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  1. Before the outbreak I lived in Elektrozavodsk as a auto repair mechanic. I had struggled with a morphine addiction that I picked up after my wife and I got into a fatal car crash. It helped me disconnect from reality; and all the pain of being sober. I started spending more and more time skipping work just to get my high. It became a problem to where I was strung out longer than I was sober. I started missing my monthly rent and my employment had to let me go. My financial situation took a downward spiral which had really stressed me out; to counter the stress I upped the dosage of morphine. A month went by and I had really let myself go. The landlord stopped by since I hadnt been paying rent only to find me strung out with a needle in my arm. She decided that enough was enough and filed an eviction notice. Within the week I was kicked out of my home; with no money or house I became homeless. I could no longer afford morphine and so I went into withdrawal on the cold streets of Elektrozavodsk. A month went by of cold sweets, nausea and seizures but began to start cleaning up. I decided to leave Elektro and so I became a drifter; living of eatable plants found in the woods.
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