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  1. *LT Would press down the PTT on the radio on his backpack, speaking into it quietly, and obviously still fighting exhaustion and pain. Each was was spoken with a slight authority, but concern as well* "This is...." *There is a pause for a moment, the PTT still depressed* "LT... I live in a camp near Sosnovka. We have had a string of injuries and wounds of late. Everyone is stable for the most part, however there are some whose wounds will need a professional take, including myself. Currently I have three possible patients in need of a look over. One is non-mobile." *His hand let go of the PTT, as he thought for a moment* "If possible, assistance would be welcome. We do have a sterile medical environment in our camp. Again, no critical injuries at this time. Think of it as scheduling an appointment. LT, out." *LT would let go and rest the radio back against his chest, and listen for a response.*
  2. *Before this written page is a few pages practically glued together, blood soaked all the way through, making them unusable* Off the Leash When was the last time I was told to Operate, with one singular goal in mind? It has been a long time. A long time since my leash was cut and I was free to get the job done, to pull the trigger as I saw fit. The ends justify the means, and Talli is back with the family again. I asked to be cut off the leash, so I could go on the hunt... and that is exactly what I did... Lets... start from the beginning: Shit had went from a small possible insurrection against Derek to being a full scale civil war. I knew it was coming when Alyssa asked me to speak to her privately and in person... I am still surprised she trusted me. I am surprised that she understood that I wanted to ensure we had a home to return to when this was all said and done. I saw them from the corner of my eye as they made their move up to the compound, and kept everyone else out of eye shot. Really should have kept the Black on, would have made it harder to spot them... Regardless, Alyssa and her loyalists stormed the camp, there were only a few of us there, and as they got the gate open my hands were already going up. Alyssa pulled me away from the compound, she let me talk freely, she understood what I wanted and my thoughts, she agreed with me... she supported me. It isn't the first time I have had to stop at a railroad and have a gun pointed at me, but it is the first time I have hugged the shooter or for that fact... had the shooter hug me back. Bullet hurt like hell, bit too close for comfort as it buried into the flesh just above a lung, but was still just a flesh wound, and did what I needed it to. When I got back? Everyone was gone, wouldn't be till later that I found out Alyssa did listen, and evacuated almost everyone from camp... That night I needed fresh air, I needed away. Injured or not I went down to the summer camp and found Mischa and Julian... they made some good arguments, they had a point. I had made myself something actually useful, and cared about. It wouldn't stop Alyssa... but it would stop those around her if she needed to storm camp to get at Derek... so I didn't return... I betrayed Derek. Woke up to radio traffic... Town... Well... get there. So I did. Forces had assembled, Allies, friends of mine. Drago ran into us, chatted with Alyssa as we kept watch... Derek grabbed Mallory, but let her go... He let her go. The girl that he threatened to kill... he let her go. Was I wrong in all of this...? We made our moves, recovered Mallory, and then tagged Derek as he tried to get shots on us. I'm not sure what happened after that. While they were dealing with him, I was dealing with outsiders... And then two things were made clear. The Broken were given Derek to kill... and Martin was taking shots at camp. The Broken... She gave Derek to the BROKEN. The same people who have been playing this game with us for weeks now, taking, torturing and killing our family and she... made a deal... with them. For literally... nothing. The game isn't over... we just lost our king, for nothing... Maybe it is time I find out who the Queen and King are of theirs? In the heat of everything, Martin got a shot on Alyssa... so I went hunting... I wasn't suppose to leave camp but I didn't care. I hunted for half an hour and found the bastard... we talked... and he made some good points. If it was a different day... I wouldn't have shot him, but I was clouded by anger for him nearly killing Ace, so I shot him... twice. I like...d Martin, so I gave him the chance to die how he wanted, and wanted to make it clean. However with a compromised plate carrier, even his .45 could penetrate, and it did. Yet I lived, thanks to him. He reminded me of the man I betrayed, and sent me back as a message. Woke up under a tree, Fae found me and walked me back to camp. Some of the Chav's surrounded us, but actually seemed to want to help. Guess there may be some sort of justice in the world after all. Talli patched me up... apparently I flat-lined... I don't remember it, or much of being under the knife. Fae stuck around with me, kept watch over me and made sure my vitals didn't cascade, that I got blood in me and saline. I owe her one, big time. I know I had... a slight regression of my mind... thought I was back in Kandahar in the chopper when Trent died... she stayed with me through that too. Then, everyone left... left me alone... didn't know what was going on... so I went to look... Ace was under a few feet of dirt... with a small tube to breath through... I yelled, as loud as I could... I protested... Preacher... myself, Ace and Alyssa were all in the tent after the ordeal... I felt like I picked wrong... which side I was on that is... I saw Ace trembling, and I could hear the anger in Preachers voice, even more so when he made it known he wouldn't take no for an answer about taking Ace out on a talk. Thank the Gods above Alyssa said yes reluctantly. Again, just about everyone left, leaving me and Millie in camp. I waddled my way over to Preacher and Ace and talked to them. Preacher told us to watch each others backs, and try and do some good from the inside, so that is what we are going to do. I wasn't able to stay awake much longer