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  1. Tom Jackson is a 27 year old man, from Colorado, nicknamed "Metal" for his choice of music. He was a scout sniper in the United States Marine Corps, awarded multiple medals for the time he served. Tom was branched under Force Recon, the most highly trained long ranged combat force the Marine Corps have to offer. Tom was deployed in Ukraine, when his ODA got lost heading southeast. Low on food and water, some of the men became weak and picked up a fatal disease and passed. Tom lasted just long enough to find a large military base, he discovered the base was related to a close by town named Tisy. When he arrived at the town, he heard two gunshots, knowing the general direction, he ran, he then saw a man digging. He waited to see what had happened, but then he realized that the man wasn't digging, but burying something. But when the man pulled out a gun and put it to his head, Tom ran and knocked him out, partially to disarm him and partially to stop the suicide attempt. Tom then brought the man to the closest beach, quite a journey with an unconscious man on your shoulder. He left the man a handheld receiver and a note with a radio frequency on it saying to "head north to meet me." The man eventually met up with Tom, after a few hours had passed, the two had spoken about their lives and situations, deciding to put their skills to use the only way they knew, help the population of Chernarus face the forces against mankind, some living, some dead...
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