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  1. Hey, My name is Muhzy, a 20-year-old (06-15-1999) guy from The Netherlands. In my free time, I like to skateboard, make music or play videogames. I mainly make phonk music, you can find it here (links to my SoundCloud). Even tho I'm kinda new to DayZ, I have experience in RP, I have over 400 hours of RP in Miscreated and an extra like 60/70 hour in GTA5. I always liked DayZ, but never really got into it, so now I finally got into it and I'm absolutely loving it. Hoping to make new friends and meet friendly people, in-game and on the forums/discord. Best Regards, Muhzy
  2. Oliver Mills, an 20-year-old male that came to Chernarus like 2 weeks ago in search of his lost brother that got send out to the island to protect the citizens, but after not hearing from him for two months, he went to Chernarus. He came to Chernarus with his best friend, but he sadly didn't make it and got eaten by the infected, right in front of Oliver's eyes, something he sometimes has flashbacks to. So now he's alone, struggling to survive and barely have something to eat, so his plan is to make friendships with other survivors and team up in order to survive and eventually hopefully find his brother. He is a very friendly guy, gives everyone a fair chance, but as soon as you screw it up, he won't be as nice anymore. Trust, friendship and honor is something he values, also trust is something he values a lot, if you break his trust you will become his enemy. He only shot guns like twice, so he isn't the best when it comes to firing weapons, but has an urge to learn it because he loves to shoot guns.
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