after that... Dean came by, we chatted for a bit, then everyone made their way to sleep. So... then today happened... Had a chat with Drago, he and I both agreed that things weren't over in regards to what happened... the short Civil War we had. He gave me an order, he understands me. He knows how I function. Granted, it wasn't long after that Millie informed Drago, who then informed me about Talli being taken. The hunt was on, and I was given free reigns and a direction to go. Sinystok. From there we went West, found a cabin that had things scattered about... too many things. Then the hunting stand... where I found the bear... her bear. "East it said." So we went East. We found her jacket a few towns over, then a wet note reading "Summer camp" And then another, just at the checkpoint to Turovo "Belaya... he suspects something." Whatever pain I felt washed away. Joel led us to the camp and we spotted them... Talli and Anthony... Joel yelled... I yelled, he surrendered. I beat the shit out of him. He was working with Asher... I wanted to stay and kill him too, but Talli needed me alive. Whether or not Anthony lived from my execution of him I am unaware of, regardless, I will see him in hell. Talli was in a rough spot... poor girl... I did what I could and the Doc is coming around sometime tomorrow to help ensure what I did was enough to help her heal... but I know nothing I could do will help her truly... some of the damage done is just too much... or its not even physical... All the while I sat there... I thought about what would have happened if the camp wasn't as weak as it was. If it was protected by everyone, and not just a few of us... if we weren't so strung out after the Civil War... the war She caused. Maybe Martin and Ace were right... maybe I should have just stayed in camp that day... Anthony asked me if I was the hero... I told him I was Death ... *Under the multiple page entry is a small drawing of a Skull next to a Spider, rather poorly done.*
  3. Death A whole days worth of sleep does wonders for the mind and body, however, what use is sleep when you wake up to having the whole foundation of what you are trying to protect at risk of collapse? What dreams I had that brought joy and happiness no longer matter, for the night prior, things had returned to normal... to Darkness It was good while it lasted... to see my fiance again in my dreams. To hear her voice, to be able to... for the moment, believe she was still with me... That's not the case as I awake. The house is silent, besides the occasional noise from the injured among us or those of us who snore. Its... peaceful, but I know for a fact that this is just a facade put up. We are a broken family right now, our foundation has been rocked. Hell, even those of us whose convictions are solid are struggling. This is not what we needed right now, with all the other issues... I am even torn... My family is here... Mischa... Julian... Talli... Ace... The others. Half of them are sleeping feet away from me. However there are others... Martin in particular... hell I won't even lie to myself, if I am alone with him I'm gutting him like a pig, hanging him from a tree, and letting the buzzards eat him. Bringing him back was a mistake, a terrible one, that is only going to cause problems. It provides reasoning for people to leave this camp to try their luck with... Alyssa, to try and either gain freedom or... at the very least, be away from the horrors that can happen here. I would love to say I couldn't kill some of these people if they were on the other side... but things have changed... I have changed... I take no pleasure in saying this, but very few people would find themselves under my mercy... granted I say this having been woken up from the dream... again... hell, about time I try and write this god forsaken thing down... not like it will do anything for my psyche. Its back... I'm not sure, maybe back in '15-16, when the black sea region was becoming a hot spot, tensions between East and West were on the rise. For some reason the 44th was scrambled from Utes over the border between Green and Black Sea. All four sticks were put up in the skies, as well as a few FA-18 sticks from the Green Sea Fleet. Congested airspace. As we made our way, a Radar Contact ignites on the Russian side of the airspace, then more and more, until eventually the skies were filled with Jets from East and West. This many planes in a small area? It was an Air war waiting to begin. Just as both sides began to arm weapons, and missile lock signals were blaring through my cockpit, I catch glimpse of something dark dashing through the sky between the two jousting formations. In all my waking hours I have never seen such a thing. Black as night, with black angel wings, adorned in black armor... It cuts down across my periphery as were ordered to scramble and engage all hostile aircraft. I flip my burners on and go nose up before rotating over to fire a salvo of Mid-range missiles into the fray. However, our comm's aren't filled with the normal communications, moments into the absolute brawl of air-warfare, screams of unimaginable pain erupt as I watch this dark figure strike plane after plane from the sky, Russian and American: it didn't seem to care. Finally, the skies are cleared, and it is just myself and this... Demon chasing me. I pull the air frame of my bird as hard as I can to try and evade, but it is never enough.... Used to... the dream would end there... or it would end with the Demon catching me... but lately it has spoken to me. It started with simply "Death" ... However... Last night it spoke more... and not only did it speak more to me, it didn't consume me as it had done many times before, instead it passed... through... me, and disappeared. "We are death, and together we shall take back what is ours" *There is a break of a few lines, with simple Dots upon them, as if his thoughts had been stolen away, before the writing resumed* So many things have changed... so rapidly. My Sunshine is getting married... the turmoil in camp... Mischa said try not to fall to far from her, to not give into the darkness... What if I have already fallen... What if I am already too far gone... What then? What if I can't return from this.
