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  1. Chris was climbing up the constrution site close to Lopatino up again, and turned on his Radio. "Dam it, the power is low... but maybe it is still strong enough for a broadcast", he said to himself. "Alpha here is Delta 2, reporting in, over. Moving to Oscar 4. I repeat, moving to Oscar 4. Delta is down, I am alone. They were all killed by" ...... [Chris noticed some movement behind him]. "Oh shit!" Four Bloodsuckers had sneeked up the stairway and now they are blocking the way down. Chris pulled out his gun and ...
  2. Are there some UN Members close to the base? I want to go for a supply run and aslo to check the closer areas for survivors. I´ll be available on radio 87,8 around the base for a while.
  3. I am glad to be on board! Making my way to the base at the moment. There a lot of strangers out there, so be carefull and watch your six However I´ll try to bring some stuff for the next mission.
  4. A good place to meet in former times, until the SA Server shutdown, was the Volkov Inn. It was close to 124 018 (refering to DayZ DB map). Maybe Mr. Volkov will return to the Inn
  5. Brankor

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Oh this is really great. I was waiting for this happening so long and now I am really happy. It was so sad, after the server an the SA forums section was closed. Other SA servers during this time weren´t a good choise due to this KOS play allmost everywhere.
  6. Due to the fact, that DayZRP.com reactivated a SA server, I would like to renew my attempt for this kind of RP Faction. I am really happy, that within this great community DayZ on SA is available again.
  7. With version 0.45 experimental SA made a big leap forward. When they bring this version to stable it is definitely worth a view. With containers, vehicles and construction available, this could be the moment when SA is passing the mod. But we will see, hopefully very soon. However, without server rules and admin powers it is still a pain in the a... beeing KOS without any reason. I like very much the possibilities to change the look of my char with the stuff available in game, not by selecting a skin like in the mod. However, I really don´t care about mod or SA actually I am playing DayZ due to this great community and the RP I can have here.
  8. I am following all 3 which are up. Very interesting.
  9. Brankor

    DayZ Standalone Giveaway

    #4 please.
  10. Brankor

    Invalid .PBO's

    I did this and now the every 15 min kicks are over. Thank you.
  11. dammit! even if i turn my gamma and brightness to max i cant get night time to be that bright Make sure your HDR quality is on 'low' not 'very low', it does reduce FPS a bit but increases brightness by alot Ok nice, I will try this HDR thing. Update: Yes it made some improvement.
  12. This is very interesting. Hopefully they are successfull. I would love to be a master in horticulture.
  13. Hi I am probably online this evening, what´s your ingame name? So I can check the plyer list for you.
  14. Hi, this sounds strange. I will change from experimantal to stable and will have a look. It should not be night all the time. [Edit 18:15 CET] Currently server time was 16:12 and it is daytime.
  15. Hi, the ip is: However the server is locked at the moment, I am wondering why. 17:02 Update: It is unlocked now. MfG Chris