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  1. *Cracks Knuckles* Momma said life is like a box of memes. Ya never know what your gonna get. So after my 6th run across Mother fucking Czech Republic I decided It was time to search for the best bread in Mother fucking Czech Republic. Momma might have said something about chocolates. But little did that hoe know that Meme's and Bread is where its at, son. Me and Bubba always said He'd make me his best baker man when we got back from fighting the West. Anywho, I got back home to momma and my home town back in that ole' backwater Chernarus, and found the place utterly wrecked. And when I mean utterly wrecked, I don't mean in the sense that Mother fucking Czech Republic. It's always wrecked. This is something different. the fam was gone, The bois were gone, the Bread gone. The only shit left was a bunch of guns, this here shovely and some cans of non-descriptive cola. I checked Mommas house in Bolata and nobody was home. On my way in I hit the orchards and ate some plums. The angry homeless men tried to chase me but they don't seem to bother me none after I hit a couple with a shovel. One of them looked like momma. Momma doesn't go for walks lookin like a homeless person though so I know its not her. Anywho, I got to momma's and nobody's home, no note, no bread, no automoobillee. Nuffin. My ping pong paddle was there though so i scratched some tasks on my paddle to keep track of what I am doin. 1. Find Bread 2. Find memes. 3. Find Bubba? 4. Maybe find Momma. 5. Collect these nice clothes people jus keep leaving everywhere, maybe the guns too. I'm not sure bout those though since there's so many. Maybe momma is at my teachers house getting lessons again. I think He lived in Bor. Or she sleepin over with the nice man in Zelenogorsk. I Think I'll run over there and just check in on them.
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