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  1. My character’s name is Aleksandr Malikov. His father passed away a few months after he was born and his mother died of cancer when he was 5. He lived with his uncle in a small town in northern Ukraine. He grew up on stories from his uncle’s time in red army. His uncle had no radio or outside communication. One day, his uncle told Aleks on how his mother and father died. Said a sickness like no other came upon them. There was no cure for he sickness but it kept getting worse. His uncle warned him of the dangers of the worsening society and taught him how to shoot, fight, and live off the land. When he was 15, some looters broke into his uncle’s home and robbed him. Aleks tried to make an escape, but the robbers heard him. The looters shot at him but none of the bullets hit. His uncle stepped in the line of fire protecting Aleks. Since then, Aleks ran, and just kept running. He developed an untrustful nature and grew very pessimistic. Aleks ran so far away, he was now in a location unfamiliar to him, called Chernarus. Aleks only goal now is to survive, by all means necessary.
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