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  1. I am kinda confused to what I am being accused of. Me and my brother @wondertwins are both grunt members of the praetorian guard. We do not hold any officer positions and did not order the offline base raid if that is the issue. As it goes for griefing, I am also a bit confused. I did not upack the tents and or leave items on the floor to despawn. With my around 100 hrs of playing (not that much for a dayz player I think) I have never even place or removed a tent before. Not sure why my brother and I are specifically outed for a ban for this situation. We dont like trolling and griefing of any kind. MY POV: Told by my team leader to get ready for attack on the 503 hanger. Not given many details regarding why. I am part of the breach team. Enter one of the hangers. No one is there. Start taking loot from the tents and put it in the box truck. Do this for a around 7 minutes. As I am doing this I assume a Praetorian guard member who I do not know starts closing the tents in the hanger. I am not sure when or how it happened but I did notice that the tents were closed. We start getting told the 503 is approaching from the west or something. Confusing firefight happens. I dont shoot anyone, just hear guns shoots. I notice my thirst level is way down b/c of my Cholera and start rushing towards east towards Grishno to fall back from the fight and to get water. I die in Grishno from Cholera. Below is the only screenshot I took during the raid. You can see that I have a disease and my water level is low. Hope this clears it up,
  2. I agree with the points made. In the end, the gameplay should be fun. When people are non stop raiding, it kills the ability to have fun non violent pvp. NOT SAYING PVP IS BAD. I enjoy it. But it shouldn't be to the point were it feels like griefing. There needs to be a balance.
  3. My Character's name is Egor Pavlovich. He is a Russian born male who deiced after his mandatory term of service in the military, to continue as a soldiering as a career. He served in the Airborne Troops or the ("Vozdushno-desantnye voyska Rossii) for several years as a private, envtully making his way up to a Starshina (roughly equivalent to Company Sergeant Major). During the start of the outbreak, Egor spent most of his time transported around Russia to different Airbases, waiting to be deployed to different regions in Eastern Europe. After waiting several weeks, Egor and his unit was finally deployed to what would be his final mission. His team was airdropped at a secret Strategic Missile faultily in south Russia. There, they would act as a defense force as the researchers conducted their work. After several weeks, hordes of the infected started to overrun the sites walls and minefields. Many radio calls were made to central command for an emergency evacuation. Before hope was entirely lost for a military transport, the calls for help were answered. Helicopters were sent pickup all the reaming personnel in the area. There was an intense scramble by the researches to get there work aboard the helicopters once they arrived. What was supposed to be an orderly process turned into chaos as fresh horde appeared through the walls. With no other choice, Egor ordered the pilots to take off, leaving many behind. As they flew west to what he was told would be a secure Airfield in charnarus . On arrival, Egor realized this was a lie. The airfield was completely overrun. Egor's team, brothers he trained and fought with were ambushed by the monsters. He escaped into the forest with several other scientist wondering what his next action should be.
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