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  1. Gus is a middle aged male with exactly no direction in life; he does not have a wife or kids. He was never connected with his family and began living on his own at age 18. Being 25 now he really had no path in life, working a simple job at a delivery company just making ends meet. He's realistically just a normal 25 year old man with no connection to anything but alcohol and sometimes women he meets. This had brought Gus into a mind state where becoming attached to anything was really a struggle, he noticed himself struggling to find happiness in anything. That's when the outbreak hit and Gus found himself alone, stranded, and afraid; ultimately he needed to get a grip. After weeks of hiding and barricading himself inside while drinking himself to sleep every night he decided to finally set out and scavenge for supplies. His stash has run low, his clothes are becoming dingy and he has no way of protecting himself. His ultimate plan is to find a boat and begin an adventure along the seas, surely the infection can't reach him there. His first plan is to find a radio and maybe meet a few survivors who can explain the outbreak and what he needs to do to survive. Gus has very little training with melee combat and firearms but he has spent a few summers with his grandfather camping and hiking through the mountains; learning basic survival training including crafting fires and medical aid. Knowing how to correctly skin and harvest animals he should be able to pick up on some tracks and secure a few meals that way and he knows some locations of underground wells for fresh water. With plans of escaping this outbreak he needs to move quick, this quick mind state should bring some unwanted attention and possibly get him in some sticky situations. We'll see how Gus preforms against the outbreak.
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