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  1. where is the black market trader ?
  2. is there a bandit or hero trader in the epoch world?
  3. i was running and shooting at a pig and i dies lol said i committed
  4. are you allowed to build what ever you want ? can you build any where you want ? can you build out of anything you want ? can you shoot on sight if there raiding your base ? can you raid others bases? thanks in advance
  5. Just reapplied hope i get accepted cant wait to play with you guys and girls.
  6. i just found out my application was rejected because of missing detail in kos i spent 3 hours submitting that and i was just wondering if i can re submit and when i do will all my info from before be saved like the back story?
  7. how long does it take for the application to the white list to be reviewed ?
  8. hey guys and girls just wanted to say i hope to have a good time playing with you all >.