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  1. My POV: I was with @Nutter Butter during most of the firefight. I saw people opening up tents and unloading them. I assumed that they where going to load them into the box truck that was in the same hangar. Fighting started outside the hangar and I decided to stay in side to be near the cars to make a get away if needed. I did try to put some things back into cans as I then realized that this could de-spawn. I was told by my team leader to use the car to make an escape. As soon as I pulled the car out of the hangar, I was shot at understandably, but I was still able to escape and fled into the forrest.
  2. wondertwins


    Server and location: s1 (Nadezhdino) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 1:50-2am Your in game name: Sergey Gagarin Names of allies involved: n/a Name of suspect/s: n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): n/a Detailed description of the events: Quick afk for a bathroom break. less then a minute later I was found dead. I was inside in a closed room.
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