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  1. flybandito

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @AVeryBritishGaelLast night was awesome bumping into you twice in a row (I play "Icarus" AKA 1LT Blackstone) It was a whole heck of fun and I hope to do that more often!
  2. Hello! I should probably start that right? I'm super excited to continue RPing in this community, I decided to wait a bit before working on forum posts to get a feel for the IG experience, and well I have been addicted. I hope to get to run into more people, we shall see! As for me, I'm just a college nerd who has always enjoyed Roleplay as a way to express myself (cause frankly, I can't even play a recorder, or draw anything). Hopefully, soon I will get to writing more and using the medium well, have been in a slump lately. Thank you all for the lovely community, I learn something every day for sure! -Flybandito
  • Born to a military family in Kentucky, after finishing high school he set out to fulfill both his and his father's dream: to become a pilot. With some setbacks along the way, he eventually did pass flight school, and even went on to pass through the SOAR program in the USAF. While having put aside climbing the ranks to continue flying, he has had a long career. Now with the events that have unfolded, and being left to survive on his own, his time in the woods and mountains of Kentucky will prove useful to his suvival.
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