  4. Archangel I write this as my hands finally have come to work again. From what I gathered I was lost for sometime last night, staring off in the distance. Old memories coming back to haunt me. Thankfully this time, what happened didn't end up repeating itself, and everyone got away relatively unharmed... The past few days have reminded me of why I eventually knew I would retire from active duty. I have had to be on constant high alert ever since the last time ... they ... showed up to our gate, and when someone says they have a gut feeling that more radio broadcasts are coming? It is like it never ends. Toss in the constant radio traffic on UN / NATO frequencies and it has become a mad house in Chernarus... Guess the storm is finally here? Preacher and Cole have been contracted to help protect us... funny. The Good Guys defending us? The same men that lambasted me for taking the black are now potentially pulling the trigger for us, or at the very least, Ace. The irony would be something outstanding if I could actually take time to revel in it, but there's no time for that anymore. No time for really anything. Even when I do try to go and do something, its always within minutes that I am being recalled because something has happened, someone has gotten hurt, taken, there is shooting or strange people. I'm almost tempted to not leave the compound ever at this point... In... 'good'... news, friend of mine is going back to the States for a while, top secret he said. Gave him a radio frequency of a longtime friend of mine, he has some things that he kept on reserve for me, things that either needed to be destroyed, or things that I have sorely missed. I know not what else he will have, Falcon said that he had found something of interest to me, but refused to say what over the long range that I jerry-rigged for a few hours the other night. Ace said a while ago, when I first brought the dream up to her, that the dream was starting to cause me to dress in all Black... that I was doing the oldest trick in the book when it came to surviving, to dress and act like what was coming for me. When Mischa said that we were both falling to the darkness together, it started to come together somewhat. While there is no such thing as good and evil, there is such a thing as a really... really dark grey... I pray I do not go that far, that I do not entertain the thoughts that sometimes bounce in my mind... I pray that I find some reason to cling to humanity... For this dream... this nightmare I keep having, it is changing far too much. It is coming closer and closer and I worry that I may already be too far gone... The Archangel of Death may already be here.
  5. *Lt Glances at the Radio, hearing the constant chatter on the Net with NATO Call-sign's and the few voices he recognizes. Sighing he picks up his Personal Radio and presses the PTT, letting Static pass through for a moment before speaking* "Odin Actual, this is Callsign Icarus. To Reiterate Blackout 4... What the holy Fuck are you doing? This isn't a case of military operations out here anymore. This is the Wild fucking West at this point, and saying you are trying to form a coalition is the way you get hell dropped down on your head. You wanna coexist with people. Respect and the Golden Rule will get you pretty far. Go around calling people terrorists? Good luck then my friend. This is Icarus, Out" *He lets go of the PTT and attached the Radio to his chest piece and continues to flick through NATO, UN and other channels, picking up constant traffic*
  6. Is excited to see where this rabbit hole will lead!
  7. Squall Squalls were never a thing where I grew up, but we still knew what they were still. The absolute silence in the air, the slight sickly feeling that something is coming. Then the absolute torrent of wind and rain. A sucker punch to the gut of the land that can destroy anything in its path. I'm starting to feel sick to my stomach... I can smell something in the air. Something is about to happen. The pieces are being set upon the chess board and this time its not just the Broken. There is a game of politics, lines are being drawn and shots are being fired... and were right in the middle of it all. While we play this game of absolute neutrality, we have been signing our death warrant by appeasing both sides, and the more we appease both, the more the two come closer and closer to using our base as their own kill house. Hell, there was a Russian in camp last night while their enemies were sitting around our fire licking their wounds and regrouping. Not to mention, the unknown Allies of either side that we don't know who we could come into direct conflict with, which has already happened. At least on the bright side I got to punch through a plate carrier with my .338 and then dropped another with my LAR. Apparently to some in the camp this has made me some sort of hero in their eyes. To me? I'm just a solider, through and through, trying to protect my people... and failing. Haven't had a good nights sleep in some time, between trying to keep my eyes open to watch and listen and ensure that I can be up on a moments notice, to drinking way to many energy drinks, to the dream waking my up anytime I do sleep... its been weeks now. Daily high alerts and adrenaline rushes on top of all of this is just the icing on the cake. So many shades of grey colliding together in camp, so many blurred things making it hard to know who to trust at times. I feel like I need to stop caring and stop speaking and just do what I must to keep camp safe, no matter what that may mean. I've proven that I am willing to do anything at this point. *There are some lines written underneath, however they are crossed out obviously out of stress and frustration, leaving just the bottom few lines of the journal* *Written quickly and in a quick scrawl, done later at night* Death comes in the night, It comes for us all... The dream keeps happening over and over and it never stops...
