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  1. A younger man, Vadim has suffered a struggled and conflicted history. Born in Donetsk, Ukraine to a Ukrainian father and Bosnian Serb mother, he was raised in an Orthodox household. His mother fled to Ukraine a year after the Bosnian war had started before her city suffered bombardments and death that the war would bring. She met his father, who was a news reporter at the time, by him covering her story of hardship. They quickly grew close and fell in love, bringing Vadim to be conceived. Fast forward through an average struggled upbringing that most former Soviet countries would offer to children, Vadim grew into a man. He was hardened and streetwise, with only a few close friends who he would call his gang. Only just into manhood, tensions grew with Russia and Ukraine, causing stress to Vadim's family, with his mother being a Serb loyal to Russia through tradition, and his father being a true Ukrainian patriot, his family was splitting apart. His two younger sisters took the brunt of it. His mother decided to take Vadim's two sisters and flee southeast, towards Russia, only to find herself in a country in almost the same situation as she was just in, Chernarus. Long away from his family, choosing to follow his father and fight by his side as was expected of him, him and Vadim joined a local militia, armed with discontinued and outdated rifles, the two went off to war. - The details of the soldier life are lackluster. The greatest thing of import was the death of his father, who had stepped on a mine when trying to infiltrate Russian lines. Vadim heard news of this from the Russian side, who had retrieved his father's mobile phone. They spoke briefly, and the commander offered his condolences. - Other bits of Vadim's soldier life were uncertain. He'd taken shots at enemy soldiers, aided in reining artillery onto their forces, but never knew for sure if he'd taken a life, and didn't want to know for that matter. After the ceasefire, Vadim lingered for a while before going off to find his family, who he'd assumed were in Russia for the majority of his soldier life, until he returned home to find many voicemails from his mother. They were in Chernarus, and she wished love and safety for both him and his father, even if their marriage had failed due to political conflict. He set off as soon as he could (which may have not been as quickly as he'd hoped), hearing about the struggles there being nearly as bad as they were at home. He took a boat through the Black Sea onto the peninsula where Chernarus resided. Upon arrival on the western coast of the peninsula into the Black Sea, Vadim had realized he'd been at sea for the outbreak. The virus was something out of some sort of late night television program, or from one of his books. It was not completely alien to the horrors he'd seen before, real or otherwise. He dealt with it pragmatically and carefully, choosing to distance himself from most cities and relying on his knowledge of the woods to reach northeastern Chernarus to find his family, all while praying to God he could make it to them before they, or he, suffered an awful fate.
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