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  1. Born and raised in Greenville Arkansas as a only son to his parents. He helped them farm the land. At the age of 17 he lied his way into the army to find adventure in a far away land called Vietnam. Only serving 1 year he was dishonorably discharged for " Cruelty " to captured prisoners. He moved back to Dermott Arkansas not to far from his family farm, which looked at him in shame. He soon married his wife birthing him two boys during there short marriage. His wife died in a car crash leaving him two boys to raise, and he had no idea how to raise " good " boys. His son Grover a meth cook, talked hank into moving over seas to a country called "Chernarus" were Grover could make fist fulls of cash to support the family. In Komarovo the family settled down, everything was going well until the infection... The " Family " is well prepared for the chaos.
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    Hi everyone, new guy here and looking forward to some good RP. Most of my experience is with Conan and Atlas RP. DayZ is still a fairly new game to me but slowly getting the hang of it. Will do my best to keep the immersion in the RP. I look forward to meeting many people!
  3. " Tig " ex-military type with a pension to push the envelope. Losing everything in his life that meant anything , his wife and daughter to roaming bandits he seeks out vengeance on the lawless.. the outbreak took more than the lives of billions, it took morality. After his last operation, his unit was dis-banded. Just 24 hours later the outbreak. Traveling home to his wife and daughter he received a single text message from his commander, only a single word, Chernarus. Arriving home to his family he found only a charred framed of what use to be his home. His wife and daughter he buried in the backyard. The roaming bandits devastating the area were nowhere to be found. Weeks of wondering, trying to survive, his mind seeks only one thing now.. Chernarus. Seeking his out his commander in Chernarus, a unknown land to him will be an operation like no other in his experience. His mind wonders trying to figure out why of all places on the god forsaken world his commander requested him here. Exploring the land, trying to find his purpose here.
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