  8. The World Serpent Jormungandr, the World Serpent. I often wonder if the world around us is brought on by the serpent removing its tail from its mouth and ushering in the end times... Ragnarok? The Sea did churn and thrash up into the sky a few years back after all. Explains all of the craziness that seems to have befallen this backwater piece of land we call home anymore... South Zagoria... Hell the Green Sea region has been my home for what feels like forever. When top brass said they were redeploying the 24th Squadron from the ROK to the region due to growing hostilities between NATO and Russia, I had no idea I would never be leaving. Since '09 and the Civil War I had been doing flights in and around the region for NATO and US operations between Chernarus and then Takistan. Vadim was right, I should have taken that promotion in '15 and went home to be a flight instructor, maybe I wouldn't be where I am right now. Regardless, this is day 685+ since I was forced to crash land near the Black Mountains, and I'm still alive, so that's saying something, that or i'm just too stubborn to die at this point. Haven was a good hold over spot, people there were nothing but honest good folk, but it was obvious that they were oblivious to the real dangers that lurked. Makes sense why they would have wanted to get the hell away from where they were. I found refuge with my new family now. *Next to family is an X done in black ink* Its not perfect, but no place is in this world anymore. I have warm food, dry clothes, ammo for my guns and people who are... like... minded to me in someways. Mischa, my daughter, joined the family just the other day. I am so proud to have her here, she may not be of my blood, but she is most definitely my daughter. This place is perfect for her, allows her to be free, to indulge in the very things that she had hidden away deep within herself for so long. I know there are others like that in camp, those that finally feel liberated here. For me? It is liberating to not be judged, but there is no feeling like flying... I miss it, I miss the sky! One day, One day I will fly once more. "A Good man willing to do Terrible things" Ace said. Hell, if there was any better way of saying what I am I can't think of it... 26 years of active Military service, some of the things I have had to do for both survival and because I was ordered to do so... Terrible things: But i'm a still a good man...Hell, being with the family now is no different if I frame it that way, probably why it doesn't bother me to be here, to put my trust and loyalty here. That, and there are a good few people here I find enjoyable: Ace, Sunny, Tali, Alyssa and Derek to name just a few... Ma told me when she gave me this, to write things down that matter... well, almost 40 years too late, I guess ill get onto that. For now though I need some shut eye, hopefully the wolves don't circle back to try and bite me in my sleep... *Written in a far more sloppy and frantic writing is a small note* Had the dream again... the darkness caught up to me this time and I didn't wake up... everything just went silent as... as the Demon spoke to me... "Death."
  9. "Ma told me it was a good idea for me to start writing things down that are important to me, that way when I get older I won't forget them. So... this is me pretending to write something down so I can go play baseball with my friends. - June 1980" While there was never any more entries into the old Journal that his Mother had given him, Jon kept hold of his journal throughout his life: Through Basic Training, his many combat deployments, Flight School, In his emergency kit and now, at the end of the world. It is rough, nearly falling apart from age and damage sustained, yet the fresh ink being applied doesn't seem to falter. This Journal can be read IC if taken by force or read in secret (If taken in secret, just let me know OOC)
  10. @AVeryBritishGaelLast night was awesome bumping into you twice in a row (I play "Icarus" AKA 1LT Blackstone) It was a whole heck of fun and I hope to do that more often!
  11. Hello! I should probably start that right? I'm super excited to continue RPing in this community, I decided to wait a bit before working on forum posts to get a feel for the IG experience, and well I have been addicted. I hope to get to run into more people, we shall see! As for me, I'm just a college nerd who has always enjoyed Roleplay as a way to express myself (cause frankly, I can't even play a recorder, or draw anything). Hopefully, soon I will get to writing more and using the medium well, have been in a slump lately. Thank you all for the lovely community, I learn something every day for sure! -Flybandito
  12. Born to a military family in Kentucky, after finishing high school he set out to fulfill both his and his father's dream: to become a pilot. With some setbacks along the way, he eventually did pass flight school, and even went on to pass through the SOAR program in the USAF. While having put aside climbing the ranks to continue flying, he has had a long career. Now with the events that have unfolded, and being left to survive on his own, his time in the woods and mountains of Kentucky will prove useful to his suvival.
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