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  1. Ash Hunter was a loner and a survivor. Born in the Red Forest in 1981. He was 5 when the Chernobyl Accident occurred but his family stayed. Having been living on the outskirts, He knew how to make the most of the land and how to survive in the forests. When he was 30 years old he moved to the Eastern side of the Black Mountains, Ash lived alone in the forest living off the land. He never realized how bad things were in the first weeks of the Apocalypse. The Military drills to the west were getting more and more frequent until they suddenly stopped. Then the first ones came, horrible bloodied people bashing through his windows into his home. Escaping with only what he could grab in his bag. and the roaring group of zombies behind him. He would travel south for days. Before finding a place North of the city of Chernogorsk, hiding out in the woods around the ruins of a old castle. Watching groups of survivors go in and out with guns, it wasn't something he hadn't seen before since Civil War broke out but it was different. These were scared people, soon he had to move as they expanded outward and he was found out. Being pushed further and further into the cities Ash finally decides to take his chances, venturing out from the wilds and heading towards civilization for the first time in years, not for his family but for himself. If he were to survive this new world. He would have to do whatever it takes to see the next day, no matter the cost.
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