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  1. It's been months since it happened. I don't even remember how it began My first memories of it is looking at some guys trying to rob me after going out of my house. Well they failed I always carry a gun with me But then I saw another threat they were running to my direction like a horde of mad dogs They were making this horrible noise so I ended out of the city Oh chernogorsk how I miss those days I was so happy We were so happy just we didn't know it from all that military intervention As far as I know The Chedaki or the US Army could have done it and left us to die in this place Anyway I made my way out of the city and to my surprise, there are two other guys, they looked at my gun, they asked me to kill them. Maybe not doing it was the worse thing I did that day They grabbed me and took it and shot me in my leg Then proceeded to kill themselves It was so ugly to see it People were desperate trying to die just to save themselves But I couldn't die yet It was not my time I knew that my chances of infection were too high so I rolled back to the city waiting for someone to help me 25 minutes in the town and I just couldn't believe it Someone looked at me and came running with a blood bag in his hand. He said Something in Russian I didn't understand Something like hello friend and getting out together but he left. I was so sad about it at the time, I started crying The next 5 minutes I see him with a stick and some rags in his hands And my tears of desperation and sadness turned into an incessant laugh that I couldn't stop after helping me with something he made a splint or something like it he says Can you walk? To which I nod affirmatively As my leg still hurts it still makes me sad makes me think I won't see the next day of an outbreak that had just begun
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