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  1. Zacharias Senti was your average 26 year old before the outbreak. Working at a local grocery store just inside the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Zacharias had been going to school to be a veterinarian, and had been doing well. The city of Alexandria had been over taken by the infected, the police and the military where no where to be found. The outbreak had seemed to destroy life as he knew it so fast, friends and family had all been claimed by the disease. The last person close to him to be claimed was his sister Eshe. Him and his sister had fled the city in hopes of reaching South Zagoria, a state which according to rumors was a settlement of survivors. Along the way him and his sister where attacked by some infected, while he had managed to escape into a building unharmed, his sister had suffered a wound. Zacharias still wakes from the nightmare of having to end his sisters life as she turned. Now alone he heads for the one city that holds hope as somewhat of a safe haven. Having served in the military for two years as all Egyptian males are required Zacharias learned some basic survival skills. Nothing the military taught him could of prepared him for trying to survive this. Armed with an old hunting rifle and a knife Zacharias makes his way north, using a crude tourist map as a means of direction. The cell towers had all gone down so his cell phone was now nothing more than a paper weight. Day and night he moves closer, checking abandoned houses and shopping centers for anything he can use. A stroke of luck found him one day as he found an old truck that still worked. Allowing him to cover around 100km and crossing into Takistan before giving out, and allowing him to sleep in the truck bed for a night instead of the ground. After waking the next morning, he met a stranger with a boat who was traveling to South Zagoria to attempt to find his father. An easy trade of two cans of bacon and a water bottle was all that was needed to secure a trip in the boat. This day has been a long one, the boat trip was rough, but now he can see South Zagoria in the distance. Upon arriving in South Zagoria, he only hopes to find peace, and to use what medical knowledge he has to maybe one day find a cure.
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