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  1. if terrorist groups are not allowed in, then why is racism allowed? You can say it's apples and oranges, but the justification of racism in game with "It's RP, people are not actually racist, they are just racist characters" can just as easily be turned around into "It's RP, the person is not actually a terrorist, they just play a terrorist character". It's hypocritical
  2. Thrillshire


    Good stuff tonight with all these fellas, been having a blast so far!
  3. Had a good time running with @KillSwitch today. You're flashes of and battle with schizophrenia was keeping me on edge!
  4. Benjamin's POV: The original situation mentioned by OP, I have no POV on that as I was AFK sitting on a bench in the Wolfpack camp and was not involved in any hostilities or initiations at that point. When I returned, I met back up with @PandaOG and @LegoOG . They filled me in on the hostilities in the area so we roamed around up to the barn and around the area up to a hill. We saw a guy in a red track suit so we jogged up the hill when @LegoOG was shot. @PandaOG returned fire and killed him. We then RP'd in the camp after all that.
  5. The Carmichael Brothers @PandaOG @LegoOG
  6. Take all of my beanz. This is awesome
  7. I’ve had a few interactions with this group and all I can say is...you guys ICly are complete dicks. And it has greatly enhanced my experience on this server because I’m not about the cupcake and rainbows life. Every time I’ve been interrogated or questioned by you, I’ve had to come up with different accents and names so you don’t catch on to my characters true allegiance. It’s made me better at RP. When raiding Novaya 4 days ago, playing that Islamic battle song before you initiated was a nice touch. I hate you guys ICly, keep up the good work!
  8. Always a good time RPing with @Peril, had fun last night!
  9. Quick background: I played maybe 50 hours on public servers and had zero interaction with anyone before I found DayZRP. Woke up for the first time, can't remember where at. Found a small town and began looting. Nighttime started rolling in so I quickly finished up and then hid in a farmhouse on the outskirts of the town. While sitting down, I could hear footsteps in the other room (hadn't checked the house out yet). Panic attack set in and I didn't move for a solid 5 minutes, holding my Mosin. Finally I build up the courage to say something VOIP "Uh, Hi is someone in here with me?". The footsteps stop so now I'm really panicking. "My name is Jason, I just got here". No response. "Uh, ok do you need anything? I have a little water and food I can spare". No response. Waiting a couple more minutes without saying anything, just listening to the footsteps. "Ok, if you don't say anything, I'm coming in" No response. After talking myself up, I crouch walk to the door, count to 3 and open it. Finally got a reply of "raaahhhhhhhhh". I RP'd with an infected for 10 minutes.
  10. After being interrogated, radio destroyed, and stripped of everything by the Muslims at VMC last night, I headed South hoping that the Medic @Xehara sent was still at Rogovo. Found Tyler (not sure of tag), and really provided excellent Combat Medic RP. As someone still very new to the RP scene, I followed Tyler's lead and felt my RP improved. The firefight rescuing the hostages outside the Camp was nuts. Was planning on going to bed not long after it happened, but had way to much adrenaline. Both sides had excellent RP and I had a lot of fun, even though I got absolutely wrecked
  11. Within 5 minutes of waking up, I ran into this [email protected] @Scumbagx @G_Date (hope I got the tags correct). Outstanding RP from them and legitimately had me laughing. Looking forward to running into you guys again!
  12. Thank you for your patience yesterday @PandaOG as I learn the ropes here! Appreciate the tips and you and your groups RP, it was fun!
  13. Glad we ran into each other @Dr Brandon Thanks for showing me around and the excellent RP. I learned a lot from you!
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