the rest of the group are at the point of the incident looking for our stolen Little bird in the huey we come across klen mountain when we spot two urals out in the open we decided to land after a circle or two making sure no one is around and plan out running and getting them. As I get in them it kills me because of it being in the buffer area of the houses. (we had not known that at the time) I am reporting this on behalf of abuse of the current game mechanics why would someone leave to fully repaired urals in the open next to their base other then having the understanding that no one could take it or it would kill them.
  8. Need some support for this. It made the big guys have something to fight to mess with. plus a new level of roleplay and lore brought in. (plus I need to kill them again:))
  9. Well its my birthday finally 18... so inactive haha
  10. My name is Igor "Potato" Kraztof iam apart of the Russian federation and also iam a recent spetnaz drill instructor as I know my way around a weapon. I got the nick name potato from when I was fighting with a company of men and we got lost on our way to a small battle and all we had to eat was potato's and I was in charge of getting everyone enough every night. anyways I ended up finding my way back to Russia after being taken as a pow "prisoner of war" from America I learned English decently and now somewhat fluent in it, I also learned a lot of there customs. as I got back to Russia I visited my home town of Byelov and was attacked by a strange man trying to bite me after beating him down he didn't seam to stop so I took my bowie and stabbed him the head I had later realized that this was the start of something awful... a zombie apocalypse my town being the big fighters that they were fought and killed all the zombies in our city but I ended up getting kicked out of the town because I was in the idea we had no chance of fighting the zombies off so I started a group of anarchist and the men I started this with were killed and I was exiled from the city I was given nothing but a few potato's "ironically" and nothing else except the cloths on my back after wondering for days I came across a town chernarus the capital cherno I came to the idea while hear some people are civilized and some like to kill with out reason but for the most part I can stand being here and I have made some comrades while here. for the most part this is my story and I will continue it until the day I grow cold and old and die alone. SO CRINGY ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. Yeah because HLTV pick a winner is bullshit. Never go off that. Ever. Those odds are normally just people trolling. The csgo lounge odds are way more correct. Don't look for the match with the biggest profit from betting on the underdogs. That won't work. What you should look at is how these teams have performed in the past. You would notice that D&G are ex-Gamers2 - a decent Polish team whereas Ducks are nobodies. You have to do more research and scroll down to see their past performances. Ducks haven't played a match worthy to be on HLTV since May. And if after your research you're not sure, bet on the favourite or don't bet. Lel i swayed cuz of my *friends* in ts. told me they were really good. was going for g2 first but swayed in the last second. Tried to sway back but then the stream started, as such butt clenching started... should be able to win back the money in a week though... *friends* is the correct term sir (their was no svvay it was his decision)
  12. So I got on the small bandwagon and installed it and I got to say I like it so far pretty straight forward install and walkthrough only few grudges are if you have two monitors then rip when you install or at least for me it was bad and second many hours of finding drivers to bring things up to date and lastly to much of things being asked to publicly share. For example theirs a preset option that if you have someone on facebook or skype and they come to your house using the shared data to their pc and it has windows 10 then they have you wifi password... That's too much power for some people....
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