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  1. By "hide a bit more" i think you mean when one of us says "bare gjem dere litt" which translates to "just hide a bit" he was talking to us, that was Frank. I just watched the clip and thats because i honestly didnt have time to react, because we thought we had the situation under control and it was going to be some type of RP event. But when they guys we talked with already had planned to find us there and set up people on the hill to snipe us instantly. So yes im sorry i didnt react to double mic that. But i did really not have time to react when we got shot while saying hands up and trying RP with Diego. They were just out to kill.
  2. @Mademoiselle double mic saying what?, there was no info that involved diego or the rp situation. If thats what you meant, i was abit unsure about that question, and im not sure if its me that you heard. i can double check the clip. But i think Divize already explained it
  3. We are in the middle of Severograd with Vodoo as hostage. waiting for his friends to contact us because of a meeting we were supposed to go to. While we had been rping for quite some while we suddenly meet a guy from a previous adventure, Marvin. Marvin should started running away from us earlier and got away which was unrealistic. Then 1 hours later on the road with Vodoo he comes to the road pretedens to be someone else, then he says HAHA IM MARVIN, and starts punching us while we are 5 people with guns. My friend kills him. While this happens Diego came to the road aswell. He had gotten some info from some people we didnt RP with at the time clearly, because on his way to the road to meet us he had already told his friends to go up in the hill with snipers and be ready to aim at us. Diego is on the road with 1 other friend. We have never met him before, out of nowhere he says i hear you guys are cannibals and rapists, after he saw us kill a guy. then he takes up his radio for 1 sec and pretends to talk in it and he says and i quote '' Im in severograd with some rapists and cannibal people and something else''. Which was his plan since we were 5 people we asked him to raise his hands since they were 2 people and spread words of us beeing rapists and cannibals. Litteraly when i say Raise your hands. He doesnt say anything he waits 1 second before raising his hands. Then his friend on the hill shoots me instantly in the back. I got away with 1 of my friends. my 2 other friends were just killed. So diego and his friends basically baited us to get to kill us, even tho we had never ever met them before in any RP Situation. and baiting on that level is also breaking a rule. Everything that happened that day was a whole alot of RP chaos to be honest, and it seemed like people didnt really wanna rp. they were just out to kill us.
  4. I agree with what @Divz is saying, And what he says about Report post In terms of this situation me and the guys that had me took me to the PD in the town and we generally talked about things on the roof. I was trusted to keep my weapons as it all seemed like a fair situation of RP. They told me that they owned the town, wanted to make a deal with the Time and were looking for people to settle down there, then they said how they wanted women in the town for breeding as they were finding it hard to breed amongst themselves. This is true, in a real life apocalypse is it excpected that everyone are nice and doing friendly talk RP?, Dont you think if this was real life there would be a couple of twisted people RPing on repopulating. And its not like we actually capture girls and RP, repopulating with them. We say it to other people to make them think insane of us and so they understand we are not normal like everyone else. And in real life you dont think you'd ever get to the fact you would joke about a zombie you saw lying dead? am i getting reported for telling a Joke? im not sure what you want me to say as the Video says it all. But on our way to the PD we told him we were experimenting on zombies and people for a cure. And if we find no cure, repopulating would be the last option. And people wouldnt jerk off in a apocolypse either ? We tried beeing creative and actually make something interesting and out of the ordinary RP. To add to my reply i would also like to qoute Roland the FOUNDER of DayzRP. Game is rated mature. Community members are recommended to be 18+ before joining. IC is IC, it's all role play. People who get offended OOC because of IC role play have a problem seperating the two, this usually manifests as increased sodium levels. Sure, one can get angry when subjected to rule breaks or bad role play, but if one is getting good role play, but still get angry or offended because of what kind of character someone is playing or which derogatory words they use, that's not healthy.
  5. The full POV, is Divz Report about the groups in Severograd. They just happened to be like right where we were hunted by several groups. Yes its true it was a realt heated situation for us. And im sorry it feels like you guys have been blatently killed. But i can sum it up. - The start of the whole RP, not including this group because they came in very late in RP and we thought they was someone else. - Me and my friends went over to a group called the Mist. Where we captured a guy called Marvin, we wanted him to show us where the cannibals and muslims are located. He agreed to show us the way. We start walking towards Gvozdno and it gets to Night time and we stumble upon a girl which i have RP with before named Vanessa. We take them both to capture, and want to take them on a journey for RP's sake. Marvin suddenly out of nowhere decides to run into the forest with us 4 armed people surronding him. Its dark so he gets away, after getting shot in the leg. We decide to take Vanessa back to Severograd and look for Marvin. Then we stumble upon 3 Random people one Called the Butcher. They wanted to bring us to a meeting about ownership of the town. We agreed to join the meeting and we changed Vanessa for their friend the Butcher as collateral. We RP for 20 minutes as they clearly wasnt planning on no meeting. We never see Butcher Friends again. But 2 other guys who was them they just changed clothes and said they met a girl that said we was rapists and cannibals. while saying this they had snipers on the hills around us. Not mentioning it to us, He baits us to Engage on him as we are 4 and they are 2. The second i say That he needs to raise his hands. I get shot in the back but i make it out of there. 2 Of my friends die. So they baited to get KOS rights. After i survived the shot i seeked shelter and managed to flank up in the hill. i run around the hill looking for them when i scope in with my gun and see a group of 3. Thats where Not Pdizzle and his friends comes into the picture. We shoot at them, and as they started to run towards us we were sure they were the ones hunting us. 20 Minutes later me and my friend goes back to the police station. And then suddenly 10 People muslims come and just scream Asalamuu Alaikum we kill you hands up. And pushed up the stairs and killed us. Thats the whole story from our POV. hope this sums it up for you.
  6. Not Pdizzle, Trust me me and my group actually dont want to kill at all but like litterly 6 groups on this server or so is breaking RP in Severograd just to kill us. and if you were them we wouldnt even get close enough to talk before they would shoot us.
  7. Allright, we have also uploaded 2 videos from the events that happened in Severograd. We were 4 Man and we got baited by engaging on some people one of them called Diego. We ''took the bait'' and the second after we get shot by snipers from a hill that was metagaming. Diego and his group teamed up with alot of groups to take us down for some reason. They just called us rapicsts and cannibals withouth any proof. 2 of my friends got killed and me and another friend were hunted thru the city but managed to escape. as after RP its 1 and 2 Hours KOS rights. And since all of the people hunting us were using different clothing and no armbands we assumed that you guys a group of 3 were also hunting us.
  8. Its easy for you to say it like this now, but we both could have done that better my point is none of it would have happend like that if the guy you rolled with didnt just go for killing people as soon as possible. we had no plans in killing you but we were going to to a long roleplay which is why i play on this server to do stuff. even if i loose my gear because of roleplay i dont mind
  9. Hey, It is true that we initiated. And our plan was to make a way longer RP Scenario than it went out to be. We were 4 People around them, they were 2 people looting the tents. We talked for abit, and they started to walk so we walked with them and when we initiated on them. We had 1 guy in the backline of the tents aiming at them, and we were 3 litterly 4 meters around them. As soon as we aim on them and tell them to stand completely still. 1 of the 2 guys actually breaks RP and starts to run desperately. And we also said if they try anything we will kill the guy we got. so we are walking towards the tents with 3 guys aiming on his friend. We get real close to the tents and the hostage and my friend stops for 1 second and talks about a Radio. As soon as they stop My friend gets shot in the head. Thats why we shot down the hostage. Because who in their right mind shoots 1 guy when 3 people are left aiming at the hostage. In my opinion it could have been a way better RP scenario but they were scared for their gear. and didnt want to RP. I have 2 people who can confirm this story if thats needed